PluginEver Product License Includes only the plugins mentioned on the Plugins page. Our policy offers a full, no-hassle refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.

Before submitting a refund request, you must contact us about the plugin’s problems. You will receive a refund if we cannot address the problem in 72 hours. We can’t give you a refund unless you tell us about your problem and explain it to us in detail.

All refunds are processed in US Dollars. PluginEver is not responsible for exchange rate variations.

Usually, it takes around 3-5 working/business days to process the refund by our billing team, but it can take 7-15 days for your bank to transfer the money to our account. If it takes longer than this, please get in touch with us via our website/submit a ticket.

Live chat is for presale questions only, to get support please create a ticket or contact us via our contact page.

You’ll get a refund, if

  1. The product is not as described.
  2. The product has a security issue.
  3. The product support is not as promised.
  4. A product that has not been downloaded/used yet.

You’ll not get a refund, if

  1. You bought a product by mistake.
  2. You change your mind.
  3. You don’t have enough skills to use the product.
  4. If there is an issue with 3rd party plugins/scripts.
  5. Conflicting with 3rd party addons or not working with a 3rd party addons/plugins/script.
  6. Your server has a limitation to use our product.
  7. The issue you mentioned is not correct.
  8. You did not contact the support team for help.
  9. You are unable to show proof or screenshots of broken parts or missing.
  10. Refunds do not apply to upgrades or renewals.
  11. No second refunds are provided if you have already received a refund for the same plugin once before.


You are solely responsible for any applicable state, federal or provincial taxes. Although you may not be charged taxes by us, you agree that you will pay any applicable taxes or fees to your local or state tax agency for any purchases.

We are not responsible for collecting, transmitting, or advising on taxes, duties, or other levies by the government regarding your purchases.

Acceptance of this Policy

No refunds are provided after 30 days of your date of purchase. However, we want to ensure that you have the best customer experience, and are happy to help you troubleshoot or work through any issue you are facing.

This refund policy can be updated at any time, without prior notice and is applicable immediately for all subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our refund policy’s terms and its acceptance is mandatory for all users.

Submitting your order with us confirms that you have read and fully agree to our refund policy’s terms.

PluginEver reserves the right to refuse refunds if any efforts of refund policy abuse are detected.