API Validation, Activation & Deactivation of License Keys from Front-end

How to Validate, Activate & Deactivate License Keys

From the Tools menu, click on API.

There, you will find two sections:

  • API Validation
  • API Actions (for both activation and deactivation)

API Validation

You will find a dedicated form to test the API status.

To validate your key via this form, you must first select the product from the drop-down menu. Next, input the serial number. The email box is optional, but if provided, it will be validated; otherwise, it will be ignored.

Finally, click the “Validate” button to receive the API Response for validating your license key.

API Actions

You will find a dedicated form to perform actions on license keys and also manage license key activation/deactivation through API.

To activate your license key via this form, you must first choose the right product from the drop-down option.

After that, enter the license key. You may rewrite the Instance, or it will be automatically generated.

Next, you can also add the email address for validation but this is optional.

Then, select either the Activate or Deactivate option to carry out your action.

Now, click on the “Submit” button, and you will get the API Response.

Finally, to monitor your license activities, visit the Activation tab from the Serial Numbers menu. You will the activation table with detailed information about the product activation/deactivation.

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