#1 feature-rich WooCommerce plugin to sell licensed products

WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro

WooCommerce Serial Numbers is the best license key generator & license key manager plugin for WooCommerce. Sell license keys, username & passwords, lottery tickets or any secret keys in just a few clicks.

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What Powers WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO as The Best License Key Manager​

Justification that you have made the best decision by choosing WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO

Sell Any Secret Key or Number

Empower yourself to associate license secret keys with any product

Automatic License Key Generator

Superb option to generate and deliver license keys automatically

Sell Any Secret Key or Number

Empower yourself to associate license secret keys with any product

Serial Numbers Encryption

Keys in the database are encrypted to make sure these are safe & secure.

How WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO Works

Few simple steps to get started

Download and Install WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO​

Create and Assign License Keys With Products

Tweak and Personalize The Settings Section

Deliver License Keys For Purchased Products

The Feature You Will Love Most

Automatic license key generator flawlessly creates and assigns license on the fly right after the purchase is complete thus lets you concentrate on other productive tasks.

WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO Features Overview

Find below the top features and how they will add value to your workflow

Automatic Serial Number Generation

Set automatic serial number generation rule for a license enabled product, our plugin will automatically generate and deliver a serial key to the customers when they purchase that particular product.

Manually Generate Serial Numbers

Manually create and assign serial numbers with the license enabled products from the easy to follow “Add Serial Number” section. You also have the option to set license activation limit, validity, and expiry date.

Variable Product Support

Extraordinary support for variable products ensures that you can create and assign serial numbers for each variation of your variable product. Thus it eliminates your problem of selling license enabled variable products.

Bulk Import/Export

You can bulk import your pre-existing or new license numbers with our CSV importer to effortlessly populate the serial number table. The exporter also helps to export all license numbers with their current status.

License Key Encryption

To ensure your security there is encryption support for the serial numbers stored in the database. Stay free of any headaches or second thoughts knowing that your license keys are safe with this brilliant.

Software Licensing API

There is support for software licensing API with multiple endpoints like status endpoint, activate endpoint, and deactivate endpoint. You can check the status, activate and deactivate license keys in simple steps.

Translation Ready

Need to translate in your language? Our plugin has state-of-the-art support for translation and localization. You can conveniently translate WooCommerce Serial Numbers to your local language without any hardship.