6 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for 2024

6 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins in 2023

Are you looking to level up your WordPress affiliate marketing game in 2024? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to dive into the world of WordPress affiliate plugins and unveil the 6 best options available to supercharge your affiliate marketing efforts.

Now, you might be wondering, what makes these 6 plugins so special? Well, we’ve done the research for you and handpicked the best of the best for this list. These plugins come packed with amazing features, seamless integration with WordPress, and exceptional customer support.

Whether you’re looking for powerful analytics, easy link management, or robust commission tracking, these plugins have got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the top 6 WordPress affiliate plugins that will skyrocket your affiliate marketing success in 2024.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dive in!

Required Attributes for the Right WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Required Attributes for the Right WordPress Affiliate Plugin

So, you’re on the hunt for a WordPress affiliate plugin? Great choice! But before you jump into the world of affiliate marketing, there are a few important things to consider.

User Friendly

Trust me, no one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to set up and manage their affiliate links. Look for a plugin with a straightforward interface and easy-to-follow instructions.


You’ll want a plugin that offers all the essential features to run your affiliate program smoothly. Features like link tracking, commission management, and performance analytics are essential for keeping tabs on your conversions and earnings.

Don’t settle for a basic plugin that only offers the bare minimum. Aim for one that offers robust features to support your affiliate marketing needs.


Make sure the plugin you choose plays nicely with your WordPress theme and other plugins. The last thing you want is a conflicting plugin that causes your website to crash or slow down.

Trust me, that can be a real headache! Look for a plugin that is regularly updated and has positive user reviews to ensure compatibility and stability.


Now, what’s an affiliate program without some good-looking banners and ads? You want to be able to customize the appearance of your affiliate links and banners to match your website’s branding seamlessly.

Plus, having eye-catching ads that blend well with your site will attract more clicks from your visitors. So, don’t overlook this aspect when choosing your plugin.


Affiliate marketing can get tricky at times, so having prompt and reliable customer support can be a lifesaver. Look for a plugin provider that offers excellent support and documentation. This will ensure that you can quickly get help when you need it and find answers to your questions without pulling your hair out.

Remember, choosing the right WordPress affiliate plugin is crucial for your success as an affiliate marketer.

Take your time, weigh the options, and consider these factors to make an informed decision. With the right plugin on your side, you’ll be well on your way to earning those sweet affiliate commissions and turning your WordPress site into a money-making machine!

List of the Top 6 WordPress Affiliate Plugins

List of the Top 6 WordPress Affiliate Plugins
  1. AffiliateWP
  2. ThirstyAffiliates
  3. Pretty Links
  4. AdSanity
  5. Easy Affiliate
  6. WP Affiliate Manager



AffiliateWP is a popular and highly regarded WordPress affiliate plugin that provides all the necessary tools to manage and track your affiliate program effectively. It integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website, allowing you to easily set up, monitor, and optimize your affiliate campaigns.

Key Features

– Real-time affiliate tracking and reporting

– Unlimited affiliates and referrals

– Integration with popular payment gateways

– Affiliate coupon tracking

– Affiliate dashboard for performance tracking

– Customizable commission rates and payout options

– Integration with popular eCommerce platforms

Pricing Plans

– Personal license: $134.55 per year

– Plus license: $159.60 per year

– Professional license: $209.65 per year


– Robust tracking and reporting capabilities

– Seamless integration with WordPress

– Easy-to-use interface

– Flexible commission structures

– Excellent customer support


– Relatively higher pricing compared to some other plugins

– Additional add-ons might require extra costs



ThirstyAffiliates is a feature-rich WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to manage and cloak your affiliate links effectively. It offers advanced link management, tracking, and useful tools to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.

Key Features

– Link cloaking to make affiliate links more user-friendly and professional-looking

– Link categorization and organization for easy management

– Automatic keyword linking to monetize specific keywords

– Import and export functionality for bulk link management

– Advanced analytics and reporting

– Easy integration with popular affiliate platforms

Pricing Plans

– Basic license: $79.50 per year

– Plus license: $129.50 per year (additional features and customer support)

– Professional license: $199.50 per year


– Powerful link management and organization

– Link cloaking for professional-looking URLs

– Seamless integration with WordPress

– Affordable pricing for Pro license

– Support for import and export of links


– Pro license required for certain advanced features and customer support

– Limited features in the free version

Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a versatile WordPress affiliate plugin that focuses on link management and optimization. It allows you to create clean, shortened links that are easy to share and track. With Pretty Links, you can easily manage and redirect your affiliate links, analyze click data, and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Key Features

– Link cloaking and URL shortening

– Customizable link slugs for branded URLs

– Redirect and track clicks on your links

– Automatic link replacement throughout your site

– Split testing to optimize link performance

– Detailed analytics and reporting

Pricing Plans

– Beginner license: $99.50/year

– Marketer license: $149.50/year (additional features and customer support)

– Super Affiliate license: $199.50/year (extended features and priority support)


– Simplified management and tracking of affiliate links

– Easy-to-use interface with intuitive link creation

– Customizable branded URLs for a professional look

– Powerful split testing capabilities

– Solid analytics and reporting functionality


– Some advanced features are only available in the higher-priced licenses

– The free version has limitations compared to the Pro and Plus versions



AdSanity is a comprehensive WordPress affiliate plugin that focuses on ad management and display. It allows you to create and manage various types of ads, including affiliate ads, and track their performance. With AdSanity, you can easily insert and schedule ads within your content, control their display, and analyze their effectiveness.

Key Features

– Ad management system with scheduling and display control

– Supports various ad types, including affiliate ads

– Customizable ad templates and styles

– Impression and click tracking for detailed analytics

– Grouping and categorization of ads for easy management

– Integration with popular ad networks and platforms

Pricing plans:

– Basic license: $59/year

– Pro license: $179/year (for use on multiple sites)

– Lifetime license: $499/year


– Flexible and robust ad management capabilities

– Seamless integration with WordPress

– Comprehensive tracking and analytics features

– Support for various ad types and platforms

– User-friendly interface and easy setup


– Limited features in the single site license compared to the developer license

– Advanced features may require technical expertise to set up and configure

Easy Affiliate (Previously Affiliate Royale)

Affiliate Royale

Easy Affiliate is a powerful WordPress affiliate plugin that offers a range of features to manage your affiliate program effectively. It allows you to create custom sign-up forms, track affiliate links and referrals, and generate detailed reports to analyze performance.

Key Features

– Easy affiliate registration and management

– Commission tracking and reporting

– Integration with popular eCommerce platforms

– Customizable affiliate dashboard

– Affiliate link generator

– Affiliate program management and communication tools

Pricing Plans

– Basic license: $99.50/year

– Plus license: $149.50/year

– Pro license: $199.50/year


– Seamless integration with WordPress

– User-friendly interface

– Robust tracking and reporting features

– Support for various payment integrations

– Comprehensive affiliate management tools


– Higher price compared to some other plugins

– Limited features in the single-site license

WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager is one of the feature-packed WordPress affiliate plugins available right now. It provides a straightforward way to manage and track your affiliate program, including commission calculations, creative assets management, and affiliate performance analytics.

Key Features

– Affiliate registration and management

– Advanced coupon tracking

– Real-time affiliate reporting

– Customizable commission structures

– Integration with popular payment gateways

– Affiliate performance analytics

Pricing Plans

– Single site license: $39 per year

– Developer License: $97 per year


– Easy setup and integration with WordPress

– Robust affiliate tracking and reporting

– Customizable commission structure

– Good value for money

– Prompt support and regular updates


– Some advanced features available only in higher-priced licenses

– Additional add-ons may come at an extra cost

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Well, there you have it folks – my top 6 picks for the best WordPress affiliate plugins out there right now. Whether you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, one of these plugins should help take your efforts to the next level.

Don’t just take my word for it though – be sure to check them all out for yourself and see which one feels like the best fit for your site and business goals. And remember, these plugins are really just a piece of software – the real work is on you to create awesome content that drives sales.

So get out there, pick a plugin, and start promoting! Wishing you all the affiliate success in 2024.

That’s all for now. Until next time!


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