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Richard Detering asked 9 months ago

I’m thinking about giving WP Content Pilot a 1 star rating. It uses Bing to search for articles, at least that’s what Support told me. As long as the search is in the English language everything is okay. But Bing doesn’t understand anything from foreign languages. My settings are: articles, Dutch language (Netherlands) keywords, exact word and Bing and Yahoo are excluded. When I manually do an exact match keyword search in Bing the results are chaotic. Most search engine results are in English and the few Dutch results are totally irrelevant. The smart plugin itself produces the same wrong results despite the fact that I excluded Bing and Yahoo in the settings. So WP Content Pilot simply doesn’t work for me as expected. Very disappointed! When I do the same search in Google, the results are almost perfect. Does anyone have an explanation and a solution for this? Unfortunately Tech Support didn’t reply my email anymore. Thanks!

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Staff Writer Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Richard,
Apologies for the dissatisfaction with our previous responses. We sent you the last reply and you did not reply to us back so the misunderstanding.

There are some problems with Google search so we switched to Bing. You may notice that an improved version of the WP Content Pilot is released.
We will add the Google search in the premium version again. We would recommend you to be patient for a while. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to share your suggestions with us.
We always want to ensure the best experience for our users. I hope you will understand the situation.

Staff Writer Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Richard,
We understand your frustration but you are not allowing us to solve this problem. We have recently sent you an email. Did you get it? You keep referring that we did not properly respond to your support requests but we always answered your questions. Please get back to us so we can solve this problem. Thank you.

Richard answered 9 months ago

Hi Kibria
Yes you replied by email that it will be Google in the Premium version. But not in the free version. So, regarding search quality in a foreign language, the free version has no real value to me since most of the article search results are wrong in BING.
And the support problem is the fact that I receive forum messages about the issue in my email and when I click on view answer it brings me to a non existing page on the forum. Why?
Anyway, both issues have NOT been resolved for me but of course the first issue is the most important.
Thanks for your time!

Kibria replied 8 months ago

Hi Richard,
We highly apologize for the inconvenience. This link is perfectly available for everyone, can you please verify that it is also available for you too. BTW will you please connect with us from our live support section. Please find the message icon at the right bottom corner of our site. Thank you.

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