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WC Serial Numbers

Welcome to the documentation of the WC Serial Numbers plugin!

If you’re willing to sell digital products, subscription products, physical products, or a combination of these, both the free version and the premium version of WC Serial Numbers will help you to sell custom keys, manage licenses for your digital products, and track serial codes for your products.

Products you may sell with WC Serial Numbers

  • Themes, Plugins, Digital Arts, Photos, Videos, Music, NFTs, Templates
  • Software, Apps, Games, Mockup
  • Event Tickets, Entry Pass for Conferences, or Workshops
  • Gift Cards, Lottery, and Secret Number-based Products
  • Custom Activation Codes, License Keys, Secret Codes, Usernames & Passwords
  • Online Courses & Professional Services, Tutorials, Coaching, Consultations
  • eBooks and Audiobooks
  • Any Physical Products

These are just some of the product/service selling use cases from our existing users.

Besides, anything you might be looking for regarding the free or the premium version of WC Serial Numbers is included in this documentation.

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