Sell Your Physical Products with WooCommerce Serial Numbers

Sell Physical Products

eCommerce is the new business trend in every sector. Converting a business to eCommerce is now very simple, thanks to the WordPress-based eCommerce platform known as WooCommerce. This article may be useful to you if you intend to sell physical products through your WooCommerce store.

Serial numbers are a crucial part of product inventory. Depending on the type of product you want to sell through your WooCommerce store, it can be vital in the supply chain management system or stock keeping unit.

The use of serial numbers in physical products provides numerous opportunities to increase the value of your WooCommerce store. Starting from tracking, tracing, product insight, inventory management, and warranty, by using WooCommerce Serial Numbers you can track down your products throughout their entire life cycle.

Why Serial Numbers are Important for Physical Products?

Why Serial Numbers are Important

Serial numbers are simply pieces of information or identifier for physical products. Serial numbers have lesser value unless they are collected, organized, and accessed using the proper systems. With serial numbers, the supply chain management systems, and stock keeping units (SKU) organize data so that WooCommerce store owners can make the most of it.

These systems track items in many ways, varying from RFID to manual serial number scanning. Vendors can track the entire product lifecycle and trace serial numbers from both incoming and outgoing stock using WordPress dashboards.

Supply chain management and stock keeping units enable store owners to make the best use of product and component data by increasing visibility with other integrated systems, suppliers, distributors, sales channels, and others. Therefore, the possibilities of serial numbers are extended even further because of the ability to contain valuable information for tracking the history of product credentials.

What is the use of Serial Numbers?

Serial Number Use Case

A serial number serves as an identifier for both unique types of products and particular or individual products. A serial number allows a vendor to keep track of product changes and shifts in mass production. This may not help the customers but It can be a lifesaver for support staff.

Customers are given the legal allowance or authority with a serial number for a specific product. For example, if an item is a measuring tool, it is verified using its serial number. It is important to remember that a vendor bears a warranty to customers in full compliance with the details of using the serial numbers.

While approaching technical support, the most sensitive data of a product is its serial number, which allows restoring and reviewing the product’s complete history. This is important for vendors to look after the root causes of a problem or failure of a particular physical product.

Furthermore, serial numbers can be assigned to completed products and structural units within them, such as modules and submodules. To prevent issues with the quality and safety of bought or sold products, it may be helpful to store and verify the vital information of products with serial numbers.

Physical Products You Can Sell with WooCommerce Serial Numbers

Physical Products for Serial Number Use

If you want to sell physical products on your WooCommerce store and ensure that you have complete control over your products, you’ll need the dependability and confidence that WooCommerce Serial Numbers can assure the private label.

As a store owner or retailer, you should be able to monitor everything about your products, including how they are formulated, packaged, delivered, and how they perform after the sale period.

Your private label packaging product will require you to input product-related data or information using a suitable format of barcode, such as UPC (UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODES), EAN (INTERNATIONAL (EUROPEAN) ARTICLE NUMBER), ISBN (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER), and others.

Nevertheless, “It should be noted that a barcode is a visual representation of the ‘serial number’ that is located beneath it.”

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some private label or rebranded physical products with the help of WooCommerce Serial Numbers.

Physical Products

Electronic Products and Accessories

You can sell everything from smartphone accessories to wireless charging pads, Bluetooth keyboards and speakers, earbuds, TVs, set-top boxes, monitors, laptops, tablets, tripods, ring lights, phone cases, computers, printers, scanners, smartwatches, and many more.

Child and Baby Care

You can sell everything from baby feeders to bottle warmers and dirty diaper storage containers, Baby thermometers, Baby nail clippers, etc.

Animal Care and Pets

You can sell specific pet products such as food and water bowls, pet beds, custom-designed feeding bowls, training collars, harnesses, and leashes, as well as more fun items such as toys, etc.

Automobile Accessories

You can sell aftermarket parts or even dash covers, seat covers, steering wheel covers, backup cameras, car stereos, air fresheners, and many more.

Travel Accessories

You can sell new, innovative, and distinct backpacks, inflatable mattresses, camping toilets, tents, chairs, camping kitchen items, solar-powered battery packs, raincoats, boots, survival tools, custom beach towels, neck pillows, or any other type of portable item suitable for smooth travel.

Beauty and Health

You might sell clay masks, lotion, hair straighteners, body scrubs, cleansers, makeup sets, or a combination of these items. Multivitamins and health supplements are also good examples of private label businesses.

Home Decor

Home decor is an excellent choice for WooCommerce businesses. You can sell indoor plants, wall art, candles, watering cans, lamps, air purifiers, humidifiers, diffusers, rugs, centerpieces, storage items such as baskets and bins, mirrors, and more.

Clothing Products

You can sell T-shirts and hoodies, yoga wear, bodysuits, tops, and bottoms, shapewear and underwear, Sportswear, and so on with private label identification.

Exercise and Workout

You can sell Balance disks, kettlebells, resistance bands, massage guns, stability balls, yoga straps, and a lot more items.

Medical Equipment

You can sell medical scrubs, latex gloves, face masks, thermometers, emergency blankets, saline and vitamin B12 drip, medical-grade splints, first aid kits, eyewash, humidifiers, and other similar items.

Art Materials

You can sell art/paint materials such as easels, paintbrushes, clay, charcoal, markers, ribbon, paper, scrapbooking embellishments, canvas, and so on.

Kitchen Appliance

You can sell knives, pans, air fryers, breadmakers, griddles, electric kettles, waffle makers, slicers, electric can openers, cutters, and a huge variety of other items.

Safety and Security

You can sell personal alarms, pepper spray, siren horns, door bars, digital door bars, thermostats, security cameras, door sensors, door locks, anti-theft locks, and other security items.

And many more!

If you do your research, probably you’ll come up with more products for your online business where you can utilize the serial numbers. No matter what you sell, you’ll need a unique serial number to keep records of your products.

How Serial Numbers Can Prevent Physical Product Theft?

Prevent Fraud Case With Serial Numbers

Product security is critical when conducting an online business. If you don’t mark your products both inside and outside of your inventory, you’re less likely to be able to sustain your business. Identifying products is important when a product is stolen or duplicated.

The serial number contains valuable information about a specific product. It can be used to confirm that the stolen property is yours. Serial numbers prevent product theft and fraud cases because they can be recorded and used to identify stolen products.

The WooCommerce Serial Numbers plugin does it all when it comes to your WooCommerce store. You will be able to store serial numbers as a store owner, and you will be able to create purchase bills with unique serial numbers for each sold item and send them to your customers.

You can keep track of your inventory, order management, shipment tracking, and after-sales service for your products if you offer a warranty period or repair service period for your products. Additionally, your customer can only claim the purchase from your business label only by using the serial number information.

Wrap Up

Physical Product Selling With WooCommerce Serial Numbers

A quality product can be replicated in today’s competitive online markets. Your way to defend is a custom-printed label with your unique serial number. This will help to detect fraudulent and illegal sales.

There are no better alternatives to serial numbers if you want to track your products, reduce theft, and increase security for the products in your WooCommerce store.

Last but not the least, if you are a manufacturer retailer, vendor, or product distributor and sell physical products in your WooCommerce store, you can rely on selling physical products with WooCommerce Serial Numbers.

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