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Mark Cooper asked 7 months ago

I only have a single product that is using serial numbers and it shows I have 80+ serial numbers available. All of my other products are not configured to use WooCommerce Serial Numbers. However, each day I receive an email notification that serial numbers are low.

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Kibria Staff answered 7 months ago

You have complete control over the notifications. You can access this from the settings section. Set the limit to a more appropriate number so you don’t get notifications that are not helpful. You also have the option to opt out from email notification. Learn more about settings and notification visit our documentation page.

Mike answered 6 months ago

This is a bug, we’re getting the same notification too every night. The email doesn’t have content in the body except “Please add more serial number for the following items” with nothing listed. Our notification settings are set correctly with a threshold of 5 and email checked. Please advise.

kibria Staff replied 6 months ago

There was some issue with the notification settings but we have fixed them months ago. I am sure that you are using the latest updates of WooCommerce Serial Numbers. Have you enabled the license options from the product page? We would love to have more information about this. Dear Mike, will you please give us a knock at our live support section?

Mike replied 6 months ago

I tried the live support, you aren’t online now. Our license is current and enabled for updates. There is still an issue with notifications sending when there aren’t any low serials in the admin.

kibria Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Mike, We understand that this is very annoying for you. We have rewritten the whole notification section to fix this unwanted issue. The update should be available for you within this week. Please be patient.

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