How To Run a Custom YouTube Auto Blogging Campaign with WP Content Pilot

How to run a custom YouTube auto blogging campaign with WP Content Pilot

The  WP Content Pilot is an awesome plugin for WordPress. This auto blogging and content curation plugin can automatically create high-quality custom blog posts. It allows the admin to create a custom campaign in various fields. You can run an automatic campaign by setting a few important things and you are good to go. The campaign will run by itself until it reaches the target. You can also set the frequency of the campaign. Choose a frequency that is best suited for you. The available options allow the user to select from 1-24 hours.

The importance of blog:

The importance of blog is skyrocketing. If you run any small and medium-sized enterprises then you should already know the importance of a consistent online presence. Modern technology has offered us various platforms to maintain a healthy and consistent online presence. Blogs are excellent marketing alternative as they offer regular engagement with your existing customer and potential future customers. Online marketing that also includes Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become the most popular alternative. Blogs shared over the social networks increases exposure and transmits the message more efficiently. Traditional marketing methods failed to compete with modern online methods due to the speed and reach ability of modern online methods.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robot auto blogging tool
Image: WP content pilot will take care of your blogging by creating automatic posts like an intelligent robot.

Blogs have evolved a lot over time. Though the blog was introduced to be something informative and discrete, but eventually the marketing potential took over. You will be able to run a custom campaign of products and other business ideas with a blog. Everyone understands the importance of blog but most people fail to run an effective campaign due to time restriction. To make impact blogs need to be well crafted and in regular frequency. Suppose, you are creating engaging web content but you fail to maintain regularity. Initially, people will show a good response to your efforts but over time they will lose interest due to the inconsistency. You have to understand the importance of regular content first to maximize the benefits of blogs.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robot auto blogging
Image: Blogs have become very important for a consistent online presence.

Auto blogging:

Auto blogging is a blogging solution that gathers and compiles data from different sources and generates a blog post. It can be a perfect solution for business owners who are very busy to maintain regularity. There are tools that can compile and generate awesome content great content. With the help of such auto blogging tool like WP Content Pilot, you can increase your productivity and achieve much more. There will be lots of time to focus on your other important works while WP Content Pilot will take care of your blogging.

The impacts of WP Content Pilot: This state of the art tool will liberate you from the workload without harming the performance. You will be able to enjoy being free and enjoy life a little more. The benefits will come from multiple frontiers. This will increase your productivity, provide you with the much-needed space between your personal and professional life, achieve a healthy personal life. Sometimes it becomes very hard to juggle between personal and professional life. You keep working harder and harder compromising your personal life. Then there comes a time when you finally snap. The ability to use tools give us the upper hand in the animal kingdom. You should use tools to stay ahead and maintain a balance in your life.

Run an automated YouTube campaign with WP Content Pilot:

YouTube is a popular video sharing site. It is gaining more and more popularity with lots of video creators and followers. People can learn and entertain themselves from the YouTube channels. The video creators can also earn money by monetizing their channels. Popular social media sites are falling behind of YouTube active usage. Running an automated blog with YouTube will add a huge advantage. The followers of your blog will be able to notice the updates. It will also open an opportunity to increase visitors on your channel.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robot auto blogging tool youtube blog vlog
Image: YouTube is a video sharing site that is growing to be more popular.

How to run an automated campaign with WP Content Pilot:

After installing the plugin you have to add the YouTube API key to be able to run the campaign.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robot
Image: WP Content Pilot is an automated robot that can generate engaging content.

First of all, you have to go to settings and select the desired options from there. There are few options to choose from. If you do not want to bother about other settings except YouTube then just jump into YouTube Settings from the option. After selecting you will find an input field asking for the YouTube API key. Paste the key there and hit save changes.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots
Image: Insert the YouTube API Key to make sure your campaign runs without any trouble.

Learn how to add the YouTube API key by following this link.

Without adding the YouTube API key you will get an error while trying to run the custom campaign. Follow the steps precisely to stay out of trouble. After saving the YouTube API key you move to the next level.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots run campaign menu
Image: WP Content Pilot menu on the dashboard.

Select the new campaign from WP Content Pilot menu that is added to the dashboard after installation. You can also check the status of your currently running campaigns from there. Campaigns that have finished will also be listed there.

WP Content Pilot offers a simple and straight forward user interface to initiate your campaign. You just have to select the desired options and run the campaign. Still, we will walk you through the whole process to make sure you do not face any problem. You will always be able to come back to this post if something goes wrong and fix the issue by yourself.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots wp
Image: Select the campaign options and additional settings carefully to make the most successful campaign.

After selecting a new campaign from the menu, the first thing you should do is give a relative name to your campaign. It is a very good practice to give a name that is meaningful to your campaign. Of course, you can name them as campaign 1, campaign 2 and so on but this will only increase your problem in the future. A better and descriptive name will give you the advantage to track your campaign more efficiently. Then come down to the campaign type and select YouTube. Now you have to select the keywords. You can select single or multiple numbers of keywords by separating them with a comma. Then comes the search type. Select global or a specific channel from the drop-down menu. If you select global then WP Content Pilot will fetch post from all over YouTube that matches your keywords. On the other hand, selecting a specific channel will only fetch data from that specific channel. If you have any popular YouTube channel then this should be your first choice. Now jump to the category option and select your desired option from there.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots options category
Image: Select a YouTube category from the drop-down menu.

Each category offered by YouTube is listed here for the ease of your use. Carefully select the option and move forward to search order by. Search order by has options like relevance, date, title, view count and rating. Then you have to select the search order section. You can set the search order in ascending order or descending order. Next step is to select the keyword type. The keyword type can give you two options. You can select the exact keyword to make sure the posts do not drift to another subject than your desired one. If you select any words then the system will search for any of the words from the keyword. Then you have to select the minimum words option. You can set any number of word from this menu. We recommend targeting a small number of words for the YouTube campaign. For example, fifty is a good choice for the YouTube campaign. YouTube videos have a very little description added with them. If you set a higher range the WP Content Pilot will not be able to generate automatic posts. Hope you have got the whole point now. Finally, the content type comes under the primary campaign options. If your post is HTML then it will post HTML content otherwise the normal content will be posted. Congratulations you have successfully set the primary campaign options to run it. Find the question mark beside each option. You will be able to get hints from there. Options that are confusing have hints under it to make sure nothing stops you or hamper your productivity.

Furthermore, there are the additional settings that will enhance your posts. Those options are easy to understand and we expect you to select them carefully in order to make the most of WP Content Pilot. The easy to follow graphical user interface (GUI) will lead you in the right direction.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots opt
Image: Post settings will add more control to your campaign make sure you do not ignore them intentionally.

Post settings allow you to select what you want to include in your post and exclude what you do not want to add in your post. Play with the available options to get the best result. WP Content Pilot is a very powerful robot or tool that will run your campaign while you are away doing something else. So, you have to provide it with the best options that best serve your purpose. You have to publish the post first before you are able to run them.

wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots wp auto content
Image: Campaign settings.


wp content pilot wp automatic wp robots run campaign
Image: The final touch to run a fully automated campaign.

The final step is to select the campaign settings. Select active first then set a campaign target and frequency to run it. Now enjoy the fully automated blogging by hitting run now. You will definitely love the excellent interface of WP Content Pilot and be amazed by the functionality.

We have already stated the importance of space between your personal and professional life. Make a perfect balance between them with the best available tool for your WordPress site. Stay updated with our latest plugins to increase productivity and stay secure in the vulnerable online world.


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