Settings and Serial Number delivery of WooCommerce Serial Numbers

The settings section of WooCommerce Serial Numbers is subdivided into three different sections. Those sections are labeled as:

  • General Settings
  • Notifications and
  • Delivery Settings
WooCommerce Serial Numbers general settings
WooCommerce Serial Numbers general settings
General Settings:

Under general settings, you will find options to resize your table size. By default, WooCommerce displays 20 rows, but you can choose the number as you wish.
Next, you will find the option to let the customer checkout even if there is no serial number for the selected serial activated product. Selecting this option will keep you on the safe side and allow the customer to proceed without any hassle. This may also become throw some challenges as the customer may become impatient without the serial key. If you select this option make sure you are quick to respond to the customer with a serial key.

WooCommerce Serial Numbers notification settings
WooCommerce Serial Numbers notification settings

The notification section is designed to empower you with information about the status of your serial keys. It is not far-fetched that you are not aware of serial numbers that are about to finish or has already finished. Notifications are an awesome system to be informed about those awkward situations.
First, you will find the option to show admin bar notification. The admin bar notification is designed to highlight serial numbers that are below your preset range.

Admin bar notifications generated by WooCommerce Serial Numbers
Admin bar notifications generated by WooCommerce Serial Numbers

The second option labeled as “Set Limit” allows you to enter a number as the limit to trigger the notification. Whenever the serial number goes below that limit for an individual licensable product WooCommerce Serial Numbers will trigger the notification.

The third option is to opt-in for email notification. This will ensure that you get an email about the license status along with the admin bar notification too.

The last field is to enter the email address where you want to get your notifications. Enter your desired email address you are all set in the notification section.

Delivery Settings:

The delivery settings section is the most important one as this section deal with the license delivery options.
The very first option in this section is labeled as “Auto-Complete Order”. Yes, it deals with the order status of your store but only for the products that are license enabled. By default, the status of this feature is set to false (No) as it will set the order status as complete and deliver the license key to the customer. You can set it to true (Yes) if you wish. Though you will have complete control over your license keys, but make sure you understand this option. NOTE: If an order has one license-able product in it along with one or more normal product the order will auto-complete.

The second option allows you to revoke or cancel a serial number. Under this section, you will find multiple options as checkboxes. You can select them all to stay secure. The options to revoke serial numbers are:

  • Canceled
  • Refunded
  • Failed

The final option is called “Reuse Serial Number”. Here you will find two options Yes/No as a dropdown. If you want to reuse bounced serial numbers/license keys from the failed/refunded orders, then select (Yes) otherwise keep the default (No).

That was a detailed tour of the settings section. All the details have been covered step by step. Hopefully, everything made sense for you. If you still have any confusion, please open a ticket in the support forum.

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