How WC Serial Numbers Helped a Non-profit Organisation to Raise Funds for Children

How WC Serial Numbers Helped a Non-profit Organisation to Raise Funds for Children

WC Serial Numbers was created for the purpose of selling secret numbers and software license activation. Many years have passed since the plugin’s release, and our serial number plugin has evolved into a powerful extension for WooCommerce stores.

The serial number plugin’s importance has grown over time, and we’ve seen a variety of uses for it. It fascinated us that this plugin could make such a significant difference in people’s lives.

Today, we’ll tell you about a non-profit organization that has been using our plugin for years. They raise funds to help children and youth all over the world. People buy raffle tickets to raise money, and the total amount is given to charities in the area that help the children.

Why Use a Serial Key/License Key Manager Plugin in the First Place

If you’re new to WooCommerce or unfamiliar with plugins, you might be wondering if a serial number plugin is necessary for your store.

Forrest Hamm is a volunteer who manages the Blue Ridge Kiwanis Club, which has about 60 members. They are made up of community members who enjoy giving back. They meet weekly for lunch, raise funds, and help out at events as needed.

He said, “We tried several other solutions,” “but WC Serial Numbers allowed us to provide our own set of numbers.” We hold a raffle fundraiser, and we can use your plugin to match our online ticket numbers to our paper numbers, preventing duplicate sales of the same number. Then we destroy the paper ticket when we sell a “ticket” online.”

It’s no surprise that the main scheme of raffle draws is secret numbers, and our serial number plugin makes things easier.

Why WC Serial Numbers is Not Just Another License Manager/Serial Key Plugin

It may be tricky to find the correct license manager plugin. You may still have questions and worries even after you’ve found the one that seems most suited to your needs. That’s normal, and it happened to our customers as well.

Hamm expressed concern that WC Serial Numbers would not function properly. He said, “All of my concerns vanished once I activated it and saw its functionalities. It’s quite impressive. Its simplicity makes it simple to use, and it has worked flawlessly with our system.”

WC Serial Numbers as a Game-Changer for Inventory Management and Performance

WC Serial Numbers has always been a real treat and a powerful serial number plugin in the minds of our customers. However, the most recent version included some significant improvements, particularly to the generator rule.

As an extension to WooCommerce, it allows you to easily sell various numbers and/or secret keys. You will be able to sell license keys, gift cards, physical products with serial keys, digital software with activation or access keys, usernames, and passwords, tickets/ticket numbers, lotteries, pin codes, card numbers, and nearly all other types of secret number-based products.

Taking Advantage of the Most Powerful Features of The Plugin

After an order is processed for a serial key-based product, a serial key is provided to the buyer.

The plugin also includes a built-in license key validator API with separate endpoints for validating, activating, and deactivating license keys.

Serial keys can be assigned automatically or manually. The generator allows you to generate serial keys using predefined patterns. For each variation of your variable product, you can create and assign serial numbers.

The plugin also allows you to import and export serial keys in CSV format.

The serial keys are encrypted in the database for your safety.

Use Cases From WooCommerce Store Owner

We requested that Hamm share their use cases. He responded, and we thought we’d share it in case it’s useful to you as well!

Hamm stated, “Every year, we hold a charity raffle. Your system (WC Serial Numbers) is the only one I’ve found that allows us to sell paper tickets alongside our online sales without having to duplicate them. This is made possible by the import feature. When the numbers are sold online, we simply print all tickets and destroy the remaining paper tickets.”

Here’s a Message for You

Still, have questions about WC Serial Numbers? Or are you afraid of switching from one plugin to another? Here’s what people like you would say if you’re a WordPress developer, a WooCommerce expert, or a WooCommerce store owner.

If you’re unsure, try other serial number plugins on your store before purchasing WC Serial Numbers.

After that, Install our plugin and see how things go. We stand behind our products and offer 30-day money-back guarantees if you are unhappy with your purchase.

However, you will not need to do so because there is no better solution for your store than the WC Serial Numbers plugin. Save your valuable time without error and enjoy the features.

Wrapping up

It’s been a long road with our WC Serial Numbers stories, hasn’t it? It’s now your turn. Have you tried WC Serial Numbers before?

We’d like to hear how it went and what your use case or cases are for using our plugin. In the future, more use cases will be shared.

Tell us in the comments! So stay tuned and stay connected with PluginEver.

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N.B: If you’d like to contribute to the Blue Ridge Kiwanis Club, here’s some information. Continue to do good, and good will come back to you.

Hope this helps!

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Forrest Hamm
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