Sell Digital Products with WC Serial Numbers in 2024

Sell Digital Products with WC Serial Numbers

If you own a WooCommerce store and sell digital or downloadable products, distributing across multiple devices seems to be almost undoubtedly against your terms and conditions, however, most customers wouldn’t care. Naturally, you want to protect your products while also receiving a fair price for them.

Offering digital products as downloads is not a new concept for online businesses, and it is becoming a more important strategy for both offline and online growth. Digital products are a significant WooCommerce trend to follow. Besides Digital products or downloadable products generate significant revenue!

Serial keys, also known as license keys, are a reliable and tried-and-tested method of ensuring that your product only works on a limited number of devices and preventing unregistered users from using it. If you intend to sell digital products on your WooCommerce store, then sell digital products with WC Serial Numbers.

Undoubtedly WC Serial Numbers is the best license key manager for the WooCommerce store.

Why Licensing Digital Products is Important

A license key is simply alphanumeric data that grants authorized users access and makes software usable. It may also restrict the number of devices or users who are permitted to install the software. There are numerous use cases for product licenses.

Some software or applications are vulnerable because they must be downloaded. A paying customer could download a virtual product and then share the download link with all of their friends. License keys, which use a simple verification system, prevent this from happening.

When you sell your digital artwork, stock photography, or digital content online, the buyer is purchasing a license or serial number to use it, and your work is protected from unauthorized redistribution. Product keys can help you differentiate between different users if you sell software through a marketplace and directly to consumers.

What is the Use of License Keys and Serial Numbers

License keys are an effective way to prevent the unauthorized reproduction or fraud case of certain digital products. For instance, while developing a game or software, you could generate a list of license keys required to activate the product on a customer’s computer or device. License keys help to ensure that legitimately purchased copies of your digital products are used.

You can generate license keys or serial numbers for your digital products, or you can upload pre-generated serial keys to WC Serial Numbers, where they will be delivered automatically with customer orders. Set the activation limit of each license key to a single product order. Also, you will be able to view the order records and monitor whether or not your products have been activated.

The user will be stopped as soon as they reach their download limit or attempt to access the software without the necessary license keys. This is one of the most secure methods of delivering digital products to customers without subjecting them to lengthy activation procedures.

What You Can Sell with WC Serial Numbers

Whether you’re a game developer, software developer, content creator, or reseller of digital products, WC Serial Numbers can help you sell them all. Here are some of the examples of digital products you can sell through your WooCommerce store:

  • Software and Games
  • Photographs and Videos
  • E-books
  • Website Layouts
  • Access to Membership

Software and Games

WC Serial Numbers allow you to sell games, website plugins, and digital software from your WooCommerce store. To prevent product piracy, you can attach your pre-generated license keys to each customer purchase order or use WC Serial Numbers to generate a unique activation key.

Photographs and Videos

WC Serial Numbers have been used by numerous content producers who specialize in selling images and videos to customers directly from their WooCommerce stores, including those who create stock photography for websites and editorials, stock videos for educational and commercial projects, and stock sound effects.

Don’t let your one-of-a-kind content get lost in the crowd; integrate your WooCommerce store to sell your content using WC Serial Numbers.

If you are just getting started or taking photos for fun, you can earn money directly from your WooCommerce store. Set up your WooCommerce store with WC Serial Numbers to assign serial keys for digital prints of your work and turn them into unique selling products.


The ebook market is expanding, with numerous apps available for readers to use on their preferred devices. Customers will enjoy reading fiction, instructional manuals, guides to video game secrets, cookbooks, and other types of content on their desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can easily sell PDF files, .mobi files, .epub files, and any other preferred format to sell e-books with WC Serial Numbers.

Website Layouts

Using WC Serial Numbers, you can create and sell your own website themes in your WooCommerce store. Thousands of customers all over the world are looking for a new look for their websites. By adding serial numbers to your specific website templates, you can easily sell them. You can also provide a free demo version with high-quality images and videos to demonstrate every feature of your templates in action. Your customers will receive serial keys with each order they place, and they will be able to activate the downloadable files directly from your WooCommerce store.

Access to Premium Membership

Instead of selling individual digital products, you can use WC Serial Numbers to sell variable products or bundle them together and offer them a premium membership subscription to generate sales and profits.

Paid digital subscriptions can even be used in your WooCommerce store to directly utilize your current content marketing efforts. Because this content is locked behind a gate that only paying subscribers can access via their customer account. You can simply use WC Serial Numbers to set the activation limit and validity date. By doing so you can prevent fraud to access your premium membership subscriptions.

There are a lot of things you can do with WC Serial Numbers. It’s not only for activating software licenses but also you can use this plugin whenever you need to generate unique serial key codes along with the completion of an order or purchase of a digital product.

How Creators Can Prevent Digital Product Theft?

Stealing digital products is as simple as uploading a new product to the internet. If the authors, creators, or owners are not alert, their digital products can be exploited by fraudsters and scammers. As previously stated, a serial number is a unique identifier for each product. It helps to identify the original creator of the work or the source of the raw product data.

Basically, a serial number helps to validate an original work and protects the “all rights reserved” policy. This means that no one may use your work unless they obtain your permission. In simple terms, the copyright law grants the original product creators the authority to sell, print, publish, perform, or record their work. Writers, musicians, and artists are among the most common users of copyright.

That is why giving your digital works a unique identity is very important. In terms of giving identity, there is no better alternative than WC Serial Numbers. By using serial numbers you can actually prevent digital product theft. Let me tell you how.

When you officially register a copyright for all of your digital products, you can gain the legal right to sue any digital product thieves directly. Even serial numbers will help you to locate and identify your original products from being stolen. WC Serial Numbers can be a game changer for demonstrating both authenticity and ownership of your digital products.

How to Manage WC Serial Numbers?

Going through our Documentation will demonstrate how to activate your software license keys with WC Serial Numbers. It includes a licensing system that will issue license keys to customers to activate your software application. It takes care of a lot of the time and effort associated with creating and managing software license keys. This definitely allows you to focus on growing your business.

When you’ll be done with integrating the API, make sure to test it to ensure that everything works as expected. You can keep track of the license keys that have been issued by going to Serial Numbers > Activation. You can use this page to monitor how many times a license key has been used or activated.

It’s a Wrap

For decades, license keys have been used to secure software that is installed directly on a device. They are still effective today because they prevent users from granting unauthorized access.

It has traditionally been difficult to set up and provision license keys for individual customers. You can set up license keys on an individual product level to a variable product level and manage them. It is possible only with a few clicks using the WC Serial Numbers plugin.

There is encryption support for serial numbers stored in the database to ensure the security of your digital product. With this brilliant invention, you can avoid headaches and second thoughts by knowing that your license keys are secure.

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