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Ali Naderi asked 2 weeks ago

There are two bugs in the last update of the WP Content Pilot (1.2.4). The maximum size of the article titles is just 10 words. As mentioned in the settings, when nothing is set in the related field of title size, the default should be to extract the full title. I even changed the size to 30 words, but titles are still 10 words. Another bug is that the titles don’t extract colon character (“:”) from the original article title.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Kibria Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Ali,
Are you using the feature called Clean Title? If you are using this feature then the title will be reduced to 10 words and it will also remove any special characters.
Thank you.

Ali Naderi replied 1 week ago

Hi Kibria,

Thanks so much for the response. You’re right, the reason was because I had activated the “Clean Title”. After deactivating this feature, it is solved.

Kind regards,

Kibria Staff replied 7 days ago

You are welcome.

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