7 Best CRM for WordPress 2024: Review

7 Best CRM for WordPress Review

Running a business is not just about gathering leads and boosting sales. Rather, a business is all about building relationships with customers. Businesses that focus on generating this customer value and relationship, grow faster and become sustainable businesses.

But how do you build this relationship between you and your customers? Well, the answer is Customer Relationship Management software.

In the market, you see hundreds of solutions regarding CRM plugins but here I am to guide you so you can select the Best CRM for WordPress.

You might own an offline business or an online business, both ways you need to have an online presence and a website where all of your customers can connect and communicate with you.

Now, when you are referring to a website you are referring to the WordPress website, and just like any other tool. Customer Relationship Management software is a must-have plugin forward press.

Now let’s move on and dive into a detailed conversation to know what A CRM is and which one will be the best for your WordPress website.

What is a CRM Software?

what a CRM software does to your business

Customer relationship management software will assist you in gathering, maintaining, and uplifting customer data. Also, it will generate profit and feasible solutions for your customer relationship-oriented problems.
CRM tools have a cross-functionality system that will help you to manage all the customers across all your businesses.

Back in the traditional day businesses used to have a contact person for each branch or region whose main responsibility was to communicate with customers, identify their needs and solve problems. but now I think differently.

In the current scenario, businesses are growing 10 times faster than before and customers are everywhere every day. Thousands of people are interacting with your business and asking for information left and right so you do understand that it is very hard to keep up with all the customer queries.

If you think you will hire multiple people to solve this issue, well that might be a good decision but it will cost you a lot of money what if I tell you that software can work in a much better workforce which is equal to your 80-100 employees? Will you be impressed? Well, that is the core responsibility of customer relationship management software.

All the fast-growing companies are focusing on automating their business and are adapting to multiple tools to reach their target. Yes, human power is important but it is also important to realize when to shift towards technology because if you don’t change with time you won’t be remembered by anyone.

CRM tools will give you solutions for all sorts of problems regarding customer relationships. But the Best CRM for WordPress will help you in database management, marketing tactics, sales operations, and customer support, all of this in one tool.

Before you know it you will see your sales getting increased, customers coming to your website more often, and reviewing your service. This is what CRM software does to your business.

Do you need a CRM for WordPress?

Now before we move on, you need to realize that if you truly need CRM functionality for your WordPress website. The fun factor is that CRM software is actually free and costs very little. So even if you buy one for a month or three, it might not be a waste of money.

As I described previously, it is better to automate your business with all sorts of opportunities and in terms of a WordPress website CRM software can truly give a boost to your operations.

Just imagine that you are laying back and chilling out and the CRM software is collecting all the information and communicating with your precious customers without you having to worry or manually do anything. That’s what you want right?

Everyone in your team is already obsessed with WordPress and since CRM is a WordPress plugin, it won’t be much of a problem for you and your team to use it. There are a lot of CRM which require a new interface but you won’t need to go through that hassle.

Now let’s move on to a list of CRM that we think are the Best CRM for WordPress.

What to look for in CRM Software

Out in the market, you will find hundreds and hundreds of CRM software but not all CRM software functions in the same way. So in order to choose your desirable CRM software you need to know what you’re looking for or what you should look for in customer relationship management software.

Here are a few suggestions that we believe you should keep an eye out for.


There is no point in buying CRM software if it’s really hard to use. You are already running a business that is a hassle itself, no businessman would want to take another load of pain over it.

So before choosing a CRM software make sure you and your team members try out the CRM software just to make sure it’s easy to use. Or else you will find yourself reading the instruction guide instead of achieving your business goals.


A lot of CRM software is just manual software that just operates through a client. But only the best CRM for WordPress is cloud-based. In fact, more and more software is starting to move towards cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based CRM software is fast, easy to use, and more secure. You can use them anywhere at any time with any application.

Mobile Friendly

It’s not always possible to sit in front of a desktop PC or use a laptop and that’s why you need to find a CRM that is mobile-friendly. Market research revealed that businesses that are equipped with mobile-friendly CRM are breaking boundaries and exceeding their limits.

It’s not that you won’t be able to fulfill your objective without a mobile-friendly CRM but as I said, you can use it anywhere and anytime with the touch of your fingertips. Isn’t it more convenient for you to check out the statistics and data to make an instant decision for your business?

Lastly, through proper communication and a mobile-friendly CRM plugin, you and your team can thrive in your business and your customers will get the fastest response to all their queries.

List of Required Features

List of Required Features

The only reason you are shifting towards CRM software is that you need to solve your business’s problems, right? The only way you can solve your problems is through the features of CRM software.

Do small research or read this full article to get a clear idea of what type of features you actually need. CRM software does more than maintain your database, it also nurtures your customers and triggers them into making the sale.

Since managing customers is a vital part of any business and CRM software’s core objective is doing that, so do keep an eye out for all the features and make sure the CRM you are choosing is the Best CRM for WordPress.


CRM software, despite being a plugin itself, the latest CRM models will allow you to add integrations to make it more powerful.

Integrations added to customer relationship management software will allow you to generate leads, do email marketing, connect social media platforms, use business email services,s and much more.

Come to think of it, while running an online store, you can use CRM to integrate your eCommerce platform, payment procedure, and other platforms. All this would then be possible.

I believe these are the basic points that you should keep an eye out for. Also, do go through the security facilities and the pricing options so that you can get your hand on the Best CRM for WordPress.

Best CRM for WordPress

Here I have stacked up a total of seven CRM software which I believe will be the best free WordPress CRM plugin for your website. Do go through each of them so you can see all the features, pros and cons, and pricing details.

Hopefully, all the information below will help you to come to a decision.


hubspot-a 360 solution for small businesses

Customer relationship management CRM is not just an important factor for large businesses but also for small businesses. Free Hubspot CRM has been showing immense performance from the very beginning of its inception. Moreover, it provides almost a 360 solution for small businesses.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective CRM system then you must test out the Hubspot WordPress plugin as it is known as one of the top WordPress CRM plugins. It provides services for both Sales and Marketing.

Hubspot is a forever-free CRM system that comes with unlimited users. You can also add unlimited contacts to it. In terms of features, the free plan won’t give you access to their large amount of features.

If you need strong and powerful features for your business then you will have to purchase them to access them. Do keep in mind that the paid plans are under the growth suite.

Hubspot’s WordPress plugin is really useful to enhance the customer journey. You can connect sales and marketing services in addition to a wide range of tools that will stay along with your customer’s journey.

Hubspot WordPress plugin is super easy to use, with an amazing interface you can see everything that is happening in your sales pipeline. Directly from your dashboard. You can also see all the reports in detail, nurture sales activity, view team performance, and connect with all the contacts.

Key Features

Hubspot serves a wide range of features which include email templates, phone calls, real-time notifications, email tracking, a contact manager, mobile-friendly applications for android and IOS, and many more.

It also allows integrations and lets you connect with more than 300 apps and services around the internet. Integrated software is very important for your WordPress dashboard and since the HubSpot WordPress plugin is offering you that, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Come to think of it, almost every small business loves to give Hubspot a try while many big companies are already equipped with Hubspot services.


Now let’s look at some of the pros of the Hubspot CRM system.

  • Adding new contacts or team members is super easy. Also, you can create multiple departments and set different responsibilities.
  • After observing how your contacts are engaging with your WordPress website, you can create and add filters to them.
  • Since keeping track of campaigns is important, Hubspot provides ready-to-use templates for reports for you to keep track of all your user’s activities and campaigns.
  • It also allows you to create front-end gravity forms of multiple kinds. This way you can create different forms for different purposes.
  • For email marketing, HubSpot provides email templates of multiple designs for you to choose from.


Now let’s go through some of the cons of Hubspot CRM.

  • You won’t be able to create custom reports or dashboards until or unless you upgrade HubSpot to its premium version. Doing that is prohibited in the free version.
  • Since HubSpot comes in with a whole suite, it will be hard for you to use the system if you are only in it for the CRM features.
  • In terms of payment from your WordPress site, HubSpot won’t provide any payroll reports or payment processing features.


Hubspot is totally free to use with a limited amount of resources. If you want to access more features then you will need to purchase the premium version of Hubspot.

Hubspot CRM’s premium version comes in with sales and marketing solutions with services attached to the growth suite.

Hubspot’s premium plans start from $113 / month for 1 user. If you want to add more users then it will cost you $38 each month. So much for the best CRM for WordPress.

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WP ERP CRM is made entirely for medium-sized enterprises

WP ERP Customer relationship management is made entirely for medium-sized enterprises and large businesses. It is not surprising that SMEs and large businesses also use WordPress sites.

This CRM plugin has shown good performance for these genres of businesses and that is why they are still thriving in the market. Also, it is a little bit different from others. It focuses on multiple segments of a business rather than just sales and marketing.

Come to say of it, the WP ERP plugin is one of the best CRM for WordPress and is equipped with tremendous features that include not just customer relationship management but also recruitment solutions, accounting solutions, human resource solutions, and many more.

So you see, if you don’t need marketing solutions but require fulfilling other duties then the WP ERP plugin might just be the solution you are looking for.

This CRM system allows you to expand the service, which means you can do most of your resource planning directly from your WordPress dashboard. Then there is the human resource module that will help you to communicate with your employees in different departments.

It’s not always about your customer’s journey, sometimes it’s about your and your team members’ experience of using the system. This CRM tool is one of the best CRM for WordPress that will ease your and your team’s experience while using it.

Now let’s move on to its features section.

Key Features

  • Just like the customer’s journey, the WP ERP plugin allows you to personalize your customer’s journey and life cycle for each client. This means you can keep track of all the activities that your customer is doing after visiting your WordPress site.
  • The CRM system will provide you with markers and notes so you can track down your customer’s activity and highlight or point out their important interactions. Also, you can create a full log of activity preserving your customer’s every communication and do project management.
  • You will be able to collect leads using the plugin and assign tasks to your team members from different departments. You will also be able to categorize all your contacts, schedule meetings with clients, and set reminders. Everything can be done by using the plugin itself.
  • It has a good dashboard that lets you view everything from the top. You can send emails directly from the dashboard. You can perform an advanced search in contacts and check the log for details.
  • For B2B relationships, this WordPress CRM system has a separate area where you can add representatives from your company for multiple companies. It also sets up automated workflows and sends emails to selective contacts.


Here are some of the pros of the WP ERP CRM system

  • WP ERP is a full-fledged CRM system and also provides different modules such as documentation, human resource solutions, accounting solutions, and recruitment solutions. Everything is on top of its original service.
  • The ERP plugin is free to use.
  • You can integrate multiple software with WP ERP. The software can be eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce customer relationship manager, email solutions such as Mailchimp and sales funnel software such as Salesforce account.
  • Very easy to sign tasks to your internal team members and keep track of their progress.
    The customer interaction log stores all the data automatically and also allows you to manually make changes. This way you will be able to take notes, create groups of customers and mark their interactions.


Here are some of the cons of the WP ERP CRM tool.

  • In order to access and experience all the advanced features of WP ERP, you will have to purchase the premium plan. Adding up extensions and useful integrations to the software might cost you some extra money.

There are many companies that don’t require the fully-suited products that WP ERP offers. This means this CRM is made for a niche line of companies.
WP ERP provides a few advanced plugins in its premium version which can be found in other CRMs in their free version.


As mentioned previously, WP ERP is a free WordPress CRM solution and is also available in the WordPress repository page store. In terms of premium plans, WP ERP starts at $12.99 per month. If you want to extend your plugin’s core functionality with premium extensions and integrations then it will cost you extra money.

Let’s say that you want to add employee management features to your plugin, in this case, you will be charged $3 per month for each employee. They say that you can save 16% if you choose an annual billing system.

In some cases, this plugin might seem a little expensive, but that is why it is targeted at a niche level of businesses to solve their problems.

UPI CRM is a fully free as a great WordPress CRM plugin

The best CRM for WordPress UPI CRM is very different from other CRM systems. Although it is fully free as a great WordPress CRM plugin. Unlike other fancy CRM it doesn’t have an intuitive user interface but it will get the job done.

UPI CRM is the type of CRM functionality that can function its way through all the problems as a great WordPress CRM plugin. Its simplistic features allow you to manage leads from multiple sites. This means, that if your business has separate WordPress sites then you can control all of them together.

Key Features

If we look through all the simplistic features of UPI CRM we see that it can collect leads from any type of plugin including ninja forms, gravity forms, or contact form 7. Since lead management is a vital responsibility of any CRM, UPI CRM does this nicely.

It also has built-in functionality that allows it to aggressively collect leads from multiple servers. You can also collect and organize those WordPress leads and assign them to specific users. Also, it will send out automatic notification emails every time a new lead comes in.

Its dashboard is very detailed and will show you KPIs and reports. It can also track sources for leads using UTM tags or traffic sources. In terms of organizing all the leads, it uses statuses to organize all the leads in different segments.

The cool thing about UPI CRM is that it does everything that a CRM needs to do. No additional features, no extra segments, just customer relationships, and enterprise resource planning.


Here are some of the pros of UPI CRM.

  • It is very easy to use and will do exactly what you want it to do.
  • Establishes teams and auto lead management.
  • Organizes leads in segments
  • Gives notification every time a new lead comes in
  • Finds new sources to generate leads 
Jetpack is the CRM itself is a one-man army

Jetpack CRM was is previously known as Zero BS CRM. Back then it was very popular amongst businesses but then suddenly it was acquired by Automatic in the year 2019. Automatic produces WordPress properties such as WordPress.com and WooCommerce. Right now Jetpack is also under their guidance. Despite Jetpack’s background, the CRM itself is a one-man army. It entirely focuses on your customer information and provides you with solutions accordingly. Jetpack CRM comes in two versions, free and paid. Jetpack contains almost all the latest automated updates that a CRM needs. It will nurture customers, collect WordPress leads and follow up with them so they can take the final action.

Key Features

Jetpack doesn’t have an unlimited amount of features but it sure can manage customer relationships. Not just that, it will acquire insights from them and create detailed customer profiles. If you want, it will also divide them into segments.

If customers provide detailed requirements, Jetpack will then create proposals and invoices for the customers. It will also generate its own forms and if you want you can create custom gravity forms using plugins.

Jetpack also comes with a sales funnel analytics option where it lets you see your current progress. It also offers dedicated client portals and sends emails to customers directly from the CRM itself.

In terms of integration, Jetpack can integrate with tons of WordPress and SaaS tools. It also has a dedicated WooCommerce Integration that is used on eCommerce CRM.

Last but not the least, if you are willing to create your own automation sequence, Jetpack allows that too.


Here are some of the pros of Jetpack CRM

  • Very easy to add essential features
  • The CRM has a free plan to get started with
  • Gets updated very frequently.


Here are some of the cons of Jetpack CRM

  • The interface is excessively big in size due to having a lot of features
  • Jetpack CRM can slow down your WordPress websites
  • Has previous complaints regarding privacy issues and passing down information to WordPress.com


The original Jetpack Plugin is 100% free and its functionality is great as well. You can easily start working with it without having to spend a single penny and get things done.

But when you try to get access to the premium extensions that is when you will have to pay cash. Each extension comes with a different price, which means Jetpack doesn’t have a premium version, its extensions are sold separately.

But if you want a full access bundle then you can get that for $204 dollars that you will have to pay each year. This is for medium and large-sized businesses so they can take on multiple operations.

It also offers a $134 dollar bundle for freelancers which includes only 4 extensions. As the best CRM for WordPress, the usability and advantages are great.

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Groundhogg is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins for marketing automation

Groundhogg is one of the best WordPress CRM plugins for marketing automation. It contains multiple SAAS tools that are ready to take on any sort of heavy duty. you can create and set up sales funnels and make them part of your automation process.

Groundhogg Is not just any simple CRM plugin it does more than what you wish for. This CRM can easily overkill Jetpack CRM. As a self-hosted plugin, it also focuses on email marketing and improving customer relationships to boost sales.

Groundhogg will help you to generate leads, send personalized emails, collect customer data, and automate their experience. If you want to enhance your automation process with more integrations, you can do it with this CRM as well. Groundhogg is compatible with almost all the major plugins. One of the more reasons why you should choose this over others.

Key Features

Groundhogg is a full-contact CRM that offers unlimited contacts. In every corner, you can add custom fields with additional information. They also allow drag-and-drop features to add funnels and plugins.

It also provides a flexible marketing automation process for you to create sales funnels in minutes. Also, you can send out emails to retarget your customers. With its built-in reports and analytics software Groundhogg will show all your data in visualized charts.


  • Here are some pros of Groundhogg CRM
  • You can integrate this CRM with multiple WordPress CRM
  • Creates advanced reports by analyzing data.
  • Contains a built-in sales funnel builder


  • Here are some cons of Groundhogg CRM
  • The user interface is outdated
  • The reaction speed of the CRM is slow


The basic version of the CRM is free on WordPress but you will need to buy the paid version in order to fully experience it. Without the paid version, you can’t access the advanced features and integrations.

The premium version of the CRM starts at $240 dollars per year which only includes the basic features for a single site only. If you want add-ons on up to 5 different sites then the cost will be $480 dollars.

If you own a bigger company and have a few dozen of sites then you can use the highest plan of $960 dollars where you will get access to everything along with adding the CRM in 25 sites.


WP CRM system also boosts Your conversion

When you are collecting data using a CRM, you are also getting access to someone’s information without their consent. Some countries don’t allow this to happen even if it’s for a business purpose. But guess what, WP CRM system will help you to get past the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law without having to worry about it. WP CRM is one of the best CRM for WordPress for a reason and I think you’ve already understood it.

This works perfectly when it comes to storing customer information in data segments in them, organizing them and you can even managing them however you want. WP CRM system also boosts Your conversion and the tractor generates more sales to go through your new contact management tools, track consumer behavior and let you know whom to push and whom to put on hold.

Key Features

Solve the key features of WP CRM including managing projects and tracking marketing campaigns. You can also upload a user-friendly CSV. if any of your team members are making any changes to a project on Maybe creating one you’ll always get an updated email regarding their activity.

Zapier is one of the premium extensions that come with the WP CRM system; it enables you to connect with more than 750 different applications and it will send you data regarding creating and managing its records.

Also, there is Dropbox that will connect to your account and keep all the files in a website system. then there will be e-integrations such as Ninja forms and gravity forms for you to create and fill out


Here are some pros of WP CRM

  • You can filter out whichever contact you want
  • You can choose which data you want to track
  • Easy integration with WP CRM’s invoice plugin


Here are some cons of WP CRM

  • The usability of the plugin’s framework is not smooth
  • Professionals who have coding skills can use this more sufficiently


WP CRM is a paid CRM. It is made entirely for freelancers and small businesses. They offer 3 different plans with separate benefits.

Each of their bundle packages contains a list of offered extensions. Many businesses are currently using WP CRM for their business growth. Their bundle offer starts from $99 dollars for the starting version, then there are $149 and $249 dollar packages. Do check them out and pick the one that suits you.

Zoho CRM

Zoho focuses a lot on sales and will do everything to deal with pipelines and score leads

Zoho CRM is kind of like those strict parents, hard from the outside but soft from the inside. This means, setting up Zoho CRM is hard and a little time-consuming but once it’s done, it’s really easy to use.
Being one of the standalone best CRM for WordPress that can easily integrate will all your WordPress plugins. Most importantly, Zoho is a SaaS CRM. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Zoho focuses a lot on sales and will do everything to deal with pipelines and score leads. You can also make custom dashboards and do many more with them. Since Zoho CRM is not a simple WordPress plugin, it has its own dashboard. So while other CRMs allow you to manage their operations using a WordPress dashboard, you’ll have to use Zoho’s dashboard to maintain everything.

Key Features

Amongst the key features of Zoho, you will be able to generate, manage and score leads. Also, you can include custom fields and bring automation into your workflow. All of this will help you to boost productivity at your workplace.

Zoho has a built-in analytics and report system which keeps you updated on whatever is happening every day. You can also use its custom report builder to customize the things you want to see.

In terms of leads, it will nurture them, segment them and deal with management and your sales funnel omnichannel to boost your sales. Also, you can do forecasting and manage individual territories.


Here are some pros of Zoho CRM

  • It tracks sales pipeline and potential leads
  • Well-organized, customizable, and user friendly
  • Zoho CRM comes along with its other products without any additional charge
  • Reports come with detailed insights


Here are some cons of Zoho CRM

  • You might have to contact support to get answers to simple questions
  • The UI is not user friendly


The core plugin of Zoho is basically a free CRM and you can easily add up to 3 users with a limited amount of features. But for advanced features, you’ll need to go with paid plans. Although the pricing depends entirely on how many users you want to add.

Zoho CRM’s paid plans come in monthly or annual deals. It will cost you $14 dollars a month per person if you are purchasing the annually but if you are looking for a month-to-month deal then it comes with $20 dollars.

We have talked about 7 different plugins and each of them has its own features and characteristics. Before choosing any CRM you need to be very careful about what you are looking for.

While some CRM requires coding, others don’t. If you choose a third-party CRM or use other WordPress plugins you will be wasting two or three months which will bring a loss to your business.
These seven plugins are the best CRM for WordPress so you can easily trust them as other people have done over the years. Each of these plugins has kept its promises despite having drawbacks. So let’s not waste any more time. Choose one and get started.

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