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Keeping a systematic record of the financial transactions are very important for all business. Systematic and structured accounting information helps the business owner or management to make the best decision for a company. We all know that precise data is the key to modern business success. Sustainable business success is only possible when you adopt the best business practice and the best available tools. There are lots of business tools that can help a business better manage its actions based on realistic data and facts. Most advanced solutions are designed with the target of large businesses. What about small and growing businesses with limited funds? The good news is there are a handful of free tools that can assist small businesses to be on top of their cash flow. Let’s get to know some of the best WordPress accounting plugins.

WordPress, the most dominant CMS has come a long way to offer extreme ease to achieve goals for small businesses. By default, WordPress does not offer an accounting system but it harbors a great ecosystem for such tools. We all know that WordPress plugins come in the aid of extending the default functionality of WordPress. Thus it offers a brilliant environment for all businesses to leverage their online presence and portable functionality. We have already touched on the importance of accounting for every business. You can be at ease knowing that there are lots of options to manage your financial transactions. Best WordPress accounting plugins offer an effortless accounting management system that does not require prior knowledge of accounting. Rest assured that, you will find your desired best WordPress accounting plugin in this blog to take your small business to the next level.

Here is an important checklist of features that you must look for in the best WordPress accounting plugins.

  • An interactive dashboard with the highlights of income, expense, and profits.
  • Easy to follow options to manage the income and expenses of a business.
  • Personalization and localization options so that you can manage your financial data in your local currency.
  • Options to manage multiple accounts from the same place.

Let’s start with the list of best WordPress accounting plugins:


WP ERP is one of the most powerful tools that you can get to manage your business in the most professional way. As the first full-fledged enterprise resource planning for WordPress, It can offer you the best experience to manage your business site and business operation from a single platform. It offers all the important features for free to manage your complete business operations. There are three core modules named HR, CRM and Accounting. You have guessed it right that WP ERP is loaded with features and with powerful premium extensions there is hardly any match for this brilliant tool. Before getting sidetracked let’s bring our focus back to the WPERP Accounting module and learn about the free accounting management features that it has to offer a small business. You will definitely understand why it is unavoidable as the best WordPress accounting plugins.

Features highlights of Accounting module of WPERP:

  • First of all, get an overview and track the income, expenses, receivables, payables, and balance, etc.
  • Secondly, create reports of different kinds of expenses and incomes like ledger reports, trial balance, income statement, and balance sheets.
  • Thirdly, effortlessly set your fiscal year and set the opening balance for all accounts.
  • On top of that, you can manage sales using invoices.
  • Moreover, making partial payments for transactions and payments to vendors is extremely easy.
  • Finally, there are printing and filtering options to make this tool a reliable accounting solution for businesses.

CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping

CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping is a light and fast WordPress plugin to deal with and manage your accounting tasks. First of all, the plugin has a higher focus to become a great aid for small businesses by assisting to keep track of their income and expense logs in the most professional manner. If you are running a small business and do not have any accounting knowledge then this is an excellent choice for you. Without paying a professional for the accounting works you can perform the basic accounting tasks with the help of this best WordPress accounting plugins. The free version most of the required features that are important to keep track of your financial operations. There are also premium add-ons to further enhance CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping.

Feature highlights of CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping:

  • First of all, the overview dashboard will give you a perfect highlight of your accounting summary.
  • Secondly, the settings section has ample options to shape the plugin’s functionality as you wish.
  • Thirdly, you will find the quick summary graphs in the overview section very helpful.
  • Moreover, the log manager, category manager, accounts manager, and vendor manager will give you perfect control.
  • Finally, there are some great premium addons to take the tool on a different level.

WP Ever Accounting

WP Ever Accounting is another awesome free WordPress plugin with the full potential to become your one-stop accounting solution. The tool is designed to be a perfect aid for small businesses who has a lot to focus on apart from their accounting task. WP Ever Accounting intends to carry the burden of proper accounting management for the small business so they can focus on other sectors and secure a successful spot for their business. Most business owners come from a non-accounting background but with WP Ever Accounting you will feel like an expert in accounting. A perfect user interface and smooth operation will ensure that you remain productive in all situations. Apart from the perfect user interface you will find the well-thought options perfectly laid in from of you.

Feature highlights of WP Ever Accounting:

  • First of all, an extremely user-friendly interface with all the required options for a perfect accounting flow.
  • Secondly, responsive design to ensure that you can manage your cash flow on any device.
  • Thirdly, the dashboard will offer you an instant update of your accounting status at a glance.
  • Moreover, you can manage multiple accounts and transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Finally, WP Ever Accounting offers a genius vendor and customer management feature.

WP Accounts

This is another free accounting plugin for WordPress with the target to help UK based companies that are not VAT registered. The target customers are only UK companies that are not VAT registered. This plugin will help your businesses to manage their accounts right from their WordPress website. Thus it offers a perfect accounting system that is also portable.

Feature highlights of WP Accounts:

  • First of all, you will have the ability to manage your clients and contact details right from your WordPress website dashboard.
  • Secondly, effortlessly view your client statements.
  • In addition to that, you will be able to raise invoices and receipts.
  • Moreover, professionally manage your payments.
  • Finally, sending invoices and receipts to clients via email is extremely easy.

Akaunting for WooCommerce

Akaunting for WooCommerce is another brilliant WordPress plugin that offers brilliant money management and expense tracking for your WooCommerce store. Akuanting is a popular online accounting system to help automate your accounting process by overcoming manual bookkeeping and accounting tasks. If you are interested in seamless money management then this best WordPress accounting plugin is definitely an option worth a shot. They also offer satisfactory technical support to make sure you remain on top of your accounting tasks avoiding the technical difficulties.

Feature highlights of Akaunting:

  • First of all, Akuanting offers an awesome management system for your customer, vendor, inventory.
  • Secondly, you will love the easy invoicing system.
  • Moreover, you will be able to manage multiple bank accounts, currency, and company.
  • On top of that, you will also be able to categorize your transactions.
  • Finally, the multilingual panel will give you a perfect environment to work on.

Every business owner must agree that proper systematic accounting management is important for a business to grow. WordPress is a great choice for small businesses as it offers perfect flexibility and numerous tools to manage your business tasks. We are confident that you will find your desired tool from our list of best WordPress accounting plugins. Apart from accounting tools if you are interested in finding a perfect WordPress CRM plugin. Our Best WordPress CRM Plugins to enrich customer relationships is a great resource to rely on.

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