6 Best Job Board Plugins for WordPress in 2024

6 Best Light Weight Job Board Plugins for Your WordPress Site

The domination of the internet is present in all sectors of our life. Job circulars have also made their permanent residence on the internet. Though large sites like LinkedIn and Monster are dominating the sector of online job postings, there is still a huge window of opportunity for small businesses to target niches and become dominant. If you are a small business with an eye to creating an online job portal or starting your business as an online job portal then this post can give you the much-needed head start. We will discuss the best WordPress job board plugins in this article.

Let’s first start with the challenges that small businesses face while creating a job portal then we can move over to the solution to overcome those. First of all, the real hardship for a small job portal company comes from various directions but those are mostly related to development. Keeping an up-to-date site with frequent feature updates and of course, keeping the site free of bugs are some of the major challenges associated with development. Making your custom system is, of course, a solution but development costs and keeping it updated can become very expensive depending on your location. As you have already assumed WordPress job board plugins like WP Job Manager is the best solution for you.

Best WordPress job board plugins:

  1. WP Job Manager
  2. Simple Job Board
  3. WP Job Openings
  4. Job Board Manager
  5. JS Job Manager
  6. Jobs for WordPress

1. WP Job Manager:

WP Job Manager is the most popular and the best WordPress job board plugin that is currently available. This shortcode-based plugin can work with any WordPress theme and most importantly this is backed by Automattic the mother company behind WordPress. With some minor CSS customization, you will be able to use this plugin with any theme of your personal choice. The setup is really simple and so you will love this plugin.

Feature highlights of WP Job Manager:

  • You will be able to do most of the job listing-related work like add, manage, and categorize job listings effortlessly.
  • WP Job Manager will enable the job lister to preview their job listings before it goes live.
  • The code is very developer-friendly, so if you are a developer or hire one to work for you it will be fairly simple to work.
  • Logged-in employers will be able to view, edit, mark filled, or delete their active job listings.
  • There are lots of add-ons that you can select for WP Job Manager.


WP Job Manager is by far the most popular job board plugin for WordPress.
It has more than 100000+ active installations.


WP Job Manager is free but some add-ons may appear costly for new businesses.

2. Simple Job Board:

This is another brilliant WordPress plugin that can turn your site into a robust job board in just a few minutes. This plugin also works with a shortcode so you are free to use this with any of your preferred themes. The Simple job board supports multiple languages that include the most used international languages. So, there is a huge chance that despite your location you will have it in your preferred language.

Feature highlights of Simple Job Board:

  • Simple Job Board will allow you to manage the job listings in the most convenient way.
  • Your job listers will be able to add job types in the job listings.
  • You can add a job type to any post by using the shortcode. The shortcode is [jobpost].
  • You can add notes to a job application right from the dashboard.
  • There is a handful of add-ons for the Simple Job Board for added functionality and ease of use.


The Simple Job Board is available in the most used languages.
The fully customizable templates make this one of the best WordPress job board plugins.


PHP version 7.0 or higher is required. This can be a problem based on your provider.

Jobs for WordPress:

Jobs for WordPress is another outstanding plugin that can satisfy your requirements to make a job listing site using WordPress. The most prominent features of Jobs for WordPress include usability and making those jobs appear on your website in a structured way. The clean UI enables you to list jobs in the most user-friendly way while the support of schema.org structures those jobs for you. The structuring of schema.org helps those jobs to become readable for Google. By doing so Jobs for WordPress empowers you to rank high on google and make your jobs well found in the search results. Once you go through the feature highlights of Jobs for WordPress you will understand why it has made its place in the best WordPress job board plugins.

Feature highlights of Jobs for WordPress:

  • You will be able to do the most important things like adding a job, managing them, and categorizing those listings in your favorite WordPress back end.
  • Live preview helps to adjust your postings as needed. The preview matches the appearance of the final job listing.
  • Your visitors will have the ability to search in your job listings.
  • The plugin is very developer-friendly as there are lots of hooks and filters to work on for customization.
  • Spam protection with an invisible honey pot and there is also Google reCaptcha.


The support of schema.org makes this plugin very effective against search engines.
A perfect solution for small businesses to manage their own job listings and save expenses.


Though it is a great product, there is no proper documentation yet.

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WP Job Openings:

WP Job Opening is another simple yet powerful WordPress job listing plugin with a great claim to make its position in the list of best WordPress job board plugins. This plugin is carefully crafted after a complete analysis of the current trends and requirements that are desired by most job publishers. You will love the highly flexible filter options of WP Job Openings.

Feature highlights of WP Job Openings:

  • The integration is super simple like most of your favorite WordPress plugins.
  • Modern design that includes two different layouts. You can either select the Grid or the list view of the layouts.
  • You will have unlimited job specifications and filtering options that are mostly AJAX-powered.
  • WP Job Openings comes with a default form for submitting job applications.
  • The plugin has detailed and well-written documentation that will help you to get started without any inconvenience.


The rich features make this simple job listing plugin a very powerful one.
Extendable features make this a great plugin for your custom requirements.


You have to upgrade to the pro version to use the most advanced features.

Job Board Manager:

Job Board Manager is another great plugin that can come to your aid to create a complete job board. If you do want one of those job board themes then this is another great plugin to create a custom job board or listings. The setup is fairly easy like most WordPress plugins and you will love the shortcode feature of this plugin. There are different shortcodes for displaying things like the job archive, submission, account, logged-in job boards, and other options. Most importantly you will love the wide array of action and filter hooks to extend the features and functionality as needed.

Feature highlights of the Job Board Manager:

  • The plugin has Schema.org support for the optimization of single-page SEO.
  • Job single page and shortcodes will enable you to create a job list with pagination.
  • Option to get an email notification for new jobs that have been posted or published.
  • Users can submit jobs from the front end and this feature is also powered with shortcodes.
  • You can extend the meta input fields by accessing the filter hook and you will also be able to extend the settings page with the filter hook.


You can run a basic job portal with the free version of the plugin.
Supports reCAPTCHA for the job submission form to keep you secure from spam.


Most advanced features are listed as premium so you have to spend money on them.

JS Job Manager:

Hope you are still following. Welcome to another brilliant WordPress extension that can turn your ordinary site into a job classifieds service. JS Job Manager is a perfect job board solution for small companies who want to run their custom job classifieds. With brilliant features and great documentation, this plugin is a great candidate for the best WordPress job board plugins.  You will also find that there are 250+ configurations and 45 shortcodes to fully power your system as a great job listing site.

Feature highlights of JS Job Manager:

  • The responsive design, unlimited job creation facility, and built-in search option will definitely grab your attention.
  • Activity logs of all major options and admin will have the full authorization of approving companies, jobs, and resumes.
  • You can export the applied resumes to excel or pdf. There is also an option to print them.
  • The search engine-friendly URLs and support for multiple languages will increase your site’s popularity.
  • Share jobs on social sites like Facebook and excellent email templates are other features that you will love about this WordPress job board plugin.


The extensive list of widgets for JS Job Manager is a highly appreciable feature.
There are 19 widgets for the front end and 4 widgets for the admin.
This plugin also has support for multiple languages so most people will be able to use this plugin.


Bugs have been a major issue for this excellent feature-rich plugin.


Those were undoubtedly the best WordPress job board plugins or job listing plugins with the most features that are free. We have tried to share the most important information that you needed to know about those plugins. If you have read carefully the full article you should have an ample amount of information about what you should look for in the best WordPress job board plugins. Though giant job sites are dominating the sector, you still have a great opportunity to target specific job niches and make it a productive business for you. The right selection of the best tool for your requirement with the budget in mind will help you reap the most of it. There are also job listing themes that may attract your attention if you do not want to get stuck with any particular theme then you should find the answer in one of those plugins.

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