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WooCommerce Serial Number Pro is the best serial number generator & license key manager in the WordPress plugin industry for WooCommerce. Sell license keys, username & passwords, lottery tickets, digital products, any secret keys, or any other kind of software, including video games and desktop applications in just a few clicks right from your WooCommerce store.

Serial Numbers management

Through simple, intuitive interfaces the plugin allows site admins to easily view and manage customer license keys. WooCommerce Serial Numbers works with your existing product instead of creating a new different kind of product to make your life much easier. You can input any of the secret codes that you may have defined or received from your vendor. If your code follows some kind of rule you can use the plugin inbuilt key generator and it will let you create thousands of codes with just a single click that will follow the rule you defined.

Selling digital products? No worries there one another feature to generate serial numbers on the fly which will automatically create serial numbers and assign them with the order.

Product Key or Serial Number Generator Table
WooCommerce Serial Number Serial Number Table

How Serial Number Generator Works

You define which products are selling license keys by enabling the checkbox from the product edit page. When a customer purchases the product and order status is completed the serial numbers will automatically be assigned with the order then it will append to the thank you page as well as order complete email to the customer as well as to the store owner.

woocommerce serial numbers-serial number generator
WooCommerce Serial Number – Serial Number on Product Page


WooCommerce Serial Numbers comes with a built-in license key validator API with separate endpoints that will let you validate, activate, deactivate license keys as well as getting the current version number of the software via HTTP requests. You can use the API with any kind of software product that you are selling.

WooCommerce Serial Number - API log
WooCommerce Serial Number – API log
Generate unique codes and free serial keys
API Response

Manually Add Serial Numbers

Suppose you are selling some kind of products that you source from another vendor and they provide some kind of secret numbers/license keys, you can add manually as much as you want or you can use our power full built-in bulk importer to import as many as you want.

WooCommerce Serial Number - Manually Add Serial Numbers
WooCommerce Serial Number – Manually Add Serial Numbers

Serial Number Generator

Do your license keys follow some kind of rule? like the date, month or numbers, characters? You can fully control how your license keys will be generated. You can define your rule to generate serial numbers from the inbuilt license generator. If you want to sell pre-generated codes with just a single click you can generate serial numbers as many you want. The generator lets you make sequential as well as random serial numbers.

WooCommerce Serial Number - Serial Number Generator
WooCommerce Serial Number – Serial Number Generator

Automatic Serial Number Generation

Your product does not require any kind of rules to follow for license generation? Set automatic serial number generation rule for a license enabled product, our plugin will automatically generate and deliver a serial key to the customers when they purchase that particular product.

WooCommerce Serial Number - Auto generate Serial Number
WooCommerce Serial Number – Auto-Generate Serial Number

Variable Product Support

Extraordinary support for variable products ensures that you can create and assign serial numbers for each variation of your variable product. Thus it eliminates your problem of selling license-enabled variable products.

WooCommerce Serial Number - Variable Product Support
WooCommerce Serial Number – Variable Product Support

Bulk Import

You can bulk import your pre-existing or new license numbers with our importer to effortlessly populate the serial number table. The bulk importer supports CSV and TXT formats. CSV importer works when you import many products at a time whereas TXT for a single product with many keys.


WooCommerce Serial Number - Import CSV file
WooCommerce Serial Number – Import CSV file
WooCommerce Serial Number - Import TXT file
WooCommerce Serial Number – Import TXT file

Export License

We give you the option to export serial numbers from your key management system. Choose single or multiple products from the ‘Export’ page and export them in CSV format. You will be able to export products based on their status- available, sold, refunded, etc. From time to time, you might feel the necessity to export ordered products separately. Simply putting Order IDs, you can export specific orders as well. Before exporting serial numbers, you can also select options from the fields such as – product ID, activation limit, order ID, status, etc, and export according to your need.


WooCommerce Serial Number – Export Serial Number

License Key Encryption

To ensure your security there is encryption support for the serial numbers stored in the database. Stay free of any headaches or second thoughts knowing that your license keys are safe with this brilliant.


We have created a central place where you can see how many serial numbers products you have and how they are doing. You can the product name, product price stock, how many you sold, and the serial number source set.

Serial Number Generator Report
Serial Numbers Report

Order Management

You can manually control the license keys from the order page. You can view which keys are sold for any individual product or order from the order page.

Control Serial Numbers Manually From the Order Page
Manually connect or disconnect serial numbers with order
Check Sold Serial Keys For the Product
Check sold keys for the product

Backorder Support

Running out of the serial numbers and you want to keep selling? No worries using the backorder support you can sell serial numbers even when the product is out of stock and you can assign serial numbers with orders when they are available with just a single click.

Stock notification

Sometimes you might get unconscious of updating serial numbers with your products. This feature of Serial Number Generator will let you know when your stock is running low. By enabling this option, you will get notified by email before your stock is about to finish. You need to set your stock threshold so that you can get notifications whenever a product goes below that number. Moreover, to send emails, you must set an email address from where your notifications will be sent.

Serial Number Settings for Stock Notification
Stock notification settings

Manual Delivery

You have already learned that you can generate serial numbers either manually or automatically. Once you choose the automatic generation, serial numbers will automatically generate for each new order. By enabling ‘Manual delivery’ from the setting, you can terminate automatic assigning keys to your products, and therefore, you need to assign keys manually to each of your orders.

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

Disable Software Support

Not selling digital products but still showing digital product features? You can easily disable all the features related to digital software like API, activations, deactivations.

AutoComplete Order

Auto-completion of orders becomes necessary when you are dealing with virtual/downloadable products. Enabling an ‘autocomplete order’ will complete the order automatically once the payment is successful.

Reuse Serial Number

When a sold serial number is refunded or if an order fails, this option allows you to reuse the refunded or failed serial number just by enabling it. You don’t have to worry about which serial keys are either refunded or failed. Let our plugin do the rest for you.

Order Table Settings

When an order is completed, your customer will receive serial number/s on the order page as well as through the mail. The mail contains a table which holds the serial numbers with all necessary fields. From the order table setting, you can choose which fields to show and can name each field.

Control how you want to display serial numbers

More Settings For Serial Number Generator

Control everything from the plugin settings to match your business and your customers.

Serial Numbers Settings

How It Delivers

WooCommerce Serial Numbers delivers the order serial numbers when an order status is complete. If you choose to autocomplete the order, then as soon as the customer pays for the order, the serial numbers show right away on the thank you page and send it through email to the customer. It will also send a copy to the site admin as well.

Emailed serial numbers
Serial Numbers on thank you page


== 1.0.0 (Jan 22, 2019) ==
Initial release

== 1.0.1 (6 March,2019) ==
* Rewrite serial generation process
* Add software API
* Update settings
* Improve notification
* Fix bug

== 1.0.2 (15 March,2019) ==
* Fix upgrade to pro on pro version
* Fix Divi theme conflict
* Fix link to create serial number from product page

== 1.0.3 (18 March,2019) ==
* Fix import wrong activation limit
* Fix broken asset dependency

== 1.0.4 (1 April,2019) ==
* Fix Rule generator table pagination is not working
* Fix Rule generator table search is not working
* Fix Rule generator is not working Firefox& IE

== 1.0.5 (18 June,2019) ==
* Fix: Variable products are not showing in product order page
* Fix: New order page serial number list is broken
* Fix: Order is not saving from the backend
* Fix: Top menu \”Generator Rules\” going to the wrong page
* New: Options to change email label
* Tweak: Auto Generator loader at generating

== 1.0.6 (6 July,2019) ==
* Fix – Table create failed below mysql v5.6
* Fix – Serial number label chancing is not working on order complete page
* Fix – creating multiple serial number for a single product when order failed

== 1.1.0 (23 July,2020) ==
* New – Separate page for showing serial enabled products
* New – Separate page for Serial key import and export
* New – New settings for template and order-table
* New – Option for duplicate serial numbers
* New – Option for manual delivery
* New – Option for serial number back-order
* Enhance – Random and sequential type for serial key generator
* Enhance – sequential pointer for sequential serial key generator
* Enhance – Multiple serial number delivery in single order
* Enhance – Add generator as serial key source
* Remove – Add serial key from order

== 1.1.1 (5 August,2020) ==
* New – Control autocomplete order statuses
* Fix – CSV import blank date populate with no date

== 1.1.2 (24 August,2020) ==
* Enhance – Update translations

== 1.1.3 (3 September,2020) ==
* New – Customer Name added on the export list

== 1.1.4 (27 September,2020) ==
* Fix – Disconnect serial numbers action

== 1.1.5 (18 December 2021) ==
* Fix – Compatibility with WP v5.8.2
* Fix – Compatibility with WC v 6.0.0

== 1.1.6 (27 December 2021) ==
* Fix – Plugin folder name when installed

= 1.1.7 (17 May 2022) =
Fix – Compatibility with WC v6.5.1
Fix – Fix Typo
Enhance – Enhance simple product metabox styles

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