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anthony asked 1 year ago

WP Content Pilot is bringing in articles but only putting in uncategorized. It is not assigning articles to the designated categories. The current version of WP and WP Content Pilot is running on GoDaddy host and Debian VMS. Some help please, thank you.

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Staff Writer Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anthony,
Sorry for the inconvenience. You did report this to us earlier and we have worked on it. We have released an update that also addresses this issue. Please update the plugin. Your problem will be solved. If there is anything else please let us know. Thanks a lot.

Vuković answered 5 months ago

maybe I already ask but……I wil use WP content pilot for news portal but I have one problem. WPCP pull some old posts from sources. On todays date I have some posts from tomorow or older. It is problem because I working with daily news. How can I fix it?

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