About PluginEver

Our Story:

PluginEver is a sister concern of ByteEver. We are a dedicated WordPress solution provider and plugin development company. While ByteEver focuses on every domain of software development and most other important digital services, PluginEver exclusively focuses on the WordPress platform. It further specifies solely on WordPress plugins development. Our glorious journey started back on 28 December 2016. It all started with just a free WordPress plugin called the “WP WooCommerce Category Slider”. The immense response and love that we received for this plugin inspired us to make a premium version. You can mark this as the new era for us because the premium version made its place in the heart of thousands of WooCommerce store owners.

Why Plugins:

Plugins are an important part of WordPress as it opens the door to further enhance the core functionalities of WordPress. Our free and premium plugins are carefully crafted to ensure productivity enhancement of millions of WordPress site owners all around the world. You will find that our diverse list includes both simple and complex plugins, but ensures the simplicity of use.

Our Vision:

PluginEver nourishes the idea of empowering WordPress with great ideas shaped as plugins. A better understanding of the WordPress core, its hooks and filters allow us to ignite out of the box ideas. Such freedom to generate extraordinary ideas offers us a great advantage to carry our dream towards its destination. We hold the dream to automate your WordPress related works very close to our heart. The coupling of inspiration and diligence help to keep us on the right track.

Our Products:

We currently offer a handful of WordPress plugins. The free version of those plugins offers great features to enhance your productivity as site owners of this platform. On the contrary, the premium versions offer further customization for a more personalized experience and more advanced features to achieve even more. Our rich list of plugin includes some of the most loved WordPress plugins named as WP Content Pilot, WooCommerce Category Slider Pro, WooCommerce Category Showcase Pro, WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro and Team Members for Elementor.

Final Words:

We have successfully completed our pilot program and gathered valuable knowledge and information about the WordPress ecosystem. With the valuable insights that we have gathered over the past years, we are now targeting some of the most unconventional plugins. WordPress has evolved a lot and it is not limited to just a blog publishing tool. It provides the perfect environment to develop and serve more complex real-life computer software as plugins. We simply promise you an exceptional experience in your favorite platform.