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Jerry asked 2 years ago

I created an RSS feed campaign with WP Content Pilot and pulled a test run fine. I had to delete the initial post as there was an error and empty it from the trash. But when I run the test again, it now says that “Could not retrieve any valid links”. I cleared the logs and recreated the campaign with the same results. Please assist.

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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Jerry,
Sorry for the inconvenience. I believe you have done everything right as you were successful in creating campaigns. For the campaign options, it is better to use direct feed links like this for a better result. Once you insert the direct feed link make sure to use “Force Feed”. This will restrict the plugin from auto-discovering feed links. In case you do not want to use direct feed links it is also fine. Play with “Min Words” and “Additional Settings” to ensure a flexible campaign. Enabling lots of options may make the campaign difficult based on your keyword or feed links. Visit our documentation section to find beneficial information there. Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

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