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Best License Key Generator

WooCommerce does not provide a built-in method for generating licensing keys for digital products. It’s natural to question how you’ll get WooCommerce to create license keys for you. We may have an answer if you’ve been searching in vain for a suitable plugin to sell your digital products with license features.

Presenting you all, WC Serial Numbers – the best license manager and serial code generator for WooCommerce.

This nifty little plugin will make your life whole WooCommerce journey a lot easier by automating the process of generating and managing license keys for your digital products. No more headaches or manual input – just sit back, relax, and let WC Serial Numbers handle it all.

Store owners can seamlessly integrate their WooCommerce store with WC Serial Numbers and automate the license key generation process. If you’re curious to know more about how this plugin works and the benefits it offers, then keep on reading!

Here’s What You Can Do with WC Serial Numbers

  • Sell Licensed Products
  • Add/Edit License Keys for Older Orders
  • Import License Keys
  • Export License Keys
  • Sell License Keys for Product Variations
  • License Checking
  • API Validation
  • Comprehensive Reports for License Keys
  • Duplicate License Keys
  • Set Custom License Formats

and many more.

To learn more about the plugin, please visit the plugin page to enlighten yourself. 

What is a WooCommerce License Key Generator Plugin

A license key generator plugin is a software or plugin designed to automate the process of generating unique license keys or serial numbers for digital products. It is commonly used by developers or WooCommerce store owners who sell software, games, or other digital products.

The plugin generates random sequential or custom-generated license keys, ensuring that each customer receives a unique key for their purchase. These license keys act as a form of protection and authorization, allowing customers to access and activate the digital product they have purchased.

The WC Serial Numbers plugin simplifies the process of generating license keys for your digital products. The plugin takes care of all the hard work, generating license keys on the fly with just a few clicks. 

The developers and store owners can streamline their sales process, enhance security, and prevent unauthorized access or distribution of their digital products.

Here’s how it works and some features of the best WooCommerce license key generator plugin that looks like it is made for any digital product seller using WooCommerce. 

Automated License Key Generation

When a customer makes a purchase, the plugin automatically generates a unique license key for that specific product. This eliminates the need for manual key generation and ensures each customer receives a distinct key.

The plugin automates the process of generating unique license keys for your digital products. You can specify the key format, length, and number of keys to generate, saving you valuable time and effort.

You’ll also have options to generate license keys. You can choose to generate keys for all purchased products in bulk or generate keys for individual products as customers place orders.

Customizable License Key Format

The plugin allows you to define a custom key format to meet your preferences. You can include alphanumeric characters, specify the length of the key, and even add prefixes or suffixes. You’ll have the flexibility to set the length of the license keys generated by the plugin.

You have the flexibility to set the length of the license keys generated by the plugin. Whether you need shorter keys for simplicity or longer keys for added security, the choice is yours.

Efficient License Key Management

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface to manage and track all your license keys in one place. You can easily search, filter, and view detailed information about each key, ensuring smooth customer support and efficient order fulfillment.

The plugin generates secure and unique license keys, ensuring that each customer receives a distinct key for their purchase. This prevents unauthorized access and protects your digital products from piracy.

Email Notifications

The plugin can automatically send email notifications to your customers along with their purchased license key, providing a smooth and automated user experience.

Once a purchase is complete, the plugin can automatically send an email to the customer. This email includes their purchased product information and the associated license key. You can customize these email templates to match your branding.

Bulk Import Keys

If you need to generate a large number of license keys at once, the plugin allows you to do so with a single click. Furthermore, you can export license keys in CSV format for easy management and integration with other systems

Managing License Keys for WooCommerce

The WC Serial Numbers plugin provides a user-friendly interface to manage and track all your license keys in one place. The management interface typically includes the following functionalities:

  • Dashboard: The main dashboard gives you an overview of the total number of license keys, available keys, and used keys. It provides an at-a-glance view of the key inventory and usage.
  • Search and Filtering: You can easily search and filter license keys based on various criteria such as order ID, product SKU, or customer name. This allows you to quickly locate specific keys for troubleshooting or customer support purposes.
  • Key Information: Each license key record displays key details, including the associated product name, order ID, customer email, and key activation status. This helps you keep track of which keys have been used and their corresponding purchases.
  • Activation and Deactivation: The management interface enables you to activate or deactivate license keys. Activating a key marks it as used, while deactivating it makes it available for future use.
  • Status and Usage Tracking: You can view the activation status and usage history of each license key. This allows you to monitor how many times a key has been used and to keep track of its usage limit and expiration date.

Tracking and Managing License Keys

With the license key management interface, you can easily track and manage your license keys to ensure smooth order fulfillment and customer support. Some common actions and functionalities include:

  • Viewing detailed information about each key, including associated products, order details, customer information, and activation status.
  • Keeping track of key usage and activation limits to prevent unauthorized usage or exceeding allowed activations.
  • Troubleshooting and identifying any issues with key usage or customer orders.
  • Managing license key availability by activating or deactivating keys as needed.
  • Exporting key data for reporting, integration with other systems, or backup purposes.

Bulk License Key Generator and Export

The WC Serial Numbers plugin includes the option for bulk license key generation and export of license key metadata. This feature allows you to:

  • Auto-generate a large number of license keys at once, saving time and effort.
  • Specify the number of keys to generate and the associated product or order details.
  • Export key data in CSV format for easy import into other systems.
  • Enhance productivity by quickly generating and exporting keys for inventory management or distribution purposes.

Wrap Up

WC Serial Numbers now completes the blank of the WooCommerce license key generator plugin for selling digital products. Managing, validating, and distributing license keys on WooCommerce has never been easier than before. 

So, why hassle with manual key generation when you can automate it with the WC Serial Numbers Plugin? Boost your productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and take your digital product sales to new heights with this powerful plugin.

Try it out today and unlock the benefits of effortless license key management.

That’s all for now, Until next time.


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