WooCommerece Serial Number reflects determining role in online business

The roles of WooCommerce Serial number in online business is huge. To set digital products in motion effectively, the license keys are becoming salient nowadays in the world of eCommerce. Buyers who are in need of getting license keys/serial numbers can be issued by the sellers through their online business. On account of WooCommerce plugins, serial key/license key can be sold within a slice of a minute using WooCommerce Serial Numbers. WooCommerce Serial Numbers offers you the chance to manage license keys/serial numbers for your WooCommerce site. Additionally, You can generate and activate unlimited keys covered by both free and premium versions as well.

In general, the basic need of a plugin can be regulated by the free version of it. But it brings up a version of limited features not allowing the customers to customize some of its powerful features. To deal with more complex usage and to get emerged by the immensity of it, the premium version transpires to facilitate the customers with more functionalities. WooCommerce Serial Numbers are set out to reach the goal with the same benchmark.

Why are license keys useful if you want to sell digital products?

The first thing that comes up in mind listening to the word ‘Digital product’ is that it can be copied and shared via electronic communication. The allocation of license keys/serial numbers for a product embellishes the product to the fullest. For physical products, serial numbers are generally used as identifiers. But the functions of digital serial keys are so diverse that we can use it abundantly in inventive ways. Our center of attention is to demonstrate WooCommerce Serial Numbers from the viewpoint of digital products.

Why WP Serial Number is useful

The Scenarios we discern to relate the usefulness of license keys are astounding. The most important scenario we can replicate – A seller wants to sell unique keys to keep activated each of his digital/physical products sold where each key represents a unique number so that it does not clashes with other products in the active state. To keep records of various products, serial keys can be the best way to approach the solution. Another important scenario is that you can easily monitor an activated license key that the features a seller wants to sell can be tactically legitimated. A business that builds on a foundation of digital products could face drastic outcomes if the products need to deal with activation policies. Therefore, serial keys/license keys can genuinely help a business run without any interference.

Wherefore, the effectiveness of using serial keys can fairly prevent fraudsters.

Approaches to WooCommerce Serial Numbers

WooCommerce Serial Number Pro can be the best variable product key solution in the field of WooCommerce.In other words, what this plugin can do encompasses vast possibilities for the key sellers. It yields serial keys instantaneously which add credits to the sequence of a user’s regular effort. By means of a very less amount of time, encrypted serial keys/license keys can be transferred to the customer ends, giving each key a proper shielding. In this process, none can jeopardize one’s business.

Approaches to WooCommerce Serial Numbers

The selling of serial keys and its extension gives the seller an opportunity to manage keys and helps the user to make it happen it the online platforms. To avoid errors and delays, WooCommerce Serial Numbers works like a bat out of hell. In terms of WooCommerce Serial Numbers; to sell a serial key, a product should have the following entities that will be needed for a user. These functionalities would give users to have considerable latitude in operating their businesses.

  • A product ID – A product ID must have to be unique which is mainly a string to identify the product.
  • Activation Limit – It claims how many times a key can be used for a single product.
  • Expiry Date – A previously determined date after which a product cannot be used.
  • Expiry Duration – a period of time which indicates how long a product can be used.
  • Signup Restriction – The validation of a product determines when the sign up restriction needs to be considered.
  • Product Version – The version changes, a new version releases.

Usage of ‘WooCommerce Serial Numbers’

Usage of WP Serial number

Creating serial keys with WooCommerce Serial Numbers is an easy undertaking. A user can create serial keys both manually and automatically. On account of manual key generation, a user can simply put unique keys to their individual products. On second thought; to execute the automatic generation, users don’t need to know any programming skills relating to WordPress. A single push is enough to generate a user’s desired number of keys with predefined patterns and types. The patterns can be both numerical or alphanumerical order and the types can be both random or sequential.

You can generate any length of unique code to ensure the security of the product satisfactorily. Our bulk generation of serial keys on a single click takes a soft pedal on the automatic generation which ensures the correctness of WooCommerce Serial Numbers. Similarly, this bulk import functionality gives users the freedom to deal with the management of their very own keys.

Users can also export their generated keys when needed. A user can target to set serial keys both manually and automatically from the product page. If any product doesn’t have a key assigned or the number of keys running low, a dedicated notification system will notify the user by email. This feature constructs rationality and the firmness between the users and the customers. When a serial number is sold, the customer will get the serial key on the receipt. Moreover, we have options to mail the serial key to the customers’ end as well. For the mailing option, a user can set his own messages and customize the email template according to his requirements.

WooCommerce Serial Numbers, at the same time, is a great monitoring tool. This plugin keeps records of the number of keys sold and let you know their status. For example, if a seller is selling online gaming licenses, he can track the sold license keys and identify how many times they are being used if the activation limit is previously set. In this way, a seller can easily identify their popular products as well. This reduces the risk of errors while selling digital keys. Moreover, in this way a user can keep an eye on his products by analyzing the statistics.

What you can get from WooCommerce Serial Numbers

WP Serial Number Benefits

The idea of selling virtual keys might now sound like plain vanilla. But you can bring this plain vanilla to play distinctively on various grounds to make frequent recipes. We will set an example of a few recipes below. Your job is to acknowledge an idea out of these to get the lion’s share.

  • Serial numbers and license keys – The foundational portrayal of WooCommerce Serial Numbers.
  • Physical products – You can sell any physical products that require license keys by adding them directly to each product from the product pages.
  • PIN codes –  You can sell PIN numbers for user authentication to access a system.
  • Gift cards – This plugin can be useful for retail business as an alternative way to cash out the cashback earnings.
  • Username/Password – You can easily manage a user account and can provide a password.
  • Gaming license key – A great tool for handling, distributing and selling activation keys.
  • Lottery/ Tickets – You can sell your auto-generated keys as lottery numbers or tickets to get involved with the number game.

In view of WooCommerce, WooCommerce Serial Numbers can be a great and satisfying tool for the key sellers. It has the best digital product key solutions and features compare to other similar plugins in the WooCommerce sector. The compatibility threshold is convenient which will meet the desire of the customers. The offers and the advantages one can get from using WooCommerce Serial Numbers are also pretty enticing. If you want to fully utilize WooCommerce Serial Numbers, our trusted support team is always also there to give a hand 24/7. We are eagerly waiting to construct a stronger bridge for the customers to get the most out of WooCommerce Serial Numbers.

Choosing an appropriate plugin always seems a difficult job when there is a bucketful of options to choose from. But in the field of digital serial number selling, we do not have a large number of plugins. Therefore, we have come across an idea to help out who are seeking for such plugins. We have tried our best to build WooCommerce Serial Numbers in such a way that will hopefully conduct the demand of our customers. We have decorated our plugin with all the latest features that come across.

Indeed; for the users, this plugin is a treasure!

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