How WC Serial Numbers Involved in Selling Sound Libraries and Audio Software

How WC Serial Numbers Involved in Selling Sound Libraries and Audio Software

WC Serial Numbers have a lot of potential which we have talked on earlier blogs. As promised, today we will be sharing a new story of a legal distributor of audio loops, music sample packs, and music courses.

They are actively using our serial number plugin for more than 4 years. Amazing right? It was an absolute honor for us that a client of ours had been this loyal to us.

He reached out for a query and then we got to acknowledge him. His company sells the best music loops and samples for musical projects. Now it is time to share the journey of this customer with our WC Serial Numbers.

Why Use a Serial Number Plugin in the First Place?

If you’re new to WooCommerce or unfamiliar with plugins, you might be wondering whether you require WC Serial Numbers or not.

Meet Simon, The administrator of ProducerSpot. They offer to sell the latest sounds from established industry sample labels, such as Big Citi Loops, Function Loops, Black Octopus, Diginoiz, Cartel Loops, Production Master, Studio Trap, Shobeats, Smemo Sounds, Trap Veterans, Vandalism Audio, and many more others.

Simon told us, “Because our digital store offers software products dedicated to music production, we needed a simple and fast solution for the instant delivery of serial numbers (activation codes) related to the software programs where needed.”

It’s no wonder that the main scheme of those musical software products is activation numbers, and the serial number plugin makes things easier.

Why WC Serial Numbers Plugin is Not Just Another License Manager/Serial Key Plugin?

It may be tricky to find the correct serial key plugin. Even after you’ve identified the one that might be the best fit for your requirements, you may still have questions and concerns. That’s normal, and it happened to our customers as well.

Simon expressed his concern, “Honestly, I compared the features of several plugins and this was my first choice. I have not used any other plugin before. It was exactly what we were looking for since the first installation.”

It means they stick to the WC Serial Numbers plugin from the very beginning observing how powerful its features are.

WC Serial Numbers as a Game-Changer for Inventory Management and Performance

In the minds of our customers, WC Serial Numbers has always been a real treat and a powerful serial key plugin. The most recent version, on the other hand, included some significant improvements, particularly to the generator rule.

It is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to easily sell different numbers and/or secret keys. License keys, gift cards, physical products with serial numbers, digital software with activation or access keys, usernames, and passwords, tickets/ticket numbers, lotteries, pin codes, card numbers, and nearly all other types of secret number-based products will be available for sale.

Taking Advantage of the Most Powerful Features

When a customer orders a serial key-based product, the customer receives a serial number after the order has been processed.

A built-in license key validator API with separate endpoints for validating, activating, and deactivating license keys is also included in the plugin.

Serial numbers can be assigned manually or automatically. You can use the generator to generate serial numbers based on predefined patterns. Also, you can create and assign serial numbers to each variation of your variable product.

Besides you get the feature to import and export serial numbers in CSV format using the plugin.

The serial numbers stored in the database are encrypted to ensure your security.

Use Cases From WooCommerce Store Owner

We requested Simon to share their use cases. He responded, and we thought we’d share it in case it’s useful to you as well!

Simon stated. “Our website ProducerSpot distributes digital products (sound libraries and audio software for music producers) provided by some of the most important companies in the industry such as Roland, Antares, Reason, Image-Line, Fabfilter, Audiomodern, BOZ Digital, and others. In particular, software products require serial key/product key activation. The plugin instantly delivers the unique serial number by email along with the necessary files for installation and use.”

Here’s a Message for You

Do you have any more questions about WC Serial Numbers? Or are you afraid of switching between plugins? If you’re a WordPress developer, a WooCommerce expert, or a WooCommerce store owner, here’s what you’d say.

“Try other serial number plugins on your store before purchasing WC Serial Numbers if you’re unsure.” Install our plugin and see what happens. You will not lose money if you are dissatisfied with our product because we offer 30-day money-back guarantees.

However, you will not need to do so because the WC Serial Numbers plugin is the best solution for your store. Save your valuable time without making mistakes and enjoy the features.”

Wrapping up

Hasn’t it been a long road with our WC Serial Numbers stories? Now it’s your turn. Have you ever used Serial Numbers?

We’d like to know how it went and what your use case(s) for using our plugin is. More use cases will be shared in the future.

Let us know in the comments! So stay tuned and in touch with PluginEver.

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N.B: If you want to buy sound libraries and audio software then do visit ProducerSpot.

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