Create personalized deals with product quantity and price

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities Pro

Set a personalized min-max rule for product quantity or price that can be purchased for each product storewide, or just for an individual product.


Why should you choose WooCommerce Min Max Quantities PRO

Your decision to choose WooCommerce Min Max Quantities is backed by proven facts

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The simplest min-max deal plugin

enhance your productivity with the simplest min-max deal plugin available

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Create powerful multilevel rules

create and manage rules for a single product, cart, categories and variations

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Force people to buy more from you

customers will have to purchase quantities that you specify for a product

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Maximize store sales and revenue

an impressive way to increase your store sales and secure higher revenue

How Does it Work

Download and Install WooCommerce Min Max PRO

Create global, category and product-specific rules

Set Additional Cart Level Deals For The Whole Store

Force Customers to Abide by Your Rules and Buy More

Enjoy Greater Control and Increased revenue

Set Rules For Individual Product Variation From Variable Products

You will be amazed by the ability to set min-max rules for each individual product variation from variable products

WooCommerce Min Max PRO Features

Let’s get to know the outstanding features of WooCommerce Min Max PRO

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Global Minimum And Maximum Order Quantity

Create global minimum and maximum order quantity rules to apply them for all products in your store. Thus you can set a storewide rule for the quantity of all products in your store. A really quick solution to set and apply a rule for all products in just a few clicks.

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Global Minimum And Maximum Order Price

You will also love the ability to set global minimum and maximum order prices from the same spot and apply them for all products in your store. Maximize your profit by setting price level rules for all products in the simplest way possible.

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Minimum And Maximum Cart Total

Control the cart like never before with cart level rules. Set the minimum cart total and the maximum cart total and you are done. Your customers will not be allowed to check out if the cart total is below or above what you want (range).

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Minimum And Maximum Cart Quantity

Apart from the cart level rule for the total price, you are also allowed to set a minimum and maximum product quantity for the cart. It will force your customers to buy the minimum quantity of products that you want while they can not go beyond the maximum amount/limit.

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Hide checkout button

Would you love to hide the checkout button if the min-max conditions are not met? WooCommerce Min Max Quantities will empower you with a convenient option to hide the checkout button when conditions are not met.

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Force Minimum Quantity

Here is another brilliant option to force your customers with the minimum product quantity. Enable this option from the advanced settings, so when your customers add a product to their cart the minimum quantity will be added by default.

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Prevent Add to Cart

Preventing an item to be added to the cart when the cart or the product itself has reached its maximum limit is also very straight forward. You can get a hand on this powerful feature from the advanced settings section.

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Remove Item From The Checkout

By default, there is no option to remove an item right from the checkout page. You can get this exciting feature and give your customers the ability to remove an item directly from the WooCommerce checkout page.

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Set Min-max Rules on The Product Variations

Your product variations are also covered so you can set special min-max rules for each product variation. You will find the option to ignore the global rules while you add min-max rules for your product variations

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Set Category Specific Min-max Rules

Category-specific min-max rules will give you even more control for a group of products. Use this amazing feature to assign rules for all products in a category. Look for the easy to follow options while editing a category or adding a new one.

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Set a default category for products with multiple categories

Worried about a product that belongs to multiple categories? A product may belong to multiple categories so we have added the option to set a default category for min-max rules. Select a default category and bend the rules at your wish.