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How to Activate Licenses for Any of Our Premium Plugins

After the successful installation and activation of the premium plugin, it will display a warning called ‘Enter your license key‘ and ask you to activate the license.

This step is about activating your license so that any of our premium plugins can fully function. You can find the license key in your order confirmation email or log in to PluginEver’s My Account section using the email you used to purchase any of our premium plugins.

After successful login, you will be able to access important account-related information tabs like account info, purchase history, downloads, License keys, Profile, and Support Ticket. The purchase history section offers various information and the most important one is the License keys.

Now, go to the License Keys menu, and then you see the premium product name and the license key.

Just copy/paste the license key into the Enter your license key field, and activate your license by clicking the Activate button.

That is how you can activate any of our premium plugins.