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James Allen asked 4 weeks ago

I upgraded to WP WooCommerce Category Slider Pro and am having two issues:

  1. The themes don’t seem to be applying properly. Any theme I apply does not change the layout of the slider. All of them have the bar with the “Shop Now” button on the bottom inside a grey bar. I am trying to make it into the single item display (set columns to 1) and have the text inside the image. Much like Theme 24.
  2. The category and number of items display twice.


James Allen replied 2 weeks ago

This was resolved, thank you!

They remoted in and found the issue. I believe it had something to do with the theme I was using and its implementation of smooth scrolling.

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Kibria Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi James,
What is the theme that you are using? We have tested just now and everything is working perfectly for us. Did you place the shortcode properly? Please make sure there are not <pre> tags surrounding the shortcode. Thank you.

James Allen replied 4 weeks ago

I am using the WPparallax theme. I noticed that it only does not work on the main (home) page. The content page it is in, when loaded alone displays the slider properly.

Do you have advice on how I can fix the display on the home page?

kibria Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hi James,
We are expecting that there is a conflict between two different versions of the owl carousel. That is why you are getting this error. Please share your website address. Thank you.

kibria Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hi James,
Please connect with us from our contact us page or give us a knock in our live support section.

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