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WooCommerce Category Slider plugin by PluginEver provides you the opportunity of showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider. You can show your product categories in a modern-looking and descriptive slider with details of your category. It has a lot of features that allow you to control the slider and its content.

Gutenberg Block Support

WooCommerce Category Slider by default supports Gutenberg. Select a slider from your created sliders right from the block called WooCommerce Category Slider.

Intuitive Shortcode Builder

Category Slider comes with a powerful & intuitive shortcode builder. The shortcode shows its selected categories in a real-time mode. From where you can edit almost all properties of WooCommerce product categories.

Category Customization

WooCommerce Product Category Slider enables you to customize the category image, category description, Category icon, and even category links too. You can use any custom image as a slider image if you don’t want to show default product category images.

27+ Ready Themes

Though you can create unlimited numbers of styles with the built-in customizer of our WooCommerce Product Category Slider plugin, we have shipped 27+ ready themes with the plugin to gear up your settings process. You just need to tweak the colors as per your requirements.

Single Slide Support

WooCommerce Category Slider supports single slide mode. If you don’t like to show the categories in a column-like slider, you have the option to use it as a full-width single slider from any 27 available themes.

Category Selection Modes

You may want to show all of your categories or few selected categories in the slider. That’s why WooCommerce Category Slider has both options so you can use your needed one. If you do not want to show all, you can limit the number of slides to cut the loading time.

Category Ordering In Slider

Each store may have its own way of ordering categories. So, it has the option to sort categories in the maximum possible ways. The plugin supports sort by Term ID, Term name, Term description, Term group, Product count, or default in ascending or descending order.

Category Elements Controlling

You can control the visibility of any elements of the slider.
You can show or hide category images, descriptions, buttons, category names, product counts, navigation, pagination, and even border.

Color Customization

WooCommerce Category Slider lets you control the color of any element of the slider.
You can choose not only solid colors but also alpha colors as well. You can easily change button background color, button text color, category name color, description color,
icon color, and each item’s hover color. You can even set the size of the icons.

Hover effects

WooCommerce Category Slider have different hover styles that you can select based on your taste and requirement. You can select zoom in, recolor, opacity, or even no hover effect.

900+ Custom fonts Support

WooCommerce Category Slider supports more than 900 font families to be used for many elements of the slider. Use the font as you like for the available elements.

Dedicated Slider Settings

WooCommerce Category Slider lets you play with the slider settings on a full dedicated page. From where you can edit or tweak every possible options of the slider like autoplay, lazyload, number of columns on different devices, slider speed, gap between columns, whether to loop the slider or not.

Custom CSS Support

We know you may have exceptional requirements that we did not cover in our customizer that’s why we have shipped the plugin with a dedicated custom CSS editor panel from where you can write your own styles.

More Features:

  • Super responsive
  • 2 Different types of button styles
  • Custom button text
  • Slider loop support
  • Center slide mode
  • SEO friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Fast loading

Why Would You Need WooCommerce Category Slider

When you can display your products and their categories in a proper way to your customers, it attracts them the most. This means you are effectively showing your product categories in a professional-looking slider. Thus, your users love how they look and also understand what you are offering at a glance. This makes your WooCommerce store popular and you can sell more quickly.

How WooCommerce Category Slider Helps

Using this awesome plugin, you can manage which WooCommerce product categories you want to show. It has options for all product categories or any specifically selected ones.

Our plugin also supports the subcategories of products. You can select any product category or subcategory you want.

The plugin will show the selected categories exactly in the order that you have chosen for your WooCommerce Category Slider.

The Woo Category Slider has a built-in and also very easy-to-use shortcode builder. There is no coding involved and you can add WooCommerce Category Slider with memorizing anything at using, just using simple shortcodes.

Showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider help your visitors to find the category they are looking for without struggling and looking all over the WooCommerce store. This effectively expands your sells.

Never Miss Any Plugin Updates

We are constantly working to improve our plugins and adding new designs, features, bug fixing, and security patches. You don’t need to come up to our sites to find those. You can easily upgrade the plugin to the newer version right from your WordPress site dashboard.
To give you a headstart you have shipped Woo Category slider with 20+ demo sliders. Just import those plugin tweaks as you want and you are ready to make your customs amazed. Check out our live demo.

Ultra Responsive Slider

We think about your site’s visitors. We don’t want to lose any of your customers regardless of their devices. Woo Category Slider comes with an ultra-responsive feature. It looks perfect with all the devices out there.

Having any difficulties? Check out our FAQs page for more information.

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