Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate marketing is a great option to make money online. It is one of the oldest yet most effective forms of marketing that are highly in practice today. If you own a WordPress site and are looking for the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, then you will find this a great resource. We have picked the best affiliate plugins and highlighted the best features to ensure you have the best resource.

Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products and/or services that you are fond of and recommending others to use them too. You will send visitors directly to the provider and if they purchase with your tracking link, you will be rewarded. It is simple if you know how to keep it simple with proper tools and tricks. This is where the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins come into play. They will allow you to manage everything like a pro and earn more.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

As said earlier, affiliate marketing is a widely used method and it has dominance in the online realm. Simply put it is a method used by merchants to boost their marketing efforts with the help of affiliates. Usually, affiliates run a campaign on various online channels like social media and personal websites. There are various ways of rewarding the affiliate based on their performance and company policy.

Affiliation as a primary or secondary way of earning has become very popular. Online marketing is a highly attractive option for marketers nowadays. Most people are connected to the online world and people spend a significant amount of time. While traditional media platforms fight to survive, the internet is still enjoying aggressive growth. So it is a brilliant choice for you to become an affiliate or run your affiliate program.

So, running an affiliate should sound be an excellent option. There are challenges with the management of successful affiliate campaigns and programs. Without the knowledge and access to the proper tool, you may fall behind and find yourself in a mess. Our review of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins will show you the way to find the best tool for you.

You will always find lots of options to choose from when it comes to WordPress. This abundance can become a problem as you will have to study and perform lots of research to get to the best tool. With the list of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, we have tried to reduce the hardship for you. The best affiliate plugins come with various features to empower you with the best options.

Some of the features that help affiliate marketers are listed below:

  • First of all, add referral links to the article and other sources quickly and easily.
  • Secondly, deal with your affiliate links right from your WordPress site dashboard.
  • Moreover, effortlessly track your commissions and performance for the campaigns.
  • Apart from that, quickly generate referral links to share with your audience.
  • Finally, you should be able to increase your audience and create more engagement.

Now you must have a clear idea of how affiliate marketing works and what we should look for in the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. Let’s start with our plugins so that you can pick the best one.

The best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins are listed below:

WP Content Pilot

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer then you must know that content is your most important asset. Let’s say you have engaged yourself with the most popular affiliate platforms like Amazon, BestBuy, ClickBank, Craigslist, eBay, and Walmart. You will find yourself tangled with all those platforms in a very short time. What if you could fetch products from those platforms and publish them as regular WordPress posts on your site? WP Content Pilot comes into action here. It is one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins as it allows you to automatically create content based on keywords.

Apart from the most popular platforms WP Content Pilot also supports other popular platforms like Envato and CareerJet. Currently, there is support for 20 platforms including YouTube. So you will find lots of platforms to maximize your affiliate income. Most importantly, it will allow you to maintain regular engagement with your site visitors. Being a professional affiliate marketer, you must already know that it is difficult to come up with regular content. Moreover, you can choose to monetize your content from advertisements. WP Content Pilot can become your one-stop solution to earn money by targeting different platforms. Finally, you will love the different features of this auto blogging and content curation plugin.

Top Features:

  • First of all, WP Content Pilot can fetch products and content and publish them as regular WordPress posts.
  • Secondly, you can run multiple campaigns with different frequencies to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Apart from that, the post template is fully customizable with the support of built-in tags and HTML.
  • Most importantly, there are enough customization and control options to keep you on top.
  • Finally, with the translation feature, you can ensure the most meaningful content for your reader.

Want to learn more about WP Content Pilot? Visit the documentation page for a deeper understanding. You can also try the demo site for a hands-on experience with this WordPress affiliate marketing tool. Currently, you can get a 10% discount on the premium version. Use this (WPCPFREE2PRO) code to claim the special offer.

Finally, there is a free version that you can install on your site without any second thoughts.

Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP-complete solution for affiliate management

It is by far one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins that you can get your hands on. The plugin offers a complete solution for affiliate management so we have made it our first choice.

First and foremost, with Affiliate WP managing your affiliates, referrals, and commissions will become a breeze for you.

Secondly, you will not feel overwhelmed with it as the plugin adopts the regular WordPress dashboard to give you the best experience.

On top of that, it has support for the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. Finally, it has support for the WordPress membership plugins too.

Top Features:

  • First of all, the plugin is loaded with all features that you can ask for.
  • Secondly, create your affiliate network automatically with the help of Affiliate WP.
  • Moreover, you can create a custom URL for your affiliates in simple steps.
  • Most importantly, the plugin also offers developer-friendly options with hooks.
  • Finally, allow your affiliates to have their area where they can measure their performance.

Affiliate Manager

If you are just starting your venture in affiliate marketing and looking for a free option then Affiliate Manager is a great option for you. This is one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins that you can get your hands on for free.

First of all, though there are paid options for this plugin you can enjoy it for free. The premium packages include technical support so the free version includes all the core features.

Secondly, there is no restriction on the number of affiliates that you can manage. You will be able to manage an unlimited number of affiliates with this brilliant tool.

Finally, real-time reports of sales and conversion will make you happy.

Top Features:

  • First of all, it has support for all the popular WordPress eCommerce solutions.
  • Secondly, you can set a flat rate or percentage-based rate for your affiliates.
  • Moreover, paying your affiliates is very easy with the help of PayPal.
  • Apart from that, integrate autoresponders like Mailchimp and MailPoet with ease.
  • Finally, you can also customize the messages for your affiliates.

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This is a state-of-the-art link manager for affiliate marketers. The ease that it adds to a user with lots of users makes this one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins.

First of all, with ThirstyAffiliates you will get the chance to manage your affiliate program more professionally.

Secondly, you will have more control over your affiliate links and simply manage them with ease.

Moreover, from the safe redirects and smart unlocking feature, you can select between various redirects like 301, 302, and 307.

Most importantly, with ThirstyAffiliates there will be no link clashes or database bloating. Finally, you can add images and banners with this awesome tool.

Top Features:

    • First of all, redefine the link management experience for your affiliate program.
    • Secondly, you can enjoy clicking statistics and reports for better insights.
    • Moreover, the in-build proactive link fixer takes care of outdated links.
    • Finally, there are tons of other great features for great affiliate link management.

Pretty Links

This is another great and one of the most popular WordPress affiliate marketing plugins for you. It will help you shrink, beautify, track, manage, and share URLs. If you are thinking that there are lots of other options to shorten your URL. Those services use their domain names with the short URL but with Pretty Links, you can use your domain name.

First of all, this is a mind-blowing tool as it allows you to beautifully manage your affiliate links. Secondly, it gives you the power of link tracking ability. You will be able to track each link that you shorten with this plugin. On top of that, you will get detailed information on where the click came from. Pretty Link is a great tool for all affiliate marketers.

Top Feature:

    • First of all, create clean and simple URLs with your domain name in them.
    • Secondly, you can generate a 3-4 character random or custom slug for your URL.
    • Most importantly, you will have access to a customizable report section.
    • Finally, with Pretty Links, you will have access to lots of great features.


This is another outstanding plugin that you can get to perfectly manage your affiliate program. It comes with some of the most powerful growth-oriented tools to power you to run the most efficient affiliate marketing program.

First of all, the plugin is designed for growth and offers lots of easy-to-use features. Secondly, it offers a template-based dashboard. You will love the flexible customization options that come with the dashboard.

Apart from that, it has great integration support for various leading platforms. You will be able to integrate it with eCommerce, memberships, lead generation, and more. Finally, with lots of great features, this is another great candidate for the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins.

Top Features:

  • To begin with, you will be able to recruit affiliates automatically with this plugin.
  • On top of that, the affiliate management dashboard is awesome and highly customizable.
  • Finally, the plugin has lots of great features like mass payment options.

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms among affiliate marketers. Everyone wants to stay on top of their Amazon affiliate efforts. We all know that a perfect tool can give us an immense advantage over our manual efforts. If you are willing to display your Amazon associates tag with minimum effort Amazon Auto Links can be the answer for you.

First of all, this plugin will reduce your manual work and also increase the output. Secondly, it can generate links to the newest products from your preset categories. On top of that, you can automatically convert hyperlinks to Amazon products from your posts and comments into associated links. Finally, with all the brilliant options this is one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins.

Top Features:

  • To begin with, the plugin can work even with JavaScript disabled.
  • Most importantly, you can auto-insert the links into posts and feeds.
  • Finally, there are lots of display options including Widgets and custom buttons.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Loving WordPress as a CMS? You should, it offers the most flexible features to add and extend your site into something more productive. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates will empower you to run your affiliate program on your WooCommerce store.

First of all, enable and create affiliate profiles on your WooCommerce store. Secondly, control and customize commissions for your affiliates. Most importantly this will boost the sale of your online store. To sum up, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates offers most of the basic features for free. So, you can always try it out.

Top Features:

    • To begin with, create affiliates from the registered users of your site.
    • Secondly, it offers a shortcode-powered affiliate registration system.
    • Moreover, you will love the adjustable cookies.
    • Finally, your affiliates will have their dashboard with commission details.

WordPress Automatic Plugin

WP Automatic Plugin-best marketing plugin for your affiliate program

When it comes to the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, WordPress Automatic Plugin is a big name. Though it is a completely premium plugin, you can get hands-on experience by trying the demo site powered by this plugin.

First of all, this plugin can take care of your blogs automatically with keywords. Secondly, you need to choose a platform and set the parameters to run a campaign. Apart from the leading affiliate platforms, it has support for social sites too. Most importantly, you will be able to automate lots of your workflow and ensure a steady online presence. Finally, it has lots of well-thought options that will give you more control over the posts.

Top Features:

    • First and foremost, engage yourself in affiliate marketing like a pro.
    • Most significantly, if you have WooCommerce you can sell Amazon products from your page.
    • Finally, there are adequate control options to keep you on top.

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

This is another brilliant option for WooCommerce store owners. The plugin has a different aim compared to those that we have already discussed earlier in this post. As it simplifies your customer referral campaigns for your WooCommerce store, it is a definite choice for one of the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins.

First of all, this plugin targets your WooCommerce store customers to convert them into affiliates. Secondly, you can reward your customers who refer other visitors to your site with various rewards like cash, and discounts, or offer them free products. Most importantly, you can run a successful affiliate program for your customers with minimum effort. Finally, the plugin can increase your store sales.

Top Features:

    • First and foremost, set an automatic reward distribution system for your WooCommerce site.
    • Apart from that, you will have access to referrals and engagement tracking.
    • Finally, there is fraud protection to keep you on the safe side.

We have successfully covered our selection for the best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins. There are lots of tools to aid affiliate marketers. Our main focus was to share the best tools for you that offer the basic features for free. You might be interested in this comparison between the top WordPress auto-blogging plugins. If you find that we have missed any significant plugins from this section, please let us know.

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