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How to Configure General Settings

The following options are used to configure the plugin.

Disable Auto Approval

You can enable or disable the auto approval of wholesale user registration. If you disable it, then you have to manually approve the wholesale user registration.

Disable Tax

You can disable tax collection for wholesale users. You can individually enable/disable tax collection for each wholesale role you set.

Disable Coupon

You can disable coupons for wholesale users. Wholesale users will not be able to use coupons that are created for non-wholesale users.

Hide Price

You can hide wholesale prices for non-wholesale users. Non-wholesale users won’t be able to see the wholesale price for products.

Wholesale Only Store

You can enable a wholesale-only store. If enabled, only logged-in wholesale users will be able to access the store. Non-wholesale users cannot access the store.

Admin as Wholesale User

You can enable admin as the wholesale user. If enabled, the admin will be treated as a wholesale user, not a site administrator or a non-wholesale user.

Registration Page

By default, a ‘wholesale registration’ menu will be added to the header section. Besides, there are pages where you can place the [wholesale_registration] shortcode.

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