Cross-Selling Strategies to Increase Average Order Value in 2024

Use Cross-Selling Strategies to Increase Average Order Value

Cross-selling strategies are some of the most valuable tactics for any WooCommerce store owner.

Entering the world of eCommerce can seem like a big step. Using low- or no-cost strategies in combination with other similar businesses is one option to streamline the operation.

From small businesses to big brands, tons of WooCommerce stores use cross-selling strategies to increase their revenue and increase their average order value or AOV.

But what is cross-selling exactly? How this information can help you to develop a sales strategy for your WooCommerce store? Will that increase the average order value?

Let’s find out.

What is Cross-Selling in WooCommerce

What is Cross-Selling in WooCommerce

Similar to upselling and downselling, cross-selling is a type of suggestive selling that involves selling complementary products or services.

In its most basic form, cross-selling refers to the practice of marketing more additional products to existing customers in combination with their existing purchases.

Although “Would you like fries with that?” from McDonald’s is probably the most well-known example of cross-selling methods.

Even Amazon, its website is filled with cross-selling opportunities. For example, there is a section titled “Frequently bought together,” and there are plenty of recommendations scattered throughout the site.

How Cross-Selling Strategies Increase WooCommerce Store’s Average Order Value

How Cross-Selling Strategies Increase WooCommerce Store’s Average Order Value

Cross-selling is based on a straightforward concept. If you are able to attract a customer when they are already in the “purchase intention,” it will be much easier for you to offer them a product that complements the product that they have already bought.

For example, if someone purchases a brand-new smartphone, there is a strong probability that they will be willing to add a few covers and screen protectors to their order.

Cross-selling is an excellent approach for any WooCommerce store. Here are a few more reasons why this is the case.

Strategic Cross-Selling Makes the Shopping Experience Better for Customers

Cross-selling is a fantastic way to increase client satisfaction if executed properly.

As you can see, promoting smart products can assist customers in discovering things that they might not have seen. Which might range from add-ons to completely new products altogether.

Providing assistance to customers in locating those recommendations results in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

It Can Be Used in the Promotion of Recently Released Products

One of the most effective methods for promoting the new products in your WooCommerce store is to offer them as an add-on to one of your products that have already shown to be popular.

With the help of this strategy, you will be able to provide your recent releases with some much-required enthusiasm from the beginning.

It’s a Strategy With Little to No Risk

Cross-selling presents a number of advantages, the most notable of which is its low level of investment and risk.

It does not require any more marketing expenses on your part because you are making the upsell offer to customers who are already in the process of making a purchase from you.

Even if a customer chooses not to purchase an additional item that is being offered as a cross-sell, this typically does not impact the overall conversion rate of the page.

6 Cross-Selling Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level

6 Cross-selling Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of doing so, let’s speak about some of the fantastic tactics you may employ while putting them into action in your own life.

Give Customers Discounts on Purchases When They Make Bundle Purchases

When you sell many things together as part of a bundle, you can make more money off of each individual sale.

You may spend $100 on a single product, or you could save $20 and get two products by making a single purchase.

It is possible to move more things off the shelf and gain more profit from each sale as a result of this arrangement, which makes it difficult for customers to pass up the offer.

Even while a business may make a margin that is slightly lower off of the bundle offer, the amount of money they will save by marketing and packaging, and shipping both products at the same time will be more than enough.

Integrate Personalized Product Suggestions into Your WooCommerce Store

The use of personalized deals can be utilized to successfully introduce cross-selling into your WooCommerce store.

If you use a section like “Frequently bought together,” it will provide your customers with a discount on the products that go the best with their purchase.

Since this part is personalized to each customer’s specific purchase, it naturally increases the average order value for your products.

You may implement a strategy similar to this one in your WooCommerce store. Making use of plugins or extensions that allow you to add popular product recommendations to individual product pages.

Use Sales Offers That Depend on Meeting Certain Targets

This is another fantastic strategy to increase the average order value of products sold in your WooCommerce business.

Provide a discount or reward to your customers so that they will buy more throughout each purchase.

Combining different types of sales strategies, such as order limits and cross-selling, can be one of the most efficient ways to increase income.

Here’s an example of how well such strategies can be utilized.

A progress bar that displays the total value of an order is included at the bottom of each shopping cart.

If you spend more than $100 on your order, not only will you qualify for free delivery, but you’ll also have access to a convenient list of products that have been paired together because they work so well.

You may use a similar strategy at your WooCommerce store by giving customers free or discounted shipping if their orders meet or exceed a specified dollar amount criteria.

Create a similar products category that is simple to find and fill it with products that go well together. This will encourage customers to place larger orders.

You might want to check out Min Max Quantities for WooCommerce to implement this strategy on your WooCommerce store without any hassle.

Include Post-Purchase Cross-Selling into Your WooCommerce Store

It’s a smart move to make offers after the purchase has already been made because there’s even less risk involved.

Even while the potential for loss is minimal in a typical pre-purchase cross-sell, there is always the possibility that the consumer will change their mind altogether, which would result in the customer not making any purchase at all.

When it comes to post-purchase upselling, not only has each customer already made their choice, but they are also in the “purchasing intention,” which is the most likely state for them to make a purchase.

This strategy is used frequently by big companies to raise the lifetime value of their customers.

Using Email to Increase Your Revenue

While suggestive selling is most effective in person, it can also be used online. Email marketing is another excellent way to get a head start on growing sales.

Let’s say, a customer makes a purchase on your WooCommerce store, they will receive complementary product recommendations sent directly to their inbox via email marketing campaigns.

It’s a strategy that’s very similar to campaigns for abandoned shopping carts.

You can use purchase histories to target their mailbox with email promotions for the products they are most likely to purchase.

Show Less Expensive Products in Carts

The checkout process on WooCommerce can often feel like standing in line at a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

For example, we can talk about impulsive purchases. Having a large number of little add-on chocolates, chewing gums, pocket perfumes, etc available at the checkout counter.

Products with a high price tag are something that is quite unlikely to be seen in a checkout line.

This is due to a few different factors.

The in-cart customer experience is crucial for making little cross-sells. Because there is less of a chance that the customer will cancel the sale.

However, when selling expensive things as add-ons, you run the danger of completely changing a customer’s mind about your offering.

Tips to Start Cross-Selling & Convert More Customers

Tips to Start Cross-Selling & Convert More Customers

Before we wrap up this discussion, let’s go over a few general pointers. You can use these on your WooCommerce store to improve the effectiveness of your cross-selling efforts.

Avoid Making Excessive Sales Prior to the Conversion

Cross-selling is a fantastic strategy. However, if you try to upsell a customer before they complete a purchase, you might risk losing the business entirely. This is where cross-selling comes in handy.

If you are going to make offers before the purchase, make sure they are low-priced offers rather than expensive products.

Make Use of Information About Your Customers to Generate Highly Customized Offers

You can determine which offers are most likely to result in conversions by analyzing the purchase data of your customers.

There is a range of extensions available for WooCommerce that give users the ability to achieve this specific goal.

Find out which items are usually purchased together, and start selling them as bundles to boost your sales.

Integrate WooCommerce Cross-Selling with a Plugin or Extension

Many platforms come with their own limitations and drawbacks. But WooCommerce’s plugins and extensions can help you overcome such limitations and enhance the functionalities of your WooCommerce store.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

The practice of cross-selling products or services is an effective method for raising the average order value. This will improve both the overall revenue and the average order value.

When you implement cross-selling strategies on your WooCommerce store, you not only increase the number of products you sell, but you also create a more personalized experience for your customers.

This will result in your customers feeling more satisfied with your business and eagerly anticipating their next visit.

That’s all for now.


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