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How to Limit Product Quantity (Free)

WC Min Max Quantities free version contains settings to limit or restrict the product quantity by implementing minimum and maximum rules.

Please note that the minimum-maximum product quantity works for each and every product storewide.

These are the options that will determine how you can limit the product quantity.

Product Restrictions

In the General Settings, you will see fields to set minimum and maximum product quantity.

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity

Simply put the minimum-maximum threshold for your product and you are all set to go.

Quantity Step

When customers want to purchase a product, the minimum quantity of the product will be shown on the single product page and the cart page by default. If the customer intends to increase the product quantity from the product page or in the cart, it will increase collectively.

For example, If a product has a minimum quantity of 5, and a maximum quantity of 20, and the ‘Quantity step’ is set to 5; a customer will see the minimum quantity of 5 in the product and cart page by default.

Increasing the quantity will use step count in this case, such as 5, 10, 15, and 20, or vice versa. However, the step count will not work if the minimum quantity and the maximum quantity are not divisible by the number provided in the ‘Quantity step’ field.