Best Woo Plugins for Digital Product Management in 2024

9 Best WooCommerce Digital Product Manager Plugins

Among many content management systems to create, modify, and manage content on websites, WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs that offers an abundant number of flexible options for different types of businesses. It also supports selling digital products and one can easily manage these products with Woo Digital Product Manager Plugins.

These flexible options transpire a myriad number of plugins and with the help of these plugins, you are able to demonstrate different types of business models. Similar to many business models, selling digital products like software, ebooks, music, media files, and licenses is a popular recognized eCommerce idea.

If you want to sell digital products on the WordPress platform, you must have to learn a bit about WordPress digital product management.

Setting up a digital store becomes effortless if you can pick out the right plugin for your business model. The basic WordPress user interface possesses the ability to manage and download files but this native function doesn’t even provide half of the features equipped by many of the popular WordPress Download Manager plugins.

These plugins help you manage downloadable files pretty easily.

WC Serial Numbers – Ultimate Solution for Digital Store

WooCommerce Serial Numbers is a fantastic license key manager and generator

WooCommerce is definitely a great option for selling digital products, but when it comes to delivering necessary keys with the digital products WC Serial Numbers come into play.

It is a fantastic WooCommerce license key manager and generator. If you want to sell license keys, lottery tickets, usernames and passwords, and secret keys, WC Serial Numbers can be a striking option.

The free version of the plugin lets you assign serial numbers to a certain product manually. Once serial keys are properly assigned, customers can get the serial numbers to their end only when orders get completed.

The premium version offers more features to improve productivity like anything. With the help of the premium plugin, you can generate serial numbers using a generator. The generator lets you generate keys in both sequential and random orders.

After defining a generator rule for a certain product, you can create as many serial keys as you want. You can also set rules and automatically deliver keys to the customer end. This feature enables you to avoid manual delivery and makes it hassle-free for the users.

The free version also comes with a built-in license key validator API with separate endpoints that lets you validate, activate, and deactivate license keys via HTTP requests.

Extraordinary support for variable products ensures that you can create and assign serial numbers for each variation of your variable product which is a premium feature. Thus it eliminates your problem of selling license-enabled variable products.

With the help of the premium plugin, You can bulk import your pre-existing or new license numbers with importer and export serial numbers from the key management system.

To ensure your security there is encryption support for the serial numbers stored in the database. Stay free of any headaches or second thoughts knowing that your license keys are safe with this brilliant.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you want to promote and sell digital products in WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads can be described as one of the best plugins to provide e-commerce functionality on your site.

The most important feature the plugin provides is the option to download multiple files at once.

With the help of this plugin, you can sell eBooks, PDf files, music, or even WordPress plugins without any hassles. This lightweight plugin is simple and easy to configure and gives you exactly what you are in need while selling digital products online.

There are smooth integrations with a number of payment solutions like PayPal, stripe as well as third-party tools like MailChimp, Zapier, Affiliate WP, Dropbox, etc. Moreover, using EDD, your customer can simultaneously download multiple files at the same time after purchase.

You can also sell your digital content straight from your blog pretty conveniently.

The plugin supports creating product bundles and gives you the option to sell them as digital downloads accordingly. It also gives you the option to take control in restricting the number of times a user can download the purchased file from your site.

An automated statistical chart helps you analyze your earnings as well. You can define user roles and provide them the authority to review a user’s history of purchases. Users can also check their purchase history by logging into their profiles.

EED provides various extensions to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of the plugin at an affordable price.

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods provides an easy and simple solution for building your online business.

If digital goods or products are what you want to sell through WooCommerce, WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods is one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions that you can equip for your site.

All of the complex information of the customers will disappear which is usually managed by the payment gateways once you install this plugin. Mainly, the plugin peels away all unnecessary data and provides a simple checkout page that customers can use while purchasing digital goods.

Download Monitor

If you want to manage your WordPress site with an interface for uploading and managing downloadable files, logging and selling downloadable products, and inserting links into your post, the Download Monitor plugin is a perfect choice.

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to define alternative links for multiple versions. You can also add tags, categories, and other meta to the downloads.

The plugin provides secure endpoint customization for reliable downloads. You can also set members-only downloads which require users to log in first. Additionally, you will be able to display downloads on the front end with the help of shortcodes.

The basic tool is fully free. If you want to expand the functionality of the plugin, you can check the site for extension pricing.

WordPress Download Manager- Best File / Document Management Plugin

WordPress Download Manager is a Files / Documents Management Plugin

WordPress Download Manager is a simple plugin that includes both free and paid versions. The free version includes multiple domain support, protection of passwords, and limited viewing. The plugin allows you to protect a bucket of files or a specific file using passwords. Also, you can define user roles that can have access to the files.

If you want to set an IP blocker or Captcha locker to stop bots and spammers, WordPress Download Manager will do the job for you.

This Digital Download Manager is also one of the most used download manager plugins. You can add dozens of add-ons that add specific or more functionalities. That means you don’t need to buy the entire plugin. Just pick and choose the options you want to deploy and boom!

The premium version provides better customer support as well. The Pricing starts from $49 and the price go up if you are in need of more licenses.

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Selz- Professional Choice for Selling Digital Goods or Products

selz wordpress ecommerce of WooCommerce Digital Product Manager Plugins

If you have the ability to install a plugin without having any prior knowledge of technical skills, Selz is there to give you a hand in building a digital store for your WordPress site.

Selz doesn’t put limitations on digital products only, you can also sell physical items and services as well.

This simple plugin lets you embed buttons and product widgets that are customizable. After installing and activating the plugin, your store will display a permanent cart that will give your customers the option to add multiple digital goods to the cart.

The plugin also has various features to deal with, and they work like a charm on most WordPress themes.

Paid Membership Pro- The Most Complete WordPress Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Digital Product Manager Plugins

Paid Membership Pro can be a significant WordPress plugin if you want to sell multiple products online. With the help of this plugin, you can sell premium content, online courses, product subscriptions, and more.

The plugin comes up with a solution to expand your online business so that you can ameliorate your business with a new flow of income.

The installation and activation process of the plugin is similar to the other regular plugins and it is user-friendly.

Additionally, you can fully modify the plugin in terms of your requirements. The plugin also provides six different payment gateways, content restriction options, and 60+ add-ons for full customization. As a blogger, you can also set restrictions on accessing your content and you can only let the paid members access your content.

Paid Membership Pro is a way simpler plugin. Test it out and check whether it is actually for you or not!

File Manager- WordPress Plugin for Downloadable File

most powerful wordpress file management solution by WooCommerce Digital Product Manager Plugins

File manager is a versatile and efficient plugin that helps to unravel your flow of work by authorizing features like editing, copying, deleting, downloading, and zipping files of different versions and other available digital products directly from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to fuss with SFTP if you are using this plugin.

The free version of the plugin is already an ideal tool for maintaining your business to archive, move, and copy files. Additionally, the plugin comes up with a code editor tool and a syntax checker to deal with more advanced tools within the plugin.

You can also preview PDFs and resize files automatically with the help of this plugin.

The plugin lets non-registered users download files from your website using shortcodes. You can also take control of the type of file you want to be uploaded or downloaded. If you want to keep a backup or if you want to restore media files, the plugin will give you a hand.

The plugin will automatically calculate the size of your directories. You can also browse the history to check what has been done in the past.

Shared Files for WordPress (Free and Premium)

WooCommerce Digital Product Manager Plugins -Easy Download Manager and File Sharing Plugin

If you want to list down your file downloads and manage them on a WordPress website, Shared Files for WordPress can be a great tool. All shared files can be downloaded by the user who is given access.

With the help of the plugin, you can add files to your WordPress admin and the correspondent shortcode can be put on your site so that people can download that file. The plugin also provides an option to organize files that people can download.

Users can easily download files or a group of files from categories as well. Additionally, the plugin brings features like bandwidth limits, layout options, file sortings, etc.

The premium feature offers customer support and file protection using passwords. In this way, you can keep your file safe even on the product details page. Whether you are working with audio files, video files, photos, or other data, you can preserve your files on top of the priority list.

All in all, the plugin is pretty clean with a simple interface for all users. The plugin is configured adroitly and you do not need to change anything to start over.

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