How to Activate License

The first thing you have to deal with is to know how to activate a plugin. We have put everything together so our customers can proceed without any hassle. We send an email to our customers right after the purchase is complete. That email contains specific information and download links. Still, some customers face problems here and there. This article contains everything you need to know about activating our pro plugins and Pluginever’s license activation.

My Account:

My Account section How to activate license
My Account Section

Though we email you a link to the product, you can also download it from the My Account section. You have to log into the My Account section to do so. The download link in the email can get expired, but you will be able to download from the My Account section as long as your license is valid. First of all, you have to Log in using your username (you can also use your email address) and password. There is a password reset option in case you have forgotten the password.

Login Page PluginEver
Login Page

Your Personal Section:

After successful login, you will be able to access important account-related information tabs like account info, purchase history, downloads, License keys, Profile, and Support Ticket. The purchase history section offers various information and the most important one is the License keys. By clicking you will be able to check your license keys in case you have forgotten it for some reason. Purchase history also offers the option to download the invoice. You will also see a download section where a list of all the products that you have purchased will appear. You can redownload them from here. If you click on the view licenses option it will take you to a new window. In this section, you will find valuable information about your purchase. Click on the key icon to see the license key. It will display the license key just below the button. Just copy it from there and you are good to go.


My Account Purchase history
Purchase history Section
View Licenses My Account
View Licenses Section

Downloading Pro Plugin:

Downloading a pro plugin is very easy and straightforward. We expect everyone will be able to do this without any hassle. You just have to click on the Downloads tab in order to download your purchased files.

My Account Downloads Section
Downloads Section

Installing Plugin:

Hopefully, you have completed your download. Now you have to install the plugin. Installing a plugin is child’s play and of course, follows the same process as other WordPress plugins. The only difference is you have to upload the plugin to install. We can directly install plugins from but we can also download and upload them to install. Hopefully, you are familiar with all of these. Still, we are sharing the steps to make sure you can continue without any problem whatsoever.

Plugin Installation Steps:

  1. Login to your site admin panel
  2. From the left side panel Click Plugins -> Add New
  3. Now Click on Upload Plugin from the very top of the screen
  4. Now it will show a little form to upload the plugin
  5. Click on Choose File button from the form and navigate to the folder you saved zipped plugin which you downloaded earlier step and select that file.
  6. Click Install Now button from the form. It will take a few moments to complete the installation process.
  7. After a successful installation, you will see a confirmation message.

Now you are done with the installation process.

Activate PRO plugins with Pluginever’s license key:

After the successful installation and activation of the PRO plugin, it will display a warning and ask you to activate the license. There you will find two different options called “Enter your license key” and “check how to activate license”.

Warning generated by the PRO plugin for license activation

Clicking on “Enter your license key” will take you to a different page where you will find the field to enter your license key and hit the activate license.

Insert your license key here

That is all you need to become eligible for the PRO features. You can refer to our documentation section by clicking on the “check how to activate license”. Finally, the plugin should be ready to use.

That is all you need to become eligible for the PRO features. You can refer to our documentation section by clicking on the “check how to activate license”. Finally, the plugin should be ready to use.

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