WC Serial Numbers: The Game-Changing License Validation Update

WC Serial Numbers: The Game-Changing License Validation Update

Greetings to all the WooCommerce store owners out there who are using the best license manager plugin for their WooCommerce store. It’s been a while since we haven’t released a major update for our plugin.

As a business owner selling digital products, one of the greatest challenges you face is ensuring that your products are used legally. Unauthorized distribution and usage of digital products have been an ongoing concern for years as businesses lose revenue due to piracy.

License validation seeks to curb this problem and provide security for digital products. To help in this effort, WC Serial Numbers has released a major update featuring a serial number system that ensures license validation for digital products.

Let’s see how this update is set to revolutionize the license validation system for WooCommerce.

WC Serial Numbers Free Version

The free version of WC Serial Numbers has been giving excellent service from the very beginning and has been praised for its excellence.

This time with the 1.4.7 version, the free version is now more enhanced with the new UI and the advanced feature for validating, activating, and deactivating license keys from the front end.

The WC Serial Numbers plugin now comes with a separate form that can be used for API management. This form can be managed from the settings without the hassle of any backend operation.

Managing software licenses is now easier than ever! Check out this documentation to understand how easy now it has become.

WooCommerce store owners may now use a shortcode provided by WC Serial Numbers to keep informed their customers about the status of their license keys.

The licensing keys for their products can now be managed by any WooCommerce store owner without the need for technical experience.

Also, the product section has been removed, and a new “Reports’ menu has been added for the products where serial keys are added manually. 

WC Serial Numbers Premium Version

The premium version of WC Serial Numbers is now also improved by its UI and the performance has been enhanced. The 1.2.2 version comes with the enhanced import and export feature where you have all the freedom for managing your serial key order import-export.

The import-export feature is now crafted for ultimate management, meaning you can filter status and also select necessary fields for export. 

Besides everything is more or less the same.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the duplicate serial keys option on Advance settings has now been removed. Not to worry, you can sell duplicate serial keys by default. 

Recap on WC Serial Numbers (Free 1.4.7 and Pro 1.2.2)  

New Features/Addition

  1. New plugin status page.
  2. One-click serial key copy.
  3. Status update for serial numbers.
  4. Product filter in the stock report table.
  5. Order table bulk action to add/remove serial keys.
  6. Shortcode for license key verification and activation/deactivation for your customers.
  7. Enhanced license management functionality for validating, activating, and deactivating license keys from the Front-end API dashboard. 


  1. Refactor & redesigned existing code.
  2. Enhanced user interface dashboards with new menus.
  3. Manually Generated Serial Numbers is now renamed to ‘Manually Added’.
  4. Optimized the performance of the serial key generator and order assigning.
  5. Export is now enhanced with independent export abilities for all serial key statuses.
  6. Improved the stock reports for products whose serial key source is “manually generated keys”.

Bug Fixes

  1. Autogenerate serial number prefix is not updating.
  2. The serial key source checkbox change is not working.
  3. Resolved a conflict with third-party plugins that caused serial keys to be duplicated.
  4. Fixed an issue where serial numbers were not properly assigned to completed orders.
  5. Addressed a bug where serial numbers were not correctly displayed in customer emails.

Wrap Up

After receiving numerous requests from our users, we developed a simple method for validating license keys by checking API status. No documentation is required to learn how to monitor API statuses on the backend.

This new addition for license validation in WC Serial Numbers is set to revolutionize the digital products industry for WooCommerce.

Using the WC Serial Numbers plugin will add a layer of security, prohibit unauthorized distribution, and guarantee approved use.

This latest version will keep you on top regardless of whether you sell license keys for your software or serial keys for your physical product.

Make sure you’re using the most recent build to take advantage of the API and other enhancements we’ve made.

That’s all for now! Adios!

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