Best WordPress Customer Support Plugins in 2024

Best WordPress Customer Support Plugins in 2023

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of a business. Customer support is directly associated with the post-purchase experience of a customer. With great customer service, you can make loyal customers. Satisfied customers or loyal customers are also your business asset. They will definitely spread good words about your business and recommend it to their friends and families. The word of mouth – WOM or electric word of mouth eWOM works like magic to bring in new customers. On the other hand, keeping a customer who is already in is fairly easier than bringing in a new customer. Every reputed business should make a great effort to make sure their customer support is incomparable. In this blog, we will try to find the best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins.

Here, we will highlight and discuss some of the best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins.

Now that we have understood the importance of customer support. Let’s focus on some of the best plugins that we can use in the WordPress environment. WordPress is the most dominant CMS and a large portion of the web is powered by it. Rich functionality and user-friendly features give WordPress the required upper hand to dominate the web. Lots of business websites and eCommerce platforms run on this platform. All those online businesses require an automated system to run and keep track of their customer support. There are lots of free and premium plugins available for us.

Let’s start with the shortlist of the five best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins.

Fluent Support

Support ticket management can be a big headache. No doubt, client support is the core of a business. Fluent Support’s dynamic interface and filtering options will make your work easy.

Automation power is another big plus of Fluent Support. From auto-agent assignment to automated replies to fully auto-triggered workflows, anything is possible. This will keep time free for the important work of providing great support.

But that’s not it. Automation is just one of the features. When you are trying to search the history of a client, you need filtering power. And Fluent Support covers every possible way of filtering you can think of. You get quick filtering and category-wise filtering.

If that’s not enough, Fluent Support has an advanced level of conditional filtering. You can create conditions to find specific tickets. Isn’t that handy?

These are just the tips of the iceberg. The good news is, even if you are using some other system, Fluent Support has a lot of easy ways to import your client data and tickets into Fluent Support. Because all of these 6000+ businesses trust this WordPress helpdesk plug.

So, you should definitely give it a try.

Key features of Fluent Support

  • Automatic Agent Assignment
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Instant loading with superfast SPA
  • Automated reply
  • Private note-taking for agents
  • Automated workflow
  • 20+ integrations
  • Email piping
  • Email CC
  • Advanced conditional filtering
  • Priority support
  • Custom field

Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin:

This is by far the most popular WordPress support plugin. Do not underestimate this brilliant tool as this plugin is very powerful. For instance, it has all those rich features like dedicated service providers, for example, Zendesk or HelpScout. The awesome support team has been working for over three years. Over this long period, they have researched, worked hard, and improved this tool for complete customer support. The free features will be sufficient for basic customer support, but the PRO feature can enhance its ability beyond comparison. You will be surprised by the mammoth feature list as they have everything covered. In addition to that statement, there are features that you may not actually require.

Let’s highlight some of the features of Awesome Support:


First of all, let’s discuss the ticketing system of Awesome support. The generation of support tickets is one of the most fundamental steps of customer support. This plugin will enable users to create and submit support tickets from the front end of your site. Your agents will be able to reply to all those support tickets from the back end. The highly customizable tickets are so flexible to manage and work with.


Secondly, we will discuss importing. If you are already using some platform, then switching can seem to be quite challenging for you. Awesome support offers the coolest importing system to import existing tickets. The flawless and smooth transition will ensure your productivity.

Email notification:

Thirdly, an email notification is another must-have feature and they have it covered for us. There are different events that will trigger an email notification for the involved parties. Apart from that, the emails are fully customizable so you are free to create your own email template.

Restricted access:

Everything is private between the support agent and the client. Though there is a premium add-on for public ticketing, in general tickets are private.

File Upload:

Files are very important for customer support. Support requests often require uploading files. Files can convey the exact message more efficiently. Awesome support offers a brilliant file-uploading system. The admin will have complete control over the file type, size, and a number of files to upload in one session. Admin will be able to set a preference on those fields.
To conclude, we have not scratched the surface of what Awesome Support offers us. There are lots of premium add-ons to deal with all sorts of tasks. They have created bundles of add-ons for different types of uses, but you can select specific add-ons based on your need. We highly recommend this tool, but you should check the other available tools too. One thing you should keep in mind is that this product can become very expensive.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System:

Here we have another state-of-the-art plugin for customer support. This extremely popular plugin has over 9000+ active installations. They have decided to redefine the customer support experience for all and working on a different project called the SupportCandy. As the WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is discontinued let’s continue with SupportCandy and get to know some of the awesome features of this brand-new support plugin. The team has brought all their experience and learning into a completely new package. So, we can expect something exceptional from this plugin.


First of all, this GDPR-compatible plugin offers us to create unlimited tickets. Important to note that you can create unlimited tickets in the free version itself. In addition to that, you can enjoy unlimited agents for replying to the tickets. This is rich with Ajax functionality and offers Front-end & a Backend interface for agents. This adds more convenience for the agents as they will be able to handle the issues without any restrictions. Guest tickets, file attachments, and responsive design are some of the awesome features of this brand-new plugin. Surely the translation feature is a real aid for users and it supports most of the largely used languages in the world.  Finally, there are lots of PRO add-ons to enhance the features and increase productivity.

JS Help Desk (formerly JS Support Ticket):

This is the third plugin of our best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins. Certainly, this is one of the most simple, easy-to-use, and completely web-based customer support systems. Let’s dive in to know more about some of the gorgeous features of this plugin. First, you will be able to create unlimited tickets with this plugin. Secondly, this easy-to-use plugin supports notification and auto-response. So, sending acknowledgment will become just another automated task for you. Thirdly, the integration of shortcodes and responsive design gives us simplicity and user-friendliness. Other features like Email templates, Priority, Unlimited departments, Attachments, and support of multiple languages will set you free from all sorts of restrictions. With the proper focus on customer support, you will be able to learn more about their desire and also the problems associated with your service or product. They also have a PRO version with more options. Make sure to keep this magnificent tool on your shortlist.

uCare – Support Ticket System & HelpDesk:

As we progress with the list of best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins there is one important note. This serial does not mean anything. There are some popularity issues, but you are completely free to select the tool that you like most. This will give you some idea but should conduct some research too. With 3000+ active installations, this is another state-of-the-art plugin for customer support. The beautiful and user-friendly interface adds ease to the work. As the front end is fully powered with Ajax there are no loading and everything updates while you are on the same page. There is no PRO version of this plugin yet. You will get all the required features in the free version. This plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. The plugin is fast and lightweight, supports ticket search & filter, and enables to set of ticket status and priority. Finally, the notification system and event logging will keep your support team productive and contribute to your business.

Sola Support Tickets:

We have come to the final choice of our best WordPress help desk and customer support plugins list. This is also very popular and it also has a PRO version. The free features will be adequate for small businesses. Though the free version allows only one customer support agent, it has all the features to maintain steady customer support. The Premium version of this plugin allows having multiple support agents. The premium version also allows the creation of Macros. Macros are awesome as they allow us to create automatic responses. The plugins that we discussed above had lots of mind-blowing features. Sola Support Tickets falls a little short compared to those plugins but still offers a decent feature list.

To conclude, it is very hard to give one plugin priority over the other. They all have the basic features important for proper customer support. You need to be smart to select the best tool for your business. Every business has different demands and customer support also varies based on the business. Make the best decision for your business.

WP-Chatbot builder:

Free WP-Chatbot Builder plugin provides both a chatbot builder platform and a Facebook Messenger Marketing Solution. Using this plugin, you can develop and set up your own personal messenger chatbot to automate interactions between your website and its visitors.

It can aid in the acquisition of email subscribers for your eCommerce site, and can nurture them as potential leads, While retargeting customers and reducing cart abandonment.

Webmasters can profit from the following features:

  • Tools for lead generation.
  • Segment Your Clients.
  • Broadcast Unique messages to single or multiple people.
  • Handover to a live human chat.
  • Deploying Facebook Messenger Ads to target customers.
  • With the Zapier integrations, you can save time.
  • Create an unlimited number of chatbots and chats.
  • Monitoring the growth with the help of an analytics dashboard.
  • Customers will be able to interact in different languages.
  • Data from subscribers can be exported and shared.

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