10 Most Popular Digital Products to Sell in 2024

10 Most Popular Digital Products to Sell in 2023

It’s no banter that digital products are as important as physical products. Digital products are now a lucrative way for business owners to make promising growth for their WooCommerce stores.

You can also create digital files of your exclusive content, similar to online courses, and sell the same product without having to make it again. Which translates to maximum profit with minimal investment!

It’s a great way to generate an unlimited passive income source by using your WooCommerce store. You might be wondering or looking for the best digital products to get started with your selling on your WooCommerce store.

Don’t worry, we hand-picked some of the in-demand products and best-selling digital product ideas to get started with your product niche in 2024.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the most popular digital products to sell.

List of The Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell

Here are the top recommendations for the most valuable digital products to sell in 2024! All of these digital items are applicable for WooCommerce store owners as the best-selling products in every niche.

  1. Software
  2. Digital Subscriptions
  3. PDFs/eBooks
  4. Digital Arts
  5. Digital Templates
  6. Digital Audio & Musics
  7. Stock Photos & Videos
  8. Digital Tickets
  9. Online Courses
  10. Digital Services

Before we get into the precise details of each mentioned digital product niche, let’s define digital products and where to sell them.

If you’re already familiar with these, you can skip the next two sections.

What Are Digital Products

What are digital products

Intangible products that do not have any physical form and can be obtained through digital downloads or can be delivered in online platforms are digital.

Do you know some common digital products that we are all familiar with? Products such as online courses, PDFs, and online tickets are examples of popular products that fall into this digital product category.

Where to Sell Digital Products

Where to sell digital products

There are numerous platforms or mediums to sell digital products available today, but not every platform is worth your time and effort. Again no need to worry because we got you covered.

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the planet, and it provides all of the flexibility you’ll need for your store. As a WooCommerce store owner, you will have the opportunity to sell digital products alongside your other products.

WooCommerce is not cheap, but it is completely free to use on WordPress websites. You are not required to pay for any service if you do not require effective and high-quality premium plugins, extensions, or add-ons.

The Most Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell

The Most Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell

1. Software

Digital Software

Software is potentially the most profitable digital product and this software sector is large and always developing. If you’re a developer then you can make software that will benefit its users to speed up their business procedures and daily lives.

From large businesses to small businesses, down to individual consumers, the sorts of software products you can develop and sell are WordPress plugins, themes, mobile apps, video games, windows apps, SaaS products, and many more.

You can transform your development skills into a money-making machine. You won’t need to look back if you can create a problem-solving solution that can be distributed via software. All you have to do is sell your software through the correct platform.

2. Digital Subscriptions

Digital Subscriptions

Who doesn’t want to watch movies and series? People currently don’t rely on TV channels rather they prefer watching their beloved movies and shows on digital streaming platforms. You could possibly take advantage of this.

You can sell Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other similar platform subscriptions as a third-party merchant. Even you can sell subscriptions for using any kind of unique software or service.

It would be a plus if you’re an influencer with decent followers. Selling membership subscriptions can also be a way to generate passive earnings for you.

Your subscription packages could last long for weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime depending on how you plan to sell. These subscription plans may contain periodicals or exclusive content, access to a members-only site, and many more.

3. PDFs/eBooks

Ebooks are one of the best digital items you can sell on your WooCommerce store. You can write an ebook if you are a content creator or an entrepreneur in any niche.

If you are new to selling digital products, I believe that an ebook is the best first product to sell; however, you can also sell audiobooks. They’re simple to make and sell very well.

Begin developing a comprehensive plan for brainstorming, writing, and selling your first ebook! You can write about how-to guides, nutrition counseling, workout advice, flowcharts, and other document topics.

In other words, 2024 is the time to make money online by selling ebooks.

4. Digital Arts

Digital Arts

If you got yourself covered with design skills and have expertise in graphic design then selling your digital art online could be a bomber. There’s a big market for digital art out there, so turn your skills into a source of income.

You could sell logos, wallpaper, brand kits, original artwork, clip art, emotes, badges, banners, 3D artwork, stock icons (vectors), card designs with printable wall art and posters, digital graphics, surface pattern designs, and many more.

Don’t forget about NFTs, which are also a hot topic right now, particularly in the digital art space. If you already sell digital art, you should think about expanding into NFTs.

5. Digital Templates

Digital Templates

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their lives easier and digital templates are time-saving products that your customers can use to make a particular process more effortless.

You can create and sell templates for a wide variety of uses, including resume templates, social media templates, cover letter templates, legal templates, media kit templates, Pinterest templates, PowerPoint templates, brochure templates, email templates, Photoshop templates, menu card templates, excel templates, website templates, and a lot more.

All you have to do is optimize the tasks of people so that they can work more efficiently and effectively. The best part about selling digital templates is that they sell well online.

6. Digital Audio & Music

Digital Audio & Music

Whether you’re a musician or a composer or have the technical skills to create sound effects, you could also sell your digital content online. There is a huge demand for copyright-free music and sound effects and many more from these genres.

There is no limit for audio and music because people willingly pay to get entertained and achieve business goals. You could sell samples of music, beats, background tunes, instrumental tracks, music tracks, and many more.

The best approach would be selling licenses for your audio and music. A lot of filmmakers, producers, and YouTubers require original music and sound effects for their projects. You can charge these companies and individuals for a license that allows them to use your tracks in their videos copyright-free.

If you choose WooCommerce as your selling platform, then it would be easy for you to sell digital audio and music.

You can read a case study where a legal music distributor company is actively selling audio loops, music sample packs, and music courses by using the WooCommerce platform. Needless to say, they are using our WC Serial Numbers plugin to sell these digital items. 

7. Stock Photos & Videos

Stock Photos & Videos

Do you know that photos and videos are required for work and business purposes everywhere? If you’re a photographer, videographer, or even a photo/video editor, you could sell your photos and videos as stock products to business owners and content creators.

You could sell portraits, stock photos, drone photos, event photos, backgrounds, stock video footage, drone footage, product reviews videos, motion works, and many more to help people to use these on their branding and businesses.

You can sell your photos and videos individually or in packages on your website. It will be wise if you choose a specific niche that can make you an expert in selling photos and videos.

8. Digital Tickets

Digital Tickets

If you own any consultancy or even for your entry appointment purpose, you can sell digital tickets to reach out to more customers without the hassle of printing and physical contacts.

If you own a transportation company or an event management company, you can rely on fully automated digital tickets and sell them online to streamline your management process.

You can also sell hotel reservations, flight reservations, concert tickets, football matches, carnival tickets, and even lottery tickets. When selling tickets, use serial numbers to keep your business running smoothly.

You can read about a case study where a non-profit organization in the US is raising funds for children by selling raffle draw tickets using the WooCommerce platform. Needless to say that they used our WC Serial Numbers plugin to manage and distribute the tickets.

9. Online Courses

Online Courses

You can turn your knowledge into a passive income source by creating online courses depending on your expertise. Making an online video course and selling it online is easy if you know how to use the proper tools and platforms.

You can sell fitness courses, cooking courses, music courses, business courses, musical courses, graphic design courses, language learning courses, photo & video editing courses, website-related courses, and a variety of other things.

People don’t rely on offline courses simply because they don’t have the time. As a result, you can take advantage of people who rely on online courses to improve their skills and personal development.

10. Digital Services

Digital Services

Despite the fact that digital services are not technically “products,” you can use your skills to provide services to customers. You’ll be working as a service provider here, and you’ll be compensated for your time and expertise.

If you’re a good graphic designer, social media manager, web designer, copywriter, translator, consultant, trainer, or coach, you can work as a freelancer and potentially find a lot of remote work. You could offer to sell custom products by receiving backorders from your customers.

The best part about selling yourself as an accomplished professional is that you never lose your value, even if you are unemployed. If you have an online portfolio, it will be beneficial for you to become a stand-alone professional.

Why Should You Sell Digital Products Using WooCommerce

Why you should sell digital products

There are numerous advantages to selling digital products through a WooCommerce store. WooCommerce is free to use, easy to understand, flexible to maintain, has an unlimited feature add-on option, excellent inventory management, and much more!

It’s one of the simplest (and most affordable) platforms to use, making it ideal for beginners, small businesses, and solopreneurs looking to sell digital products online. Whether you sell digital downloads, digital subscriptions, or online courses, WooCommerce has you covered.

Don’t forget to explore our WooCommerce extensions to accelerate your digital product selling journey effortlessly. WC Serial Numbers can help you to sell all the mentioned digital products niche maintaining both the privacy and security of your products.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve learned about the top ten digital products to sell in 2024. Nothing can stop you from creating and selling digital products while remaining financially independent.

If you decide to pursue any of these digital product ideas, we recommend that you consider WooCommerce to assist you in monetizing your expertise. Selling digital products on the internet has never been simpler.

This list should have given you some great ideas and competitive niches for digital products. But, before you begin, conduct market research to ensure that you are one step ahead in 2024.

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