WC Checkout Files Upload Manager

Best File Uploader for Checkout & Cart Page

Whether it’s images, PDFs, or other supporting materials, you can now seamlessly collect and manage customer uploads without any hassle.

A yearly licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support whereas a Lifetime licence entitles you to lifetime updates and support.

Let Customers Upload Custom Files with Notes

Securely collect files and access notes, all while enhancing your WooCommerce store’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled Upload Solution

  • Product page file uploader field and Checkout page file uploader field. Also, you can set the uploader label & description.
  • Set file type as you wish and add notes with each file uploader. Also, you can set the note label & placeholder.
  • Set maximum file size limit for file upload. You can also set it as an anonymized file upload.
  • Add fees & discounts for various use cases on file upload. You can also provide the option to preview the uploaded files to the uploader.

Personalized Rules

  • Set rules to display file upload for the selected tag and selected user roles. Also, you can make the uploader field and the note field required.
  • Set rules to display file uploads for the selected products and selected categories.
  • Set rules to display file upload for selected shipping methods and selected payment methods
  • WPML plugin compatible (Multi-lingual, Language Support)

Customization at its Best

  • Customize the title for the order table and the title for the files column.
  • Customize the title for the notes column and the file required notice.
  • Customize file limit notice and the file size exceeded notice.
  • Customize file type not allowed notice and the file upload error notice.