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How to Configure the Private Store

WC Private Store will make you private your entire WooCommerce shop, page, and categories by locking them. Only individuals or customers with the passcodes can unlock your private properties.

First, go to WooCommerce > Private Store > General and you’ll find all the functionalities and options there. The General section contains all the primary features for setting up the plugin based on your preferences.


You can make your store private in three different ways.

    • Storewide lock

    You can enable this option to lock your entire store. It means nothing from your WooCommerce store will be visible to the users without access.

    • Individual Page

    You can make any of your individual pages private if you do not enable the option for the storewide lock. If you want to lock individual pages, just enable the Private Page option on your desired pages.

    • Product Categories

    You can make any of your product categories private if you do not enable the option for the storewide lock. If you want to lock individual product categories, just enable the Private category option on your desired categories.

    Set Passwords

    You can set a single or even multiple passwords for your store depending on your preference. You can also set the validity date for your passwords.

    Passwords are common for unlocking the entire store lock, page lock, and product category lock.

    Redirect URL

    You can set a redirection URL when your customers will unlock the store/page/product category. You can leave it black if you do not wish to set a different URL.

    Unlock when logged in

    You can also make your store unlocked for your customers who have previously logged in using the password.

    When the password validity is over, the previously logged-in users need to unlock the store using new passwords.

    Login Form

    You personalize the login Page title, Message, Password label, Placeholder, and Login button text for your customers where they will submit their password to unlock the store/page/product category.

    That’s all.