Serial Numbers Pro for WooCommerce

#1 feature-rich WooCommerce plugin to sell licensed products

WooCommerce Serial Numbers is the best serial number generator and license key manager for WooCommerce. You can sell license keys for your physical, digital, and subscription products directly from your WooCommerce store without relying on any third-party solutions.

WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro makes it easier than ever to generate and manage license keys. It simply takes a few minutes to set up and get started. It allows you to auto-generate an endless number of unique license keys or unique serial numbers. When a customer purchases any licensed-enabled products and the order status is completed, the serial numbers are automatically assigned to the order.

What Can You Sell with WooCommerce Serial Numbers? 

WooCommerce serial numbers allow users to create, generate, and sell digital software licenses, game licenses, virtual products, gift cards, prepaid cards, usernames, passwords, pin codes, lottery tickets, and other items with secret numbers.

How WooCommerce Serial Numbers Can Help You?

If you’re a WooCommerce store owner and you’re selling digital products then this plugin has so many things to offer. The serial key is essentially a token that confirms the user’s status as an authorized paying customer.

The main idea is that only users who have purchased the specific digital product license will be given a powerful license activation key that will allow them to install or use the product. So that it may restrict non-licensed users from copying, sharing, or otherwise illegally using the product.

WooCommerce Serial Numbers works with your existing product rather than generating a new product to make everything easier for you. You can use the plugin’s built-in key generator to generate a list of license keys with a single click that follows the rule you specified.

Primary Features:

Serial Number Generator

You can control how your license keys will be generated. Using the built-in license generator, you can customize your serial key interface rule to generate serial numbers. The generator will allow you to generate both sequential and random serial numbers.

Add Serial Numbers Manually

You can manually enter as many serial keys as you wish, or you can use our powerful built-in bulk importer to do the work for you.

Automatically Generate Serial Number

You can use the automatic serial number generation rule for a license-enabled product, our plugin will automatically generate and deliver a serial key to the customers whenever they purchase that particular product. 

Variable Product Support

This functionality allows you to generate and assign serial numbers for product variations of your variable products. As a result, it avoids the issue of selling license-enabled variable products.

Bulk Import

You may use our bulk import license for product update the serial number table with pre-existing or new license numbers. The bulk importer accepts CSV and TXT files. CSV importer works when you import several items at once, whereas TXT works when you import a single product with many product keys.

Export License

You can export specific orders by entering Order IDs. You will be able to export licenses from products based on their status, such as Available, Sold, Refunded, etc. You will also have options to export from fields such as product ID, and activation limit. 

License Key Encryption

To guarantee your security, the serial numbers kept in the database are encrypted. With this plugin, you may avoid headaches and second thoughts by knowing that your license keys are secure.

Backorder Support

You can sell serial numbers even when the product is out of stock, and you can assign serial numbers to orders with a single click when they become available.

WooCommerce Stock notification

You can enable this option to receive an email notification when your stock is about to expire. You must configure your stock limit so that you receive notifications anytime a product drops below that quantity. 

Serial Number Reuse

When a sold serial number is refunded or an order fails, activating this option allows you to reuse the refunded or failed serial number. You don’t have to be concerned about which serial keys are refunded or failed.

API for Validation

WooCommerce Serial Numbers includes a built-in license key validator API with different methods that allow you to validate, activate, and deactivate license keys as well as access the software’s current version number using HTTP requests. You can integrate the API with any type of software product you sell.

Order Table Settings

When an order is completed, your customer will receive a serial number/s both on the order page and via mail. The email includes a table with the serial numbers and other required data. You can decide which fields to display and you can edit each field from the order table settings menu.

How It Delivers

WooCommerce Serial Numbers delivers the order serial numbers when an order status is complete. If you choose to autocomplete the order, then as soon as the customer pays for the order, the serial numbers show right away on the thank you page and send it through email to the customer. It will also send a copy to the site admin as well.


== 1.0.0 (Jan 22, 2019) ==
Initial release

== 1.0.1 (6 March,2019) ==
* Rewrite serial generation process
* Add software API
* Update settings
* Improve notification
* Fix bug

== 1.0.2 (15 March,2019) ==
* Fix upgrade to pro on pro version
* Fix Divi theme conflict
* Fix link to create serial number from product page

== 1.0.3 (18 March,2019) ==
* Fix import wrong activation limit
* Fix broken asset dependency

== 1.0.4 (1 April,2019) ==
* Fix Rule generator table pagination is not working
* Fix Rule generator table search is not working
* Fix Rule generator is not working Firefox& IE

== 1.0.5 (18 June,2019) ==
* Fix: Variable products are not showing in product order page
* Fix: New order page serial number list is broken
* Fix: Order is not saving from the backend
* Fix: Top menu \”Generator Rules\” going to the wrong page
* New: Options to change email label
* Tweak: Auto Generator loader at generating

== 1.0.6 (6 July,2019) ==
* Fix – Table create failed below mysql v5.6
* Fix – Serial number label chancing is not working on order complete page
* Fix – creating multiple serial number for a single product when order failed

== 1.1.0 (23 July,2020) ==
* New – Separate page for showing serial enabled products
* New – Separate page for Serial key import and export
* New – New settings for template and order-table
* New – Option for duplicate serial numbers
* New – Option for manual delivery
* New – Option for serial number back-order
* Enhance – Random and sequential type for serial key generator
* Enhance – sequential pointer for sequential serial key generator
* Enhance – Multiple serial number delivery in single order
* Enhance – Add generator as serial key source
* Remove – Add serial key from order

== 1.1.1 (5 August,2020) ==
* New – Control autocomplete order statuses
* Fix – CSV import blank date populate with no date

== 1.1.2 (24 August,2020) ==
* Enhance – Update translations

== 1.1.3 (3 September,2020) ==
* New – Customer Name added on the export list

== 1.1.4 (27 September,2020) ==
* Fix – Disconnect serial numbers action

== 1.1.5 (18 December 2021) ==
* Fix – Compatibility with WP v5.8.2
* Fix – Compatibility with WC v 6.0.0

== 1.1.6 (27 December 2021) ==
* Fix – Plugin folder name when installed

= 1.1.7 (17 May 2022) =
Fix – Compatibility with WC v6.5.1
Fix – Fix Typo
Enhance – Enhance simple product metabox styles

= 1.1.8 (25 November 2022) =
Fix – Throwing error when activating plugin
Fix – Compatibility with WC v7.1

= 1.1.9 (15 January 2023) =
Fix – Default settings are not saving
Fix – Compatibility with WC v7.2.2
Fix – Enhance plugin settings page

= 1.2.0 (15 January 2023) =
Fix – Product select field is not working

= 1.2.1 (1 April 2023) =
Enhance – Enhance plugin settings page
Enhance – Code refactoring
Enhance – UI improvements.
Enhance – Menu structure improvements.
Fix – Autogenerate serial number prefix is not updating
Fix – Key source checkbox change is not working

= 1.2.2 (3 April 2023) =
Fix – Generator is not working
Fix – Import CSV keys with specific status is not working
Fix – Generator list only showing 20 items
Fix – CSV file export with all status is not working.

= 1.2.3 (6 April 2023) =
Fix – Serial key importing without status.
Enhance – Revert duplicate serial key option.

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