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Nick asked 4 months ago

I set up a campaign on WP Content Pilot to pull posts from an RSS feed from another site. All it does is puts the word source on the post on my site and a link to the other site. I have it set to pull the content but it NEVER pulls the content. Why?

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Kibria Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Nick,
First of all, you need to put an exact feed link for the Feed Campaign. Secondly, the {content} tag must be there in the post template. If you already have them correctly set up then we would suggest you try with a different feed link. If the problem persists then please let us know.

Nick replied 4 months ago

I put the exact feed link in for the feed campaign. It never works. I also have the {content} tase in the template and it still does not work. Your plugin is broke.

kibria Staff replied 4 months ago

It works fine, we have just verified. Did you try with a different feed link?

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