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Randy R Be asked 2 weeks ago

I have manually been able to get the YouTube RSS feed to work. However, within an hour the feed is disabled?
What’s happening?

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Kibria Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Randy,
Here is a bit of confusion as you mentioned YouTube RSS feed. We have separate campaigns for YouTube and RSS Feed. Assuming that you are referring to the YouTube campaign. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the WP Content Pilot. Under our plugins sub-menu you will find status, please share it with us. Thank you.

Nha Thuoc Lan Phuong replied 7 days ago

I have the same this. My Youtube campaigns auto disable. And I set 3 times with 7 hours frequency, but in a day had posted 113 pots in my website. And WP auto pilot made my website slow (my hosting over load). Please help me!

Kibria Staff replied 6 days ago

Hi Nha,
A campaign only gets disabled when it reaches the limit. We have tested the plugin again after your claim and there is no reason it should post 113 posts in one day with frequency set at 7 hours. Please open a support ticket so we can offer a solution for you.

Kibria Staff replied 6 days ago

BTW you can also connect with us from the live support section. Find the message icon at the right bottom of our site.

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