WC Wholesale Manager – Introducing The Best Wholesale Solution for WooCommerce

WC Wholesale Manager - The best Wholesale Manager

WooCommerce is solely used for B2C businesses whereas WooCommerce plugin is used for creating eCommerce stores. WooCommerce was developed specifically for eCommerce stores, not for wholesale. That’s the basic idea of WooCommerce that any individual has.

But that’s an old story. Since the development of WooCommerce, many times have passed by and the eCommerce sector is seeing incredible growth, year after year, with no foreseeable end in sight. The same goes for the B2B market too.

WooCommerce by default won’t offer you any B2B features or wholesale features to get you started with your B2B online store. This is why PluginEver has come up with the ‘WC Wholesale Manager’ extension. It’s a proper wholesale solution for all WooCommerce store owners.

This WooCommerce extension will help you to create an easy-to-use and efficient B2B WooCommerce store.

Want to know how?

Let’s get started then.

How WC Wholesale Manager Will Help Starting Wholesale Business

In B2B eCommerce businesses, it is important to build your store on a platform that can maximize your sales and revenue. There are many wholesale WooCommerce plugins out there, but not all of them have the same ability to offer you wholesale features to help you reach your goals.

This is where B2B for WooCommerce stands out for its versatility. As WooCommerce itself is a free plugin, that allows you to create any type of eCommerce store in any specific niche. This includes both B2C and B2B (wholesale) businesses using accurate wholesale plugins.

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is also regarded as a wholesale business. Wholesale retailers can sell products and services in bulk to a company or a business without dealing with the customer directly. Your B2B users can get products from you in bulk and then they can either create a final product or re-sell your products to regular customers.

B2B eCommerce is a subset of eCommerce that focuses on selling products and services to other businesses. As such, their websites tend to be more complex than their B2C counterparts because they need to handle big orders and transactions.

In such a situation, what will you do as a WooCommerce store owner if you want to run your B2C eCommerce and B2B eCommerce business at the same time? B2B for WooCommerce can help you achieve that. You can literally separate your normal business and your wholesale business simply by using this plugin.

Why Choose WC Wholesale Manager

The B2B for WooCommerce plugin is suitable for any running WooCommerce store. This plugin will help you to create and manage multiple user roles. It offers user role-based pricing and separates your wholesale and retail customers.

You can easily manage everything from the backend of the WordPress dashboard of your WooCommerce store and that only left you with the front end.

Not a matter! As B2B for WooCommerce handles the front end very well. You can Create a private wholesale store within your existing WooCommerce store.

Doesn’t matter if you sell individual products or variable products, you can set dynamic prices (discounts) for every product and product category.

Wholesale User Registration

A wholesale store’s operations include wholesale registration forms for new users. Hide prices for non-wholesale user roles, such as regular customers, to encourage wholesale users to register for your store.

You can have a wholesale registration menu where you can inadvertently offer your customers the opportunity to register as your wholesale buyer. Add different custom fields for registration forms to add a new user.

You can approve members manually and automatically because your wholesale WooCommerce store will have multiple user roles. Include ID Number validation as part of your customers’ registration process, in addition to wholesale registration.

User Role-based Wholesale Pricing

If you’re running a B2B business within your B2C WooCommerce store, you might want to set up different wholesale prices for your B2B wholesale customers and your B2C retail customers.

You don’t want your wholesale (B2B) products to be sold to your regular retail customers (B2C) at wholesale prices (B2B), because that would result in your business losing money.

Separate your B2B customers and B2C customers by giving them different custom user roles with role-based pricing and offering different prices to your customers. You can even add multiple wholesale roles to set up role-based pricing for your wholesale customers to offer tiered pricing.

Hide Products for Non-Wholesale Users

If you already have a B2C WooCommerce store and you want to do your wholesale business in it, then product visibility to the public or wholesalers and hiding your wholesale products can be crucial. B2B for WooCommerce can solve that issue for you to Do retail business and wholesale business together within one store can definitely save you time and effort.


You can offer bulk discounts for your wholesale clients based on their specific wholesale roles. Also, you can set specific category-based discounts and specific product-based discounts on every order.

Email Notification

Email notifications sent from B2B for WooCommerce. You can customize the subject line and/or message body of each email. There are 5 email fields. One for the admin and the other four for the wholesale users.

There will default email notification template set for different use. There are 3 columns named Email, Content type, and Recipients. You can manage or edit the templates.

The new user approval and disapproval can be used in admin email notifications only whereas the customer details can be used in all emails. You can configure emails for several use cases.

The New Trend of eCommerce – B2B2C

In today’s world, flexibility and scalability are crucial for online businesses. Using WooCommerce for B2B business can allow you to run both B2B business and B2C businesses at the same time. This will save you an ample amount of money and resources while keeping your options open for expansion.

A wholesale product seller or wholesaler usually doesn’t conduct their business online because of the complex patterns and viability. But B2B for WooCommerce can make it easy for a regular WooCommerce store owner to becoming a wholesale seller.

B2B business is very different from the B2C business framework. B2C business sells to individual customers and B2B business sells to companies or business personnel in bulk. Overall, B2B business offers special convenience and it works as a more personalized user experience for buyers.

WooCommerce is undoubtedly the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. Sometimes WooCommerce is overlooked when it comes to creating a fully functional wholesale store. However, the B2B for WooCommerce plugin can easily fill the blank space in your WooCommerce store.

As previously stated, B2B for WooCommerce is a complete WooCommerce wholesale plugin that includes all of the functionalities needed to create a functional and user-friendly wholesale store within a regular WooCommerce store.

Wrap Up

It’s all clear by now that WooCommerce works well for wholesale businesses because of B2B for WooCommerce extension. It is simple to use and adaptable, and it includes all of the essential features needed to build a competent wholesale store.

So, if you want to add a wholesale store to your existing WooCommerce store, look no further than B2B for WooCommerce. This plugin simplifies your wholesale store and enables you to serve your wholesale customers independently.

Combining WC Wholesale Manager with a WooCommerce store will result in an all-in-one solution. It will provide you with complete flexibility and adaptability for your wholesale customers, as well as control over a powerful and adaptable B2B2C store.

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