10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins 2020

10 Best Email Marketing Plugins

In the age of information technology; email marketing as a WordPress plugin is becoming a dominant tool to boost any kind of product sales. In addition, online marketing is such an activity that deals with creating and exchanging new offers to customers. In fact, most of the sales have incorporated with websites and to increase sales, communicating with the customers becomes a major factor to look after a business. Therefore, email marketing is one of the best tools to settle down promoting, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers.

What does Email Marketing mean? Why is Email marketing important for promoting sites?

Email marketing is a simple tool to send emails with updates. These updates can be on your product sales, discounts, new product launch, or anything that can be considered as promotional activities. As a result, your customers know more about the latest items or offers. It helps to let your customers know about your brands in the first place as well. Equally, you can say Email marketing is an act of sending commercial messages which helps you to convert visitors into customers.

Email Marketing with WordPress

Do you have a WordPress site? Do you want to promote your site or your business through online marketing?
To point out, creating a manual email subscription list is always longstanding. But the email marketing plugin has allowed you to send emails to your customers automatically. In the case of email marketing, WordPress has many free and premium Email Marketing tool. Now you might have a question on your mind. What can we do with it?

With the help of email marketing plugins, you are able to send emails to your customers which have an abundance of features. Hence, we will focus on the most popular Email Marketing plugins and explain their features so that you can identify which one suits you best.


First of all, Mailchimp leaves a grand impression when it comes to email marketing to begin with. Indeed, it is one of the most popular email marketing plugin available in WordPress. Notably, it helps you to grow your email listings as well as write a better email in several methods. Moreover, it has a free email subscription up to 2000 and 12000 emails per month for what most of the businesses choose it in the first place.


  • User-friendly with easy signup facilities
  • Mobile Optimized and friendly Signup forms
  • Full control Over form fields
  • Faultless integration with other popular plugins
  • Available add-ons to experience better features
  • Well documented
  • Translation feature
  • Filter and action hooks to modify default function


Newsletter is another awesome and popular email marketing tool likewise. It helps you to manage your user subscriptions, email automation, follow-up notifications, and much more significantly. Provided that, you can add more features through their premium extensions. Of course, you can send as many emails as you want with a better tracking facility. To put it otherwise, this helps you to target campaigns more effectively.


  • Unlimited Email Tracking
  • Customizable forms, widgets, themes
  • SMTP Support
  • Fully translatable
  • Subscribers import from file
  • Free, professional and third party add-ons
  • Target-based campaign
  • HTML and Text message type Newsletter
  • Blog mailing capability
  • Single and double opt-in
  • Friendly user support (WordPress, Official, Ticketing System)


MailPoet plugin has both a free and premium version of it. With the help of this plugin, you can easily create and send emails to your subscriber pretty smoothly directly from the dashboard. Unlike Mailchimp, you can use your own server or any third-party server for MailPoet. Using the free version, you can send unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers. If you want more subscriptions you will need to buy the premium plan. The price of the premium plan depends on how many subscriptions you want. You can also buy the ‘Agency’ version which will provide licenses for an unlimited number of sites with each having 1000 subscriptions capability.


  • Create own newsletter subscription form for your website
  • Automatic welcome emails
  • Manage your subscriber lists in WordPress
  • Create automatic emails to send new post notifications
  • Increase your sales with our emails for WooCommerce
  • Clear and insightful stats on your audience engagement for your site
  • Responsive email templates with customization facility
  • Capture inactive subscribers
  • Customizable sign up forms
  • Subscribers list segmentation
  • Automatic WordPress user list
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Automatic Thank you message
  • Own SMTP Service


Over 20000 people are using Mailster for their WordPress site to create and manage email newsletter campaigns. The most attractive feature Mailster has brought to us that it has a simple drag and drop editor which lets you create beautiful email templates. Another amazing feature is that when a customer makes a purchase, an automated mail is sent to the customer a day later. When customers engage in feedback, a personal discount is sent to the customers.


  • Manage and store newsletters within WordPress
  • Store all your subscribers and campaigns
  • Dozens of Integrations with Plugins
  • Real-time insight into your campaigns
  • SMTP Support
  • Image embedding
  • Translation ready
  • Import and Export your subscribers including metadata and custom fields
  • Choose subscription option for the subscribers
  • Handle soft and hard bounces
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Unlimited color variation
  • Preview option
  • Background image selection
  • Embedded newsletter with shortcodes
  • Send your latest post to your subscribers


SendinBlue is an all-in-one email marketing tool that comes up with the integration of Sendinblue account with your WordPress site. You can send thousands of emails and newsletters likewise directly from your WordPress site without any difficulty. Most of the free versions of email marketing plugins have to set SMTP servers or you need to set up a web host to send emails. SendinBlue gives you an opportunity to take care of all of them for you very easily.


  • Customizable subscription form with easy integration to your posts, pages, and sidebars
  • Advanced Contact lists segmentations to improve campaign performance
  • Drag and drop builder to create custom email templates
  • Mobile friendly newsletters
  • Automatically uses SendinBlue’s SMTP servers to send and track emails
  • Real-time stats gives you advanced insights into deliverability and performance – bounce reports, opens and clicks
  • Automatic marketing that identifies tags from the forms
  • Customizable Subscription forms
  • Integration of widgets and shortcodes
  • Options to select templates and the senders
  • Customizable contact lists
  • Advanced segmentation – Search by age, number of campaigns, etc
  • Create transactional email templates that are easy to reuse via the API
  • Responsive drag and drop email builder
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Automatic installation of scripts on your website
  • Access to SendinBlue account to maintain workflow as well as management

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Popups by OptinMonster

OptinMonster gets you more subscribers by capturing emails and creating different types of popups and static forms significantly. What makes OptionMonster different from other similar tools is its targeting options. It deploys pop-ups when a user intends to leave the page on the basis of the type of users. Hence, the technology they use is called exit intent technology. You can also target your visitors based on their visitors’ locations and their behavior on your site. From the information, you can then set your email campaigns and can create segmentation with the help of integrated email service providers. This tool has a drag-and-drop editor which helps you to create any kind of form from scratch. It can be the ultimate email marketing tool that might help you boost your sales, grow business, and subscribers.


  • Drag and drop popup builder
  • Dynamic popup elements like countdown timers, spin a wheel
  • Custom popups
  • Newsletter opt-in forms
  • Slide-ins popups
  • Announcement bars
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Pop up templates to boost conversions
  • Targeted popup message at the precise moment when visitor is about to leave
  • Smart page targeting and behavior-based personalization
  • Email marketing integration and popup analytics
  • Geolocation targeting for popups
  • Adblock detection popups
  • Email marketing and CRM integration

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Hubspot helps you to grow and engage more web visitors by providing free forms, email marketing, live chat, CRM, and analytics. Particularly, Hubspot provides the simple drag and drop interface for pop-ups and forms. Also, it collects any kind of submission form on your WordPress site and automatically adds them to the CRM which helps to make your visitors into loyal customers. In fact, the plugin includes a live chatting tool that helps in order to engage more customers . Moreover, it can deploy chatbots that answer all the simple questions your customer can ask for securing the place of support team members even when they are offline. When visitors put their information on the pop-ups, you can get in touch with them easily via email. Also, the plugin consists of a database where all the entire contacts are stored and managed.


  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Live Chat & Chatbots
  • Forms & Popups
  • Analytics
  • Seamless Integrations

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Indeed, the most lucrative feature that Sumo provides beyond pop-ups, email marketing, automated campaigns is a social share button. With the help of these features along with the number of other features, Sumo helps you to grow your customers like anything. Furthermore, you can add a “share” button anywhere on your website which ultimately allows your customers to share your site content in other social media. Moreover,  this plugin is directly integrated with WooCommerce which assists to create new offers and discounts for your customers.
With the help of creative looking newsletters and pop-ups, Sumo makes your visitors into permanent customers. On top of that, Sumo has a free customer support tool and customer analytics which determines if the customers are getting the most out of it or not.


  • Grow Email List
  • Email your subscriber
  • Share your content and product
  • Create unique offers and discounts along with beautiful forms
  • Free Customer Support
  • SEO friendly and secure
  • Pre-designed subscription forms
  • E-commerce integration
  • Option to View ROI from Every Email Subscribers and Sales

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Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Are you a regular blogger? or do you have a website? Email Subscribers & Newsletters has been built in such a way that it will fulfill the daily needs of a blogger and a site owner. Furthermore, if you need a fully-featured email marketing tool, if you want to build a contact list and want to keep your subscribers busy, this plugin can be a great deal. In fact, when you are in need of a complete newsletter plugin, this plugin can be the best among all of the email marketing tools. Moreover, this plugin helps you to send automated email notifications, new blog notifications. To conclude, you can say that this tool is the best place to collect, send, create, and manage email subscriptions all at once.


  • Data collected in your own server
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Subscription Spam Checker
  • GDPR ready
  • Unlimited contact storage
  • Create forms
  • WordPress users integration
  • Unlimited list creation opportunity
  • SMTP compatibility
  • Post notifications facility
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Using Widget, Form Shortcode, or PHP code to collect emails for subscriptions
  • Admin notifications when a user signs up
  • Automatic welcome email to contacts
  • Import/Export contacts
  • Create broadcasts using HTML editor
  • Email Open/ Viewed status
  • Autoresponder – sends a series of emails automatically Pro
  • Schedule emails
  • Newsletter templates
  • Automatic email cleanup
  • Active contact reports
  • Email open tracking
  • Automatic spam scorer
  • Advanced campaign reports
  • Unsubscription redirects to a specific page
  • Subscribers can select lists while unsubscribing
  • UTM tracking

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GoDaddy Email Marketing

Godaddy Email marketing helps you to create and track emails that integrate with your site. Additionally, it has a the starter account that helps you to collect as many email addresses as you want for free. Moreover, you can start building an email list that drives back your traffic to your site! Using a widget you can set your default sign-up form or you can build your own form and can add it to your site using a shortcode, widget, and tag.


  • Automatically add signup forms
  • Create email lists
  • Unlimited signup forms using the widget, shortcode, or template tag
  • Image storage capability
  • Professional templates
  • Unsubscribe option
  • Custom reporting to show which emails get opened, clicked and shared
  • Seamless integration with website builder and store
  • Authentication tool to protect subscriber from spams
  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Track your stats

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There are also other email marketing tools you can use. These tools can be associated with several platforms. To know the features, go through the following links –