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Best WordPress Autoblog & Affiliate Marketing Plugin

WP Content Pilot Pro is an easy plugin for any blogger or website owner who wants to add automatic blogging to their site. It works by pulling your content from various sources into a single post, then publishing it to your site. This way, you can easily create new articles without having to spend time writing them yourself. It allows you to publish high-quality content for your viewers while earning money through affiliate marketing or advertising.

WP Content Pilot also automatically inserts your affiliate links, ensuring that you receive your commission from the suppliers. This is a simple approach to generating money online without having to write your own articles. You simply have to let it do the work.

Let’s see how you can utilize our WP Content Pilot Pro

  • Set the source type to keywords or a URL.
  • Set the frequency at which new content will be published on your site.
  • Modify your post template to control how the generated articles appear on your site.
  • You can choose a module from the list of more than 20 options. Like an RSS feed or a video on YouTube
  • Finally, WP Content Pilot will search for keywords, retrieve the content, set your affiliate ID, and upload the articles.

Autopost Facilities

WP Content Pilot Pro supports your most desired and favored platforms, including the top affiliate program platforms. Fetch and publish content as standard WordPress posts with a variety of controls to completely customize them and get revenue.

Here is a full description of all the features that we offer with WP Content Pilot to make it ideal for a variety of use.

  • Material Spinner: WP Content Pilot has spinning software that allows you to create unique content automatically.
  • Powerful Template Editor: The powerful template editor allows you to alter almost every aspect of your auto-published posts by using the module’s available template tags.
  • Custom Post Meta: WP Content Pilot Pro includes support for custom post meta. You are free to use as many meta as you wish. The meta value can be set from the template tags of the relevant campaign type or any value.
  • Custom Post Categories: While building campaigns, you may add new categories and assign posts to them. WP Content Pilot will automatically insert these categories when the post is published. ​
  • Custom Post Tags: Similar to categories, you can create new tags and apply them to articles while constructing campaigns. WP Content Pilot will automatically insert these tags when the post is published.
  • Automatic Search Replace: Search & Replace is one of WP Content Pilot’s most powerful capabilities. You can use this option to substitute specific words with your desired terms. Set Bonsai in search and Mango in replacing, for example. Mango will take the place of Bonsai in the final product.
  • Automatic Affiliation: Increase your affiliate commission revenue by importing data from your preferred platform and publishing it as ordinary WordPress posts.
  • Campaign Target: Set the quantity of posts you wish to fetch for a single campaign to have control over post fetching. The frequency of campaigns and frequency units are connected. The frequency unit indicates how frequently you want to fetch postings by setting it to minutes, hours, or days, whereas campaign frequency allows you to enter a value based on the frequency unit.
  • Campaign status: Enable campaign status when your campaign is active or vice versa. Once your campaign has accomplished its goal, your campaign status will be turned off immediately.
  • Canonical tag: Canonical tag is a technical solution for duplicate posts. The canonical tag informs your search engine that many links point to the same post. If you have written a post from another website and want to put it on your site as well, you could agree to post it with a link to the original version.

All Autoblogging Modules

  1. RSS Feed: When a new post is published on the target site, automatically post an RSS Feed on your site.
  2. Envato Products: Auto import products from the Envato markets ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, and PhotoDune and insert them as posts with your affiliate code.
  3. YouTube Videos: Add videos from YouTube to your website by keyword, username, or playlist.
  4. Flickr Photographs: Using your chosen keywords, automatically add Flickr photos to your website.
  5. Amazon Products (PRO): Automatically import Amazon products and place them as posts based on your predefined keywords, as well as insert your affiliate code.
  6. Twitter Tweets (PRO): Automatically import Tweets from Twitter as WordPress posts based on keywords or a specific user.
  7. eBay Products (PRO): Automatically import eBay deals and put them as posts based on your predefined keywords, as well as include your affiliate code.
  8. Facebook Posts (PRO): Automatically import and post Facebook posts from your timeline, page, or groups, including private groups, to your website.
  9. ClickBank Products PRO: Retrieve and post products from the ClickBank website as WordPress posts. The product description and affiliate links will be handled by the plugin.
  10. Ezine Articles (PRO): WP Content Pilot can fetch and automatically upload articles from EzineArticles to your WordPress site.
  11. Pinterest Pins (PRO): Add Pinterest pins to your WordPress site. You can target specific pins based on a term, board, or user profile. Custom filters can also be applied to the result.
  12. Instagram Posts (PRO): Use WP Content Pilot to import Instagram posts and publish them to your WordPress site. To produce desired posts, you can target posts with specified keywords, hashtags, and profiles.
  13. Reddit Posts (PRO): Automatically post to Reddit or subreddits. Our plugin will also allow you to receive comments that include videos and GIFs.
  14. Quora Posts (PRO): Auto-publish articles from Quora as posts on your blog. You can receive posts from Quora by entering any keyword.
  15. CareerJet Posts (PRO): Automatically import jobs from CareerJet and place them as posts with your affiliate code.
  16. iTunes Items (PRO): Import products from Itunes by keyword and put them as posts with your affiliate code.
  17. Craigslist listings (PRO): Import Craigslist listings and put them as posts to keep your site up to date.
  18. Walmart items (PRO): Auto import Walmart products and insert them as posts using your affiliate code.
  19. BestBuy items (PRO): Import BestBuy products and insert them as posts using your affiliate code.
  20. GearBest items (PRO): Import products from GearBest using a keyword and put them as posts with your affiliate code.



== Changelog ==
= v1.1.11 -> Aug 25, 2022 =
[Fix] – Compatability with WP v6.0.1

= v1.1.10 -> May 24, 2022 =
[Fix] – Fix typo
[Fix] – Update ebay api notice
[Fix] – Compatability with WP v6.0.0
[Enhance] – comment_count added as template tags in Reddit Campaigns
[Enhance] – Convert google-user-cache to direct ezine article contents

= v1.1.9 -> December 25, 2021 =
* Fix – CURL is failing on some servers.

= v1.1.8 -> August 10, 2021 =
* Fix – Clickbank image thumbnail showing
* Fix – Soundcloud campaign back in posting
* Enhance – Ezine article search engine changed to Google Custom Search from Bing Search
* Enhance – Daily motion and Tiktok campaign added
* Enhance – Skip older posts from a specific features in the Twitter campaign

= v1.1.7 -> October 19, 2020 =
* Fix Gearbest and ebay affiliate link
* Fix Gearbest campaign not getting content from source
* Fix Instagram campaign new node for response
* Fix Ebay api updated to work with official api
* Fix Reddit Item date and link issue
* Feature Added New Modules for Etsy, Eventful,Vimeo, Yelp
* Feature Price filter added for Ebay
* Feature Dismissible notice added for ebay api change
* Feature Price and search filter added for Amazon Campaign
* Feature Category, Sort order and direction added for Wallmart Campaign

= v1.1.6 -> July 1, 2020 =
* Enhance Add log message
* Enhance Compatibility ensured with 5.4.2

= v1.1.5 -> June 2, 2020 =
* Fix Amazon not working
* Enhance Add DeepL translation
* Enhance Add Gearbest module

= v1.1.4 -> May 4, 2020 =
* Fix Pinterst board is not wokring
* Fix Instragramm is not working
* Enhance UI improvement

= v1.1.3 -> April 27, 2020 =
* Fix Ebay campaign not working
* Fix Duplicate post publish
* Enhance Campaign option to own table

= v1.1.2 -> March 18, 2020 =
* Fix reddit discover links not working
* Enhance Notice message with more details

= v1.1.1 -> March 8, 2020 =
* Enhance Increased campaign target upto 5000
* Enhance clean title option added for itunes
* Enhance Yandex API notice improvement

= v1.1.0 -> February 25, 2020 =
* Enhance New UI for better accessibility and user experience
* Enhance Module classes rewritten for better accessibility
* Enhance Update Yandex API for translation
* Enhance Support for canonical tags
* Enhance Support for custom excerpt length
* Enhance Support for automatic keywords to WordPress categories and WordPress tags
* Enhance Ezine Article post fetching updated
* Fix Fix deleted category throwing error when posting an article

= v1.0.7 -> January 14, 2020 =
* Enhance – Remove default translation engine & add yandex support

= v1.0.6 -> January 2, 2020 =
* Fix – Amazon module is not working
* Enhance – Add Amazon regional support
* Enhance – API key hide

= v1.0.5 -> December 5, 2019 =
* Enhance – add free installer
* Enhance – Facebook error message
* Enhance – twitter error message
* Enhance – Custom post support
* Fix – Pinterest Keyword not working
* Fix – SoundCloud Admin settings not working
* Fix – translated post permalink

= v1.0.4 -> November 3, 2019 =
* Fix – content translating
* Enhance – Use youtube video transcription as content

= v1.0.3 -> October 24, 2019 =
* Fix – Limit Content remove all html tag
* Enhance – adding google api key for content translating
* Enhance – Fetch full content and images from feed link
* Compatible with 5.2.4

= v1.0.2 -> September 17, 2019 =
* Fix – Translation is not working
* Fix – Failed handling single quoted string

= v1.0.1 -> August 13, 2019 =
* Fix – Facebook Module is not working
* Compatible with 5.2.2

= v1.0.0 -> June 24, 2019 =
* Initial release

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