7 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Best Inventory management plugins

Inventory management is at the core of successful business management. Proper inventory management can help a business from various points and can add strategic value to the whole business process.

Some example of the benefits of proper inventory management includes inventory balance, accurate planning, warehouse organization, and employee efficiency. As best inventory management is proven to produce excellent results small businesses should also follow this.

Online stores that are powered by WooCommerce have a handful of extensions to deal with inventory management. This post will be very beneficial for WooCommerce-powered online store owners as we will discuss some of the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce in this blog.

Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing, and using a company’s inventory. These include the management of raw materials, components, and finished products, as well as the warehousing and processing of such items.

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How the Best Inventory Management Plugins for Woocommerce Can Help!

Inventory management is not an easy job. Manual inventory management can become very tedious and it is also error-prone. Modern technology offers a remedy to this problem and offers brilliant tools to deal with the challenge of inventory management.

The challenge is reduced to selecting the right tool for your business.

If you look for the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce you will be amazed by the rich list of available options. Picking the best one from this list can turn out to looking for a needle in a haystack.

We are about to introduce the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. These plugins will enable you to efficiently manage your inventory. Without further fuss, let’s begin with the list of our selections.

List of the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce:

Let’s learn more about each individual plugin of our selection.

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ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is undoubtedly a great tool to create and manage online stores. If you are experienced with WooCommerce then you should be aware that there are lots of gaps that can be pointed out at WooCommerce like inventory management.

ATUM comes into action here. It is the most advanced and feature-rich inventory management system for WooCommerce. With numerous free features and lots of premium add-ons for further enhancement, this is the best inventory management plugin for WooCommerce.

Feature highlights of ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce:

  • A complete and free inventory management plugin for WooCommerce.
  • You will get all the WooCommerce Products on one page.
  • Easier identification feature with image thumbnails.
  • WooCommerce variable and subscription products are fully supported.
  • Reload your page without losing your filters.
  • Widgets that cover Sales, Lost Sales, Orders, and Promo Sales.


  • The free features will suffice most of your inventory management requirements.
  • Purchase orders have PDF export support.
  • Finally, you will also be able to add decimals to your WooCommerce stock quantities.


  • Difficult to find any negative points.

WooCommerce Smart Manager:

This brilliant extension should grab your attention as one of the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. WooCommerce Smart Manager will offer you the ease of managing your entire store exactly from a single page and you will have the familiar speed of Excel.

StoreApps, a renowned WooCommerce extension development company is behind WooCommerce Smart Manager. The free version is loaded with all the cool features, while there is also a premium version with more advanced features.

Feature highlights of WooCommerce Smart Manager:

  • Single screen interface and infinite scrolling.
    Inline edits.
  • Advanced search features with conditions like AND.
  • Personalize your dashboard for better workflow.
  • Coupons and order modification.
  • The premium version has more advanced features like bulk edit.


  • WooCommerce Smart Manager will boost your productivity up to 10x.
  • The sticky header and personalized dashboard enhance your workflow.
  • Regular updates will keep you on the safe side.


  • The Premium version may appear a little expensive for new store owners.

Veeqo for WooCommerce:

Here is another outstanding plugin for WooCommerce. This inventory management plugin for WooCommerce is a little different from the other plugins as it has support for other stores like Amazon and eBay in one place.

With different online shops integrated into one place, you have more control over the management. This sweet WooCommerce extension will make your business more efficient as you will have the ability to manage everything from the same place.

Another awesome feature is that you can push your products up to Amazon and eBay at the click of a button. So, now you should understand why this has made its place in the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce.

Feature highlights of Veeqo for WooCommerce:

  • Veeqo for WooCommerce offers all the important features for a vendor.
  • Most importantly you will be able to manage everything from the same platform.
  • Features like bulk editing and POS integration will increase your productivity.
  • Invoice customization is another cool feature.
  • Complete price control and inventory history are also highly appreciated features.


  • You will be able to sync your store with dominant online stores.
  • Productivity boosts with time-saving features.
  • Feature to directly integrate with Royal Mail, USPS, UPS, DPD, Interlink Express, DX, and FedEx.


  • The price can be hurtful.

WooInventory Lite:

WooInventory Lite is another great free tool that can help you manage your WooCommerce inventory with state-of-the-art stock-related functionalities.

Seamless integration with WooCommerce and the powerful free features make this a perfect candidate for the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. In the dashboard, you will find various stock-related summaries and get a quick highlight of your current stock status of different products.

There is also a free version of this plugin that offers more features.

Feature highlights of WooInventory Lite:

  • Supports the latest version of WooCommerce.
  • Easily manage stock for all your products and variations.
  • Dashboard summary for low-stock, Out of stock.
  • Supports both simple and variable products.
  • You will also love the user interface of WooInventory Lite.


  • The dashboard summary is presented awesomely.
  • Pro features can further enhance your productivity and workflow.


  • Lacks features compared to other members on this list.

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager:

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager is another outstanding tool that will help you manage your stock for different products from a single screen. The plugin will add a new interface in your admin bar where you will find the list of products and their variations.

Most importantly, you will find the stock properties of those products there. Product sorting is made easy with WooCommerce Product Stock Manager. You will have the ability to sort by ID, or name, or just stick with the default sorting.

Feature highlights of WooCommerce Product Stock Manager:

  • WooCommerce Product Stock Manager has support for both simple and variable products.
  • Ability to manage stock of all products from a single screen.
  • You can control the per-page product pagination.
  • The product preview also has thumbnails.
  • Different color options for stock-level highlights.


  • Great user-friendly features.
  • Set product SKU from the same window.


  • Need to add stock tracking features with weight.

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce:

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce lets you synchronize your WooCommerce inventory with an external file. Thus it provides a perfect solution to deal with the manual work to keep your stock up to date. It also offers support for Dropbox and Google Drive integration.

You can store your file in one of those places and Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce will take care of the rest. With lots of easy-to-follow features, this secures its place as one of the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce.

Feature highlights of Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce:

  • The plugin can find unique SKUs in the CSV files and update the stock accordingly.
  • It has support for WPML.
  • Large CSV files with 10,000+ lines are supported.
  • Multiple update frequencies like daily, twice daily, and hourly updates.
  • Credential-enabled files are also supported.


  • Product price synchronization is simplified and automated.
  • Support cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • This is a premium plugin, so there is no free feature.

WooCommerce Availability Notifications:

WooCommerce Availability Notifications

WooCommerce Availability Notifications, our final choice, is another great tool to get a custom notification for different stock statuses. You can set an informative notification for every single product in your store.

The plugin offers support both for simple and variable products. There is also an option to notify the customer about each product of your store. You will also love the feature to add custom font colors for different types of stock alert messages.

Feature highlights of WooCommerce Availability Notifications:

  • Custom product stock availability notification for all products.
  • Product variations are also supported.
  • Different stock level notifications include in-stock, low-stock, Out-of-stock, and backorder.
  • Customization offers fully personalized notifications.
  • Simple yet powerful features.


  • You can bulk edit your product variations effortlessly.
  • WPML compatible.


  • The functionality is limited but does an excellent job. As we have come to the end of our list of best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce it is time to wrap up with some final words. The plugins mentioned above are the best choices that you have for complete inventory management.

Based on the size of your business operations and feature choices you may prefer one over the other but you will find your desired inventory management tool in this list.

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