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tsmgroup asked 1 year ago

I recently installed the WP Content Pilot and it is giving me the error that it is unable to retrieve feeds even though I am entering the correct feed link addresses. Can someone help?

Alex replied 11 months ago

This plugin does not work! I’ve tried the feeds and youtube. Yes. I installed the API. This plugin does not work.

Alex replied 11 months ago

OK. I tried for 2 hours. Gave it one more after I posted this AND IT WORKED. Don’t know why. Sorry.

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Kibria Staff answered 1 year ago

WP Content Pilot is one of the most powerful plugins that you will ever find in WordPress. In order to achieve its goal, it may appear to be a little complicated for users. We believe that you have done everything right, but still, there are some checkpoints that you should review. First of all, you must provide valid feed links. You can add multiple links that are separated by a comma. Secondly, if you are putting exact feed links then you should check “Forced Feed”. The “Keyword Type” does not have anything to do with this campaign. Do not worry much about it. Still, selecting the option “Any Words” will keep you on the safe side. Select the minimum words. Opting a smaller number is also beneficial as it will have more option to work with. Then comes the “Additional Settings”. Play with them as you wish to generate the desired output. Hopefully, this will help you solve your problem. Finally, please visit our documentation section for more helpful information.

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