WC Serial Numbers Free & Pro – A Complete Guide

WC Serial Numbers Free & Pro – A Complete Guide

Do you own a WooCommerce store? Are you familiar with license keys and serial numbers? If not, then let us tell you the importance of using serial numbers or license keys for your WooCommerce products.

WC Serial Numbers‘ is an extension or add-on for WooCommerce. This extension was primarily crafted to sell software and digital product license keys.

Though it has many use cases now.

There are two different options available for the ‘WC Serial Numbers‘ plugin. One is a free version hosted on wordpress.org, and the other is a paid, professional edition hosted here on our website.

Today, we’re going to share a comprehensive feature guide in a nutshell so that you can decide whether you will stick with the free version or upgrade to the Pro version.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How WC Serial Numbers Plugin Works

How Serial Numbers for WooCommerce Plugin Works

The ‘WC Serial Numbers‘ plugin is an excellent way to create and assign license keys to your WooCommerce products. You can use this plugin for your WooCommerce store to easily sell your digital products.

Having said that, you can use this plugin to sell your physical products. If you want to sell physical products then you can create serial numbers for those. If you want to sell digital products then you can create license keys or activation keys for those.

It solely depends on how you’re going to use it on your products. You could also sell serial numbers for your subscription-based products or services or even membership access for a variety of use cases.

You might wonder why this plugin is different from any other license key manager plugins out in the market. Well, that’s because it’s s easy-to-use and user-friendly, and the perfect fit for your WooCommerce store.

You can sit back and relax after assigning serial numbers and license keys to your WooCommerce products. All you need to do is create/generate unique keys and integrate those with your products. It will automatically deliver serial keys to your customers via mail after the order has been completed.

What Features WC Serial Numbers Free Version Offers

What Features Serial Number for WooCommerce Free Version Offers

The free version of the ‘WC Serial Numbers‘ plugin comes with the basic features. It offers very basic features like serial number integration with your WooCommerce products.

You’ll get to see only 3 options under the ‘Serial Numbers’ dashboard menu.

1. Serial Numbers

2. Activations

3. Settings

Overall it’s a fully manual process to create and assign serial numbers and license keys using the free version.

Let’s not wait for more and get straight to the features.

1. Serial Numbers

It’s the menu where you can add/create serial keys by clicking on the ‘Add New’ tab and you’ll see a column consisting of the (Key, Product, Order, Customer, Expire Date, Order Date, Status, Activation, and Validity) information.

After clicking on the ‘Add New’ tab, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll get to see the Product, Serial number, Activation limit, Validity (days), and Expires section.


In this section, you’ll be able to select the products you want to assign serial numbers or license keys. It has a dropdown search option to search your products.

Serial Number

Input any number or letter, no matter if it’s upper case or lower case, or any combination. You can also use multiline for inserting serial numbers.

Activation limit

If you’re selling software or if you’re selling license keys then you can set the maximum number of times to activate your software using this specific license key.

Validity (days)

You can set the validity (number of days) of your license keys. This will measure the validation date of your license keys from the day it was activated.

Expires at

This option is for the license key expiration. If the given date is expired then the associated license key will not be sent with any future orders as it will get invalid for use.

Note: You have to assign a serial key per product manually. Example: You have a stock of 20 of one of your WooCommerce products and you’ll sell serial keys with your products. You have to insert serial keys 20 times to assign to your 20 products.

2. Activations

On this menu, you’ll see all the information involved with the license keys which has been activated. This activation menu will show you Instance, Serial ID, Platform, Activation time, and Status.

3. Settings

In settings, you’ll find some cool features to configure the function of this plugin. You’ll get an option to send the serial keys automatically after you’ll receive the payment.

You have options to reuse the assigned serial number if somehow your order gets Failed, Canceled, or Refunded.

Besides if you don’t sell software or digital products that require software licensing support & API functionalities, then you can disable software support. This will remove the ‘Activation limit’ and ‘Validity (days)’ fields from the Serial Numbers ‘Add New’ tab.

What Features WC Serial Numbers Pro Version Offers

What Features Serial Number for WooCommerce Pro Version Offers

The premium version of our plugin is called ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro‘. This premium version is a powerhouse and it’s capable of generating serial numbers and license keys at a glance.

Unlike the free version, you don’t have to do things manually in the premium or the Pro version of ‘WC Serial Numbers’. The Pro version allows you to automatically generate serial numbers for your WooCommerce products and many more.

By adding the Pro version, you’ll see new features like ‘Generator Rule’, ‘Auto generated serial number’, a dedicated serial key enabled product section, Import and export feature, and a lot more. Besides, you’ll get an ‘advanced settings’ option for your advanced uses.

Let’s jump right into the exciting and powerful features of the Pro version and see how this Pro version can help you in accelerating your WooCommerce business.

Generator Rule

Generator Rule is the most exciting and advanced feature for creating or generating serial numbers or license keys for your WooCommerce store.

You can set a custom rule for generating serial keys for your digital products. You can set the pattern of your serial keys and then choose between the sequential type or random type options.

Generate as many serial keys as you want with only one click.

Auto Generated Serial Number

Auto generated serial number is the most relaxing and reliable feature for automatic serial numbers or license key assigning with orders.

Using this feature, you don’t need to do anything. If you use this source for your particular products, then every time you’ll receive an order for those products, a key will be automatically created and assigned with the order.

This amazing feature can save a lot of your time and you don’t have to worry about running out of serial numbers for your WooCommerce products.


In the Pro version of ‘WC Serial Numbers‘, you’ll get a dedicated product section associated with serial number sources.

This is helpful to identify how many serial numbers were sold for particular products and you can even see the count of your product’s stock.


This is another useful and advanced feature of the Pro version of ‘WC Serial Numbers‘. If you have pre-generated or pre-created serial numbers or license keys for your products.

You can easily import your serial keys using 2 different file formats. One is in CSV file format and the on is in TXT file format.

You can go for any format you want to import serial keys or license keys for your WooCommerce products.


Just like the ‘Import’ feature, ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro‘ offer store owners to export their ‘Serial Key, Product ID, Activation Limit, Order ID, Status, Validity, Expire, Date, Order Date, and Customer Name’ of any specific products.

You have the option to select the fields you want to export. You can even also limit the export for a specific order. Even you can replicate this for multiple orders at the same time.

Advanced Settings

Here in advanced settings, you get to do some tweaks over your regular rules. Let’s hop on it.

Enable Duplicates

You can use the same exact serial key for multiple orders. Though it is not recommended by us because it breaks the transparency of your serial number inventory and gets mixed with your product inventory.

Manual Delivery

This feature prevents serial keys or license keys from assigning to the orders automatically. Using this feature, you can assign serial numbers manually to your products. If your customer orders first and pay later or if any sensitive or similar case, this feature might be helpful for you.

Enable Backorder

You can’t sell a serial number-enabled product if there are not enough serial numbers available for the product. But using this advanced option, you can easily sell serial keys even without stock and you can add them later for the order.

Order Autocomplete Status

Generally, the autocomplete status only works when the order is in the ‘processing’ status and after successful payment. Using this option, you can still autocomplete your order even when the status is ‘pending’ and ‘on hold’ after receiving payment successfully.

For Whom WC Serial Numbers Pro Version is The Best Solution

For Whom Serial Numbers for WooCommerce Pro Version is The Best Solution

Time is a valuable resource and nowadays, everything is being automated in terms of saving time. You don’t want to waste your time inserting serial numbers and managing license keys on your own because ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro‘ is here to do that.

It is recommended to use the Pro version for everyone without question. But, there are some roles for whom this ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro’ plugin will be a time saver and provide amazing results.

Digital Creator

If you’re a digital creator and use WooCommerce to sell your digital content then ‘WC Serial Numbers’ is the perfect plugin for you. You could sell eBooks, audio, video, stock photos, membership access, videos, etc.

Software & Games

If you sell software, games, and other application through your WooCommerce store, then WC Serial Numbers is the right plugin for you. You can sell license keys or activation keys to give access to use your products.

or maybe if you’re a…

WooCommerce Store Owner

If you use WooCommerce for running your private label eCommerce business then you must need ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro’ for selling your products.

You can sell all kinds of private label products no matter whether it’s a digital product or physical product. You can use this plugin for creating product identification numbers, UPC, MPN, ISBN, and many more.

The use case of our ‘WC Serial Numbers’ plugin is endless in terms of region and variety of business.

What’s Next on Our WC Serial Numbers Pro

What's Next on Our Serial Numbers for WooCommerce Pro

There are so many upcoming features that we are currently working on to give you the best possible experience of using our WC Serial Numbers. Let’s get to know some of the upcoming features.

Spoiler alert! Upcoming Features

  • All-in-one account dashboard for better control.
  • Serial Numbers reporting feature for more enhanced usage.
  • Integration with WooCommerce subscription.
  • More enhanced functionality to validate customer licenses.
  • REST API enhancement for better software support.
  • Interactive User Activation/Deactivation functionalities to have supreme control over license keys.

That’s just a little spoiler for you all. So get ready to experience all these upcoming new features on your WooCommerce store.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

The ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro’ plugin is vital for your WooCommerce store if you want to get outstanding results.

Selling license keys for digital products was the primary motivation behind developing ‘WC Serial Numbers’. Our customers’ (Pro version users) overwhelming praise, however, inspired us to refine our plugin until it became a true force in the industry.

You can now utilize our ‘WC Serial Numbers Pro’ plugin to sell both product keys and license keys for physical products, digital products, subscription-based products, and a lot more.

Do not hesitate to open a support ticket if you ever find any issues or even if you find plugins to be difficult to use. We are always available to provide you with the best support we could.


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