WooCommerce B2B – User Guide

How To Install and Activate

(WooCommerce B2B plugin will only work/activate if you have already installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin. The minimum MySQL version required is 5.6.)

There are several approaches you can take. We will demonstrate the most common and straightforward methods for installing the plugin.

Note: This is a premium plugin and is required to be bought from our website. For now, we don’t have a free version of this plugin on the wordpress.org repository. So you can ignore the next two headings because they are solely for the WordPress repository.

1. Search and Install

  • Navigate to the Plugins menu from your WordPress dashboard and select Add New
  • Type WooCommerce B2B into the search box and then after finding the plugin, click on Install Now.
  • After installing the plugin, click on Activate to activate it on your site.

2. Upload the ZIP file

  • First, click here to download the plugin ZIP file.
  • Second, click on the Add Plugins section.
  • Third, click on Choose File to upload the downloaded plugin ZIP file from your computer.
  • Finally, After the installation is complete, click the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

WooCommerce B2B Settings

The plugin settings are divided into 4 column menus: General, Roles, Emails, and Registration Fields.

General Settings



The following options are used to configure the plugin.

Registration Page – By default, a ‘wholesale registration’ menu will be added to the header section. Besides, there are pages where you can place the [wholesale_registration] shortcode. You can choose among Privacy Policy, News, Testimonials, Features, WooCommerce Development, About, Home, WordPress Support, Case Studies, Careers, WordPress Development, Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Refund & Return Policy.


Disable Auto Approval – You can enable or disable the auto approval of wholesale user registration. If you disable it, then you have to manually approve the wholesale user registration.


Disable Tax – You can disable tax collection for wholesale users. You can individually enable/disable tax collection for each wholesale role you set.

Disable Coupon – You can disable coupons for wholesale users. Wholesale users will not be able to use coupons that are created for non-wholesale users.


Hide Price – You can hide wholesale prices for non-wholesale users. Non-wholesale users won’t be able to see the wholesale price for products.


Wholesale Only Store – You can enable a wholesale-only store. If enabled, only logged-in wholesale users will be able to access the store. Non-wholesale users cannot access the store.


Admin as Wholesale User – You can enable admin as the wholesale user. If enabled, the admin will be treated as a wholesale user, not a site administrator or a non-wholesale user.



There will be a default ‘Wholesaler’ role already set for your to assign Role Name, Discount, Product Pricing, Category Pricing, and Tax Status.


You can assign numerous custom roles depending on your preference. To do so, tap on Add New.

Now you’ll get to see,

B2B User Roles > Role


Role Name – You can set a name for your custom B2B user role.


Discount – You can set a discount for your custom B2B user role.

Discount Type – You’ll get two types of discounts: Percentage and Fixed. 


Tax Status – You’ll get three types of tax status. Inherited, Enable, Disable.


Tax Display – You’ll get three types of tax displays. Inherited, Including Tax, Excluding Tax.


Disabled Payment Gateways – You can disable payment gateways for your custom role. Disable Direct bank transfers, Check payments, and Cash on delivery depending on your preference.


Disabled Shipping Methods – You can disable payment gateways for your custom role. Disable Flat rate, Free shipping, and Local pickup depending on your preference.


Product Pricing – You can enable product-specific discounts for your custom role.


Category Pricing – You can enable category-specific discounts for your custom role.



There will default email notification template set for different use. There are 3 columns named Email, Content type, and Recipients. 

You can manage or edit the templates by clicking on Manage.


Email Settings

Email notifications sent from WooCommerce B2B are listed below. You can customize the subject line and/or message body of each email. There are 5 email fields. One for the admin and the other four for the wholesale users.


Registration Fields

This is for manual registration only and contains Field Type, Field Name, Field Label, and Required checkbox section.


Automatic registration will by default offer an email field to register a new user as a wholesaler.

The following options are used to configure the registration fields. You can set fields for new manual wholesale registration to gather your customer info.

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