Best way of showing WooCommerce product categories in your store

WooCommerce Category Showcase Pro

WooCommerce Category Showcase helps you display your product categories in a slider and in nice blocks. Increase your store conversion rate with this brilliant plugin.

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WooCommerce Category Showcase plugin by PluginEver provides you the opportunity of showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider & in nice blocks. You can show your product categories in a modern looking and descriptive slider that show details of your category.


  • Custom image column size
  • Custom image
  • Custom title
  • Custom title color
  • Custom content background color
  • Custom button text
  • Show/Hide button
  • Show/Hide description
  • Show/Hide category name
  • And Many More


When you can display your products and their categories in a proper way to your customers, it attracts them the most. This means you are effectively showing your product categories in a professional looking slider and blocks. Thus, your users love how they look and also understands what you are offering at a glance. This makes your WooCommerce store popular and you can sell more quickly.


Using this awesome plugin, you can manage which WooCommerce product categories you want to show. It has the options to all product categories or any specifically selected ones. The plugin will show the selected categories exactly in the order that you have chosen for your WooCommerce Category Slider. The Woo Category Slider has a built-in and also very easy to use shortcode builder. There is no coding involved and you can add WooCommerce Category Slider with memorizing anything at using, just using simple shortcodes. Showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider help your visitors to find the category they are looking for without struggling and looking all over the WooCommerce store. This effectively expands your sells. You can select either all WooCommerce categories or any custom selected categories to appear in the WooCommerce category slider. WooCommerce category slider supports the selection of any categories as well as subcategories and to order those in all possible ways. Woo Category slider has a built-in very easy to use and user-friendly shortcode builder. So, You don’t need to memorize anything. WooCommerce Category Showcase supports two types of category selections.
  • Featured Categories
  • Additional Categories
Featured categories will be shown inside a nice and fancy slider with category name & description where additional categories will be in a nice six blocks with categories names & description. WooCommerce Category Showcase has two parts one is WooCommerce category slider and another part is WooCommerce category blocks. WooCommerce category slider is used for showing featured categories on the left side of the showcase in a nice box. WooCommerce category blocks support additional categories, you can add maximum 6 blocks as additional categories. Where the WooCommerce category slider part supports an unlimited number of categories. WooCommerce Category Showcase has a built-in shortcode builder with a nice easy interface where you can add and remove your selected category from a drop-down menu.