WooCommerce B2B

Complete wholesale solution for WooCommerce

WooCommerce B2B is the most compatible and user-friendly wholesale plugin ever. The plugin allows store owners to set wholesale prices for the products and categories based on several wholesale roles, and it works for both simple and variable products.

If you want to keep your regular WooCommerce store running while also making it act like a wholesale store, then this is the plugin for you. You can literally separate your normal business and your wholesale business simply by using this plugin.

Create a private wholesale store within your existing WooCommerce store. Set multiple custom B2B user roles to separate your registered wholesale users. You can also shift the user roles of existing customers and new customers to shift between user roles. This way WooCommerce store owners can offer wholesale pricing for their products and product categories to B2B users.

Feature List

  • Multiple B2B user role tiers
  • Role-based discount on product & category
  • Set visibility option. (Public, Public Only, Wholesaler Only)
  • Conceal wholesale products for non-wholesale users
  • Set discounts type based on user roles (Fixed, Percentage)
  • Multiple Wholesale Registration page options (Using Shortcodes)
  • Manual registration options with manual or automatic approval
  • Set wholesale prices for Simple Product or Variable Product (different prices per product and variations)
  • Private Wholesale Store inside existing WooCommerce store
  • Exclude tax option for wholesale users
  • Exclude WooCommerce coupons for wholesale users
  • Send email notifications to B2B users
  • Minimum order amounts (upcoming)
  • Allocate B2B users into different user roles and assign different prices, discounts, or taxes to each wholesale role
  • Custom wholesale registration field
  • Advanced user approvals system
  • Customize email templates
  • Nine different types of custom fields: Text, Number, URL, Email, Checkbox, and many more
  • Mark fields required or optional


Purchase License

Plugins subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Technical Details


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