10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins in 2024

10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Social Proof

If you are interested in the best WordPress Testimonial plugins then this is a great place to start. WordPress testimonial plugins are awesome to show your work to the whole world. You do everything at your disposal to make your customers happy.

Customers also share their experiences and feedback on how satisfied are they with your service. Testimonial plugins will give you the best chance to display those feedback publicly on your website. So, all your site visitors will know what to expect from you.

When it comes to WordPress plugins, you always have a handful of options. Selecting the best one from the list of options is always a challenge. We are here to help you out with our list of the 10 best WordPress Testimonial plugins. We will start with the list and share the best features of our selection.

  1. Strong Testimonials
  2. Testimonial Rotator
  3. Easy Testimonials
  4. Testimonials Widget
  5. WP Testimonials with rotator widget
  6. Testimonial Slider – Free Testimonials Slider Plugin
  7. Testimonials
  8. BNE Testimonials
  9. Testimonial
  10. Testimonial Basics

1. Strong Testimonial

Here is another exciting WordPress testimonial plugin. You will love to know that this is the most customizable testimonial plugin for you.

It is loaded with multiple display options that include a testimonial slider, masonry layout, single-column layout, and grid layout.

Strong testimonial comes with a custom form that provides ease for the customers to add their reviews and testimonials. Most importantly, you will also be able to add customer reviews from various social media.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, everything is controlled from a single view to reducing hassle.
  • Secondly, there is an admin notification system.
  • On top of that, you can add multiple emails for admins.
  • Finally, the customs form that comes with this plugin is really awesome.

2. Testimonial Rotator

This is one of the easiest-to-use WordPress testimonial plugins.

It will allow you to create testimonial carousels and rotating testimonials that you can place anywhere on your website.

Moreover, it also allows you to create multiple rotators based on your needs. Additionally, you can manually insert information in those rotators like photos, names, job titles, and feedback.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, you can change your rotator settings from the admin panel.
  • Secondly, there is an option to add a testimonial to multiple authors.
  • Most importantly, there is an option to add star ratings.
  • Finally, along with other cool options, there is an option to make custom templates.

3. Easy Testimonials

As the name suggests this is another great and one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins that you can have.

Getting feedback from customers and showing them to everyone is very simple with this state-of-the-art plugin.

You can either collect testimonials or you can also manually enter testimonials from your admin area. You can display the testimonials anywhere on your site using the shortcodes.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, this plugin will help you add testimonials to your site.
  • Secondly, if you are a theme developer you can add testimonial features to your theme.
  • Moreover, the testimonials are responsive and support multiple screen sizes.
  • Finally, you can best organize your testimonials with testimonial categories.

4. Testimonials Widget

We have another mind-blowing WordPress testimonial plugin that can help you add testimonials anywhere on your site.

The name can get you confused but be assured that it can add testimonials at any place on your website. The cool thing is that showing testimonials in the sidebar is really simple with these best WordPress testimonial plugins.

The plugin comes with a sidebar and lets you display testimonials there. The testimonial carousel also has excellent slide-in and fade effects.

Feature Highlights:

  • First of all, the Testimonial widget has slide transitions for the carousel.
  • Secondly, you can choose a random display for your testimonials.
  • Moreover, this will allow you to add a video slideshow to your testimonials.
  • Finally, this plugin is ready for both widgets and shortcodes.

5. WP Testimonials with rotator widget

This is another brilliant testimonial plugin for WordPress. You will love the simplicity and the awesome customization feature of this plugin.

The easy-to-follow interface will let you add testimonials in a very short time. You will also be able to sort them into categories and tags. This best WordPress testimonial plugin is also powered by shortcodes.

Most importantly, the shortcodes come with many parameters to let you effortlessly customize the final output of the testimonials. The default options will also let you use the shortcodes in a widget that comes with this plugin.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, it comes with a wide array of testimonial designs.
  • Secondly, there is support for the Gutenberg shortcode block.
  • On top of that, you can add random testimonials to your page.
  • Finally, it is also powered by an easy testimonial widget.

6. Testimonials

Want to make sure your testimonials are properly responsive? We have a brilliant WordPress plugin for you to reach your goal.

The easy-to-use feature is the most noteworthy and you will be able to add testimonials to a page or post using a shortcode. There is also an option for you to add testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget.

You can either sequentially display all your testimonials or output them in random order. It will allow you to show multiple testimonials on the same page. With all the cool features it has earned its place to be one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, you will love the clean design and code of this testimonial plugin.
  • Secondly, there is an option to sort the testimonials by date, random, or custom order.
  • Moreover, if you need any help then their easy documentation will get you started.
  • Finally, you will also be able to filter your testimonials with categories.

7. BNE Testimonials

So have you made up your mind yet? We still have some more to share with you. BNE Testimonials is another great option for you to easily add testimonials to your site.

This rich testimonial plugin also comes with a shortcode and sidebar widget. Both options will enable you to effortlessly display testimonials on your site.

You can also use the slider or the plain list layout to display your testimonials. You will definitely love the plugin’s ability to inherit the style of your active WordPress theme.

Feature Highlights:

  • First of all, rich testimonials include a title, image, tagline, URL, and message.
  • Secondly, you can group your testimonials into various categories.
  • Most importantly, your testimonials will inherit your theme style.
  • Finally, you will be able to display your testimonials vertically.

8. Testimonial

If you love simplicity, we have an excellent option for you. This straightforward testimonials plugin will help you add testimonials to your site with very little effort. It has simple options to create an outstanding testimonial.
You can also choose your own colors for the testimonial. The customization options are really brilliant for this best WordPress testimonial plugin. It offers a draggable box item to customize your font, font sizes, text color, and image. This plugin does not come with a slider so your testimonials will be in grid or list style.

Feature Highlights:

  • First of all, create fully responsive and clean design testimonials.
  • Secondly, you will find lots of customization options to custom-design your testimonials.
  • Additionally, quickly get started with two present design templates.
  • Finally, it has multiple advanced custom fields available for you.

9. Testimonial Slider

We are closing our list of the best WordPress testimonial slider with this plugin. The modern design of this slider will give you an exceptional user experience.

It has both a slider and a plain list option to display your sliders. The plugin also offers the option to add a front-end contact form. With the aid of this contact form, you can collect testimonials directly from customers.

Adding a slider to your site is quite simple as it has two options. You can either use the shortcode or sidebar widget to add them. The Slider is mobile responsive that works on all screen sizes.

Feature Highlights:

  • First of all, this plugin comes with a front-end testimonial submission form.
  • Secondly, add your testimonials will be in a list that you can customize with five layouts.
  • Most importantly, you can choose between different slider transitions for greater effect.
  • Finally, this plugin is really rich with its customization options.

10. Basics for Testimonial

Here is another option for you. A perfect solution for your complete testimonial management requirement.
This plugin offers a handful of brilliant options to make things easy for you. You will have the power of multiple display styles, sidebar widgets, and a feedback form to collect testimonials from your site users. It has also the support of Gravatar to fetch photos of your user.

You can also manually upload images of your user from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Feature highlights:

  • First of all, you will be able to back up and restore your testimonials with this plugin.
  • Secondly, setting the input form in the content or widget area is very easy.
  • Most importantly, you can group testimonials for separate displays.
  • Finally, along with other cool options, you can use a 5-star rating system.


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