WC Private Store

Private and Exclusive Shopping Experience

Easily create private WooCommerce pages and categories that are only accessible to specific users or groups.

A yearly licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support whereas a Lifetime licence entitles you to lifetime updates and support.

Sell Products Exclusively on Private

Perfect for businesses that want to offer exclusive products or services to a select group of customers.

Instant Privacy

  • Set the entire store in private mode.
  • Keep individual pages in private mode.
  • Keep product categories in private mode.

Direct Everything Privately

  • Customize the page title, display text, password label, placeholder, and login button text for the Login Form.
  • Set multiple passwords and also set a validity date for all the passwords. Also, you can set the redirect URL for your private store.
  • You can keep your store unlocked for the logged-in users as they won’t be asked to give their password.